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How to Play Against Tristana Reroll (TFT Set 4.5)

How to Play Against Tristana Reroll (TFT Set 4.5)

If you’ve been watching competitive TFT, you will have seen players like Agon play a Tristana reroll comp many times.

The comp is very strong and can quickly come back from 8th after hitting Tristana 3. It’s shown varying degrees of success at the qualifier, but players can agree that the comp is very strong when played well.

In this article, I’ll be going over a few tips to help you play against Tristana reroll comps.

Players will definitely start forcing this comp more and more on the ladder, so giving yourself any small advantage will be a huge help to gaining LP.

Counter Positioning

TFT Spirit Sharp Slow Roll Positioning

Here is an example of a common positioning this comp will use. All of the backline units will be lined up and frontline units like Sejuani and Shen will be in front. Yuumi is also in the front to quickly buff up Tristana’s attack speed.

Looking at something like this, there are a few things you can take advantage of.

Target Tristana

The first positioning tip is to try to have your main carry attack Tristana before other units in the fight. This is especially easy with an Assassin carry like Talon who can jump straight to her while she is unprotected.

If you’re running a carry like Aurelion Sol, you will want to have him in the opposite corner of Tristana, allowing him to cast his ability right at her.

For most other carries like Olaf, Tryndamere, Kayle, etc, you will simply want them to be on the same side where they can quickly walk to her. However, if you take too long to get to her, she may end up killing your carry first, so be careful in these situations.

Burst the Frontline or Yuumi

If you can’t reliably get to Tristana, you can instead attack other places where the comp is weak. If you have a high damage carry like Yasuo, you can try targeting Yuumi. By doing this, you can potentially burst down Yuumi before she is able to cast her ability.

The other tactic is to burst down the frontline in front of Tristana. In this example, if you can quickly burst down Sejuani, you will have quick access to the enemy backline before Tristana can clean up your team. Make sure to watch how fights go to see how you can adapt to give yourself an advantage.

Counter Itemization

In most games, you will want to prioritize building your core items to ensure you carry has sufficient damage. However, once you have completed that, you have a few disruptive items that can greatly affect Tristana comps.


TFT Zephyr Description

Even though Tristana will have Quicksilver in many of her games, you can still disrupt the enemy team greatly with Zephyr. If you are able to Zephyr the frontline in front of Tristana, you can get quick access to the backline with units like Olaf or Tryndamere.

Tristana comps suffer from having a weak frontline and squishy units. By Zephyring the frontline, you will be able to exploit their weakness and quickly dispose of the enemy backline.

In games where the enemy Tristana doesn’t have Quicksilver, Zephyr is even stronger as it allows you to take her out of the fight for 5 seconds, giving your team enough time to deal with the rest of the team before moving onto Tristana.

Shroud of Stillness

TFT Shroud of Stillness

Like Zephyr, Shroud is very strong at disrupting the enemy team. If you have Shroud of Stillness, there are many enemies that you can hit that will impact the fight. The main targets for Shroud will be Sejuani and Spirit units.

By hitting Sejuani, you will possibly be able to kill her before she is able to cast, denying a powerful CC from the enemy. By hitting Spirit units, you are delaying the bonus attack speed that Tristana gains from them. Both of these things can shift the fight in your favor.

TFT Shroud of Stillness Example

Let’s take the example positioning. By placing a Shroud of Stillness where the yellow dot is, you are able to hit 4 units that have very powerful abilities. Sejuani has a powerful CC, Teemo and Diana have Spirit buffs, and Sivir also has an attack speed buff. By having Shroud, you greatly delay or even negate these powerful abilities if you are able to kill the enemy units quickly enough.

Bramble Vest

TFT Bramble Vest

The last item I want to touch on is Bramble Vest. Tristana comps will usually run Last Whisper, making this item less effective, but this item can still stall a lot of time against Tristana. If the enemy Tristana doesn’t have Last Whisper, this item is even more effective at soaking up damage.

When using an item like this, or even without this item, try to make sure your main tank is soaking up a majority of Tristana’s damage when the fight starts. Sharpshooters will still be able to deal ricochet damage, but stalling her damage on your main tank is another key to success.

Break their Streak

The last tactic I want to touch on is a little more difficult and situational. Tristana reroll is not a very strong comp in the early game. It uses many squishy units and doesn’t have a strong frontline to start the game. That is why players will usually opt to lose streak in the early game in order to build their economy.

If you see this happening, you can decide if you are in a position to possibly break their streak. If you have a weak early game and are also weak, you can try to break the enemy streak by losing against their comp. This plan is very risky as it involves making your team weaker than you would like.

However, this risk can pay off extremely well if you are able to break their losing streak. This will reduce the economy they can build and make it harder for them to hit Tristana 3 or catch back up in levels after doing so.


This wraps up my few tips on how to counter Tristana players. The main idea is to exploit the comp at their weakest points or try to disrupt them before they get out of control. All of these things can greatly reduce the effectiveness of an inherently risky comp to play.

I’m sure there are other countermeasures you can take to counter Tristana, so if you think I missed anything, be sure to leave a comment about what you think.

Thanks for reading! Head to our Team Builder to theorycraft your own counters or explore our best meta comps to find another answer to climb with.