5 New TFT Carries to Try in Set 5.5 Dawn of Heroes

5 New TFT Carries to Try in Set 5.5 Dawn of Heroes

5 New Carries in Set 5.5 Dawn of Heroes

The PBE for Set 5.5 has been out a little over a week now. Players have been fast at trying new builds and new carries. In this article, I’ll be going over some of the new carries introduced, and how players are experimenting with them.

These builds change very often due to the fast-changing nature of the PBE. These likely won’t stay the meta build forever, but for now, here are some stand out comps.

Lucian: Sentinel + Cannoneer

Set 5.5 added 3 new 4-cost units to the fray. Of these three, Lucian stands out as a new attack damage carry to compete with Draven and Aphelios. He has his own vertical trait with Sentinels, and players are experimenting between taller and wider comps.

Tall Lucian

Lucian TFT Comp Set 5.5

[See Tall Lucian comp]

When I refer to a tall comp, I mean that the comp utilizes a large vertical synergy. In this case, the synergy is 6 Sentinels. Sentinels provide quite a large shield and attack speed bonus, but it won’t apply to Lucian until late into the fight.

Wide Lucian

TFT Lucian Comp Set 5.5

This version of Lucian is more wide in that it doesn’t go for 6 Sentinel and instead provides more smaller traits. This version of Lucian is more preferred if you don’t feel like the 6 Sentinel buff provides enough. Being able to splash in more smaller traits also allows you to adjust to your opponents more easily with things like Ironclad or Mystic.

[See Wide Lucian Comp]

Miss Fortune: Forgotten + Cannoneer

In the 3-cost section, we have another Cannoneer that has been showing some promise as a slow roll carry. Miss Fortune is a magic damage carry that you look to spam her ability with. Since her damage is mostly magic, you will be looking to pair her with more Forgotten units to give her the bonus Ability Power.

Cavalier Miss Fortune Reroll

TFT Miss Fortune Comp Set 5.5

This comp looks to slow roll for Miss Fortune along with the 2-star units like Hecarim, Sejuani, Nautilus, and Thresh. While Miss Fortune is a strong carry, many players would opt to instead run Brand as a backline carry with Hecarim over Miss Fortune.

Even still, this comp can be an option if you find many copies of Miss Fortune instead of Brand.

[See Miss Fortune Comp]

Rakan: Sentinel + Renewer

Rakan saw a bit of play at the beginning, but he was quickly nerfed on the PBE. If the devs at Riot ever decide to bring him back, he will be quite the interesting carry. Rakan functions as more of a defensive carry than of pure offense.

His ability allows him team to sustain health while also dealing solid damage. Since he was nerfed, players haven’t been experimenting much further, but here’s an example team comp for Rakan.

6 Dawnbringer 4 Renewer

TFT Rakan Team Comp Set 5.5

This comp relies on a Dawnbringer Emblem on Rakan to reach 6 Dawnbringer and 4 Renewer. As such, this comp is more of a variation of the regular 6 Dawnbringer comp.

Without an Emblem, you can look to drop Rakan and Heimerdinger and play the regular 6 Dawnrbringer Karma comp. Or, you can look to drop down to 4 Dawnbringer and instead add in another strong unit like Volibear or Fiddlesticks.

[View Rakan Comp]

Tristana: Hellion + Cannoneer

Cannoneers have been quite popular so far, and we have another with Tristana. Being a Hellion unit, she will obviously slot into Hellion comps. Players are still experimenting to see if she is worth trying to 3 star over the 1-cost carries in Ziggs and Kled.

8 Hellions

TFT Tristana Team Comp Set 5.5

This team comp is a version of Tristana carry that doesn’t look to use Cannoneer. By going for 8 Hellions, you give Tristana a lot of attack speed that she theoretically doesn’t need the Cannoneer buff.

If you can’t get a Hellion Emblem, you’d likely drop Poppy for a Cannoneer like Senna or Lucian or possibly another frontline unit.

[See Tristana Comp]

Honorable Mentions

These 4 above are the standout new carries thus far on the PBE. Even still, there will definitely be many more changes to the PBE before release. As such, I’ll take a brief look at some other new potential carries.

Olaf / Irelia: Sentinel + Skirmisher / Legionnaire + Sentinel + Skirmisher

Irelia is very interesting as she has 3 traits on a 2-cost unit. This makes her an interesting potential carry as you can provide her with a lot of trait bonuses. Since Olaf is a 1-cost unit and Irelia is a 2-cost unit, this makes for a potential slow roll comp.

Since they both have Sentinel and Skirmisher, this provides an easy transition into 2 different vertical traits. We haven’t seen too much success with these units yet, but that can very well  change.

TFT Irelia Comp Set 5.5

Here’s an example of a potential 6 Skirmisher comp with Irelia and Olaf as the 3-star carries.

[See Comp]

TFT Irelia Comp Set 5.5 #2

This is another potential Irelia comp that is wider and allows for more smaller traits rather than 6 Skirmisher.

[See Comp]


There are only 2 new 5-cost units, and Akshan is clearly built to be a late game carry. So far, we’ve seen him used in Ranger comps like Aphelios, but he hasn’t found great success as the solo carry of a team.

TFT Akshan Team Comp Set 5.5

[See Comp]

Depending on what changes are made to the PBE, he can simply become a strong secondary carry in Aphelios comps, or he can be a late game carry that you look to sell Aphelios for.

Either way, even if he hasn’t made a huge splash yet, it’s only a matter of time before his strength matches up with his 5-cost potential.

Thanks for reading! Head to our Team Builder to start theorycrafting and be sure to check our best meta comps to find another answer to climb with once TFT Set 5.5 hits live!

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