TFT Tier List: Best TFT Champions for Patch 12.22

TFT Tier List: Best TFT Champions for Patch 12.22

Welcome to our Teamfight Tactics Tier List for Patch 12.22

Hey everyone, welcome back to our weekly champ strength analysis.

Similar to our LoL tier list, our TFT tier list is curated in collaboration with top-level players, such as Ace of Spades. This list is optimized to help you climb.

Patch 12.22 doesn’t have any meta changes coming from our side. The meta is largely the same, and this is the last week to get games in before Set 8 comes out.

So either head to PBE for Set 8, or do that final climb for Set 7.5

Looking for info on the upcoming Set 8? Check out our all-in-one Teamfight Tactics Set 8 reveal article that covers all champions, synergies, and more!

TFT Tier List for Patch 12.22

TFT Tier List Patch 12.22

Early Game Tier List

Tier Champions
Optimal (S-tier) Braum, Ezreal, Gnar, Jax, Leona, Qiyana, Rell, Sejuani, Senna, Yone
Great (A-tier) Aphelios, Kai’Sa, Karma, Lux, Lillia, Malphite, Nasus, Nidalee, Sett, Skarner, Taliyah, Twitch, Vladimir, Wukong, Zac, Zyra
Good (B-tier) None

Mid Game Tier List

Tier Champions
Optimal (S-tier) Braum, Ezreal, Gnar, Jax, Rakan, Rengar, Rell, Sejuani, Sylas, Taliyah, Twitch, Volibear, Yone, Zippy
Great (A-tier) Diana, Karma, Lee Sin, Leona, Lux, Malphite, Nasus, Nomsy, Nunu, Olaf, Qiyana, Senna, Seraphine, Skarner, Varus, Wukong, Zac, Zeri, Zyra
Good (B-tier) Aphelios, Kai’Sa, Lillia, Nidalee, Sett, Vladimir,

Late Game Tier List

Tier Champions
Optimal (S-tier) Ao Shin, Aurelion Sol, Bard, Graves, Idas, Jayce, Nilah, Nomsy, Pantheon, Rakan, Shyvana, Seraphine, Shi Oh Yu, Soraka, Swain, Sylas, Terra, Xayah, Yasuo, Zoe
Great (A-tier) Daeja, Diana, Hecarim, Lee Sin, Nunu, Olaf, Rengar, Sy’fen, Sohm, Varus, Volibear, Zippy
Good (B-tier) Zeri

General Champion Commentary

Nothing here for this week. Come back next patch for a whole new tier list.

TFT Tier List Methodology

Our goal is to deliver the most correct tier list we can. When data becomes available, we will add that to our decision making as well.

To ensure accuracy, we work with experts with multiple Queen accounts like Ace of Spades and Saintvicious to scientifically test hypotheses and come to logical conclusions. We will update these as frequently as possible until the meta settles.

We justify our decision making in the notes, so be sure to read that and weigh in. We welcome feedback to figure out what we missed!

Units are valued in the following ways:

  • S-tier = Super powerful and contested champs that everyone wants and forms comps around.
  • A-tier = Champs that fit very well into powerful comps in the meta.
  • B-tier = Champs that are situational but still fit into good comps.
  • Not on the list = Champs that are rarely contested and have better alternatives for their comps or just don’t fit into a strong comp at all.

In the current state of the game, items are a big component of champ strength and champs that work well with them are high value. Right now, we’ll be organizing by unit cost.

This allows you to understand when a champion is valuable and when they start to fall off. This also allows you to understand how you should value your economy with the rolls you are getting. If this doesn’t work out or is too complex, then we will iterate in the future.

We evaluate a specific unit at a specific point in the game assuming it has a reasonable rank for that point and it’s in a comp that works for it.

If a unit usually carries and has good items, it is evaluated in that context since items are so integral to the game.

Please remember that TFT is highly situational so ALL units can be used. Explore and help us figure out the things we may have missed!

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