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TFT Lucian (New Unit Guide Patch 9.24)

TFT Lucian Overview

Patch 9.24 comes with a whole new class, Soulbound, on Lucian and Senna, and combining the two will be very powerful. Having Lucian as a strong light carry now means that going for Vayne 3 in light comps might not be necessary as Lucian can take over that role.

TFT Lucian in game

Lucian being able to continue dealing damage even after he dies is extremely powerful, and ensuring your Senna stays alive for soulbound will be a priority.


Ability: The Culling

Lucian the culling

The culling is a very strong ability with the power to proc on hit effects. Things like Giant Slayer or Titanic Hydra will do immense amounts of damage with his ability.

Add the fact that his ability scales off attack speed and light origin gives him more attack speed, Lucian’s ability is a sight to behold.

Recommended Items

Lucian recommended items

Since Lucian is still quite new and untested, these are the three general items to think about using. For a more updated look on recommended items, check out the TFT team comps page or the TFT champion pages.

On-hit Items

Giant Slayer | Statik Shiv | Titanic Hydra

Since Lucian’s ability is somewhat single target, crowd control items might not be the best. He will likely also be your main carry, so you will want to place damage items on him. Giant Slayer and Titanic Hydra are examples of great damage on hit items that will benefit Lucian. Which one of these will become the strongest will have to be seen.

Critical Damage

Jeweled Gauntlet | Infinity Edge

With Phantom Dancer now being nerfed to only reduce critical strike damage, a critical strike build Lucian might out damage on hit items. However, Lucian’s ability scales off his attack speed and attack damage, so on hit items may still be better as they give more relevant stats.

Defensive Items

Since Lucian has the soulbound trait, we don’t recommend you place any defensive items on him and instead go for pure offense as even if he dies, he will continue to deal damage as long as Senna stays alive.

Recommended Comps | Light Comp Variations

6 Light + Soulbound

Soulband Light

Currently, in the 6 light comp Kindred and Vayne are utilized, but with stronger units in Lucian and Senna, those two are simply replaced to fit in the new units. Also, note that Lucian can be positioned aggressively as Senna only needs to stay alive instead of Lucian.

3 Light + 3 Shadow + Soulbound

Zombie Senna

For games when you don’t start out light, but happen to find Lucian early, this comp can run the powerful Lucian Senna combo with shadow and light to buff up both of them.


Lucian positioning can be quite flexible and fun compared to your usual carry positioning. Since he will stay alive with soulbound, he can be placed as assassin bait, or directly in front of whoever you want to target.

Keep in mind that you have to keep Senna in a safe position to ensure that Lucian stays soulbound to keep dealing damage.

First Impression

Lucian has shown himself to have great potential in both 6 light teams or 3 light teams. This, of course, comes with the dependence of finding both Lucian and Yorick as they are both the strongest light units.

As such, hyper rolling might not be the best idea when trying to build around Lucian as you need 4 cost units in order to transition.

All in all, Lucian definitely seems like a great late game carry, but whether or not he can keep up with Singed and Zed in the late game will have to be seen.

Thanks for reading! Let us know what you think of Lucian in TFT in the comments below.