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Top 5 Easy Street Fighter 6 Characters for Beginners

Easy Street Fighter 6 Characters for Beginners (Top 5)

This Top 5 list covers the easy Street Fighter 6 characters that we recommend most for beginners.

Note that this is meant more for players who are either starting with Classic or want to make the jump from Modern to Classic.

The reason for this is that the Modern controls are so simple, that you can get by with any characters.

Our list factors in simplicity of gameplan, versatility, and offers different options for playstyle preferences.

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1. Ryu / Ken

ryu sf6 profileken sf6 profile

Ryu and Ken are the OGs of Street Fighter, so if you want to learn the core fundamentals of the game, they are a great place to start.

Since they have the same master lorewise, they have very similar move sets with slight variations that give them their own unique flairs.

If you like Hadoukens and projectile play, you may like Ryu. He has a projectile Super in Shinku Hadoken as well as Denjin Charge which lets him empower his fireballs.

Although Ryu can definitely be aggressive, it’s where the fiery Ken thrives. Instead of being able to empower his Hadoukens, Ken has abilities like Quick Dash and Dragon Lash Kick that allow him to reliably get on top of his opponent.

With either choice, you’ll have a character that is well-rounded, easy to learn, and super intuitive for beginners.

2. Luke

luke sf6 profile

While Ryu and Ken are the traditional representatives of the franchise, Luke is the face of Street Fighter 6.

Similar to Ryu and Ken, he has a wide range of versatile tools for any situation but he is just a tad bit harder since his abilities have a bit more variation.

For example, his Flash Knuckle offers three variations depending on if you choose the Light, Medium, or Heavy option.

So although he is still a straightforward and beginner-friendly character, he does offer some more choices than his older counterparts.

3. Marisa

marisa sf 6 profile

If you want to be a massive juggernaut who doesn’t care about using projectiles, consider Marisa.

She’s a new addition to the Street Fighter cast and offers a playstyle that makes every hit count.

With Marisa, you can power through many attacks of your opponents and punish them with powerful blows that offer shocking damage output.

All of her inputs are simple but effective and the only real twist she has that you need to think about is her Scutum ability that rewards you for being able to counter your opponents.

Overall, she keeps things simple and is a great choice for players that want to ignore using projectiles themselves and focus on dealing out massive pain up[ close and personal.

4. Guile

guile sf6 profile

While the rest of our recommendations have had straightforward inputs so far, “charge characters” like Guile can be daunting for a beginner to learn.

The way it works is that you have to hold a direction before swinging the other way to execute the ability. It takes some getting used to but you get used to it with some good ol’ fashion practice.

So why is Guile on our list? Well, he’s the easiest of the charge characters if you want to dip your toes into that style of play.

This is because Guile uses a no-nonsense gameplan of wearing down his opponents with projectiles like Sonic Boom and Sonic Blade while having a powerful “get away from me” ability in Somersault Kick.

So overall, Guile gives you a straightforward way to learn how to execute charge commands without a complicated gameplay loop.

5. Manon

manon sf6 profile

If you want to get a feel for playing a grappler without committing super hard to playing someone like Zangief, Manon is a great beginner choice.

First off, she barely has as many Special commands as the rest of the cast! So she offers a lot less mental burden in remembering her abilities.

Second, while she does have command grabs, the rest of her kit is very versatile and simple to execute.

Lastly, her Medals system gives you the option to go for more command grabs instead of longer combos since it offers guaranteed easy damage that build throughout the rest of the game.

So whereas, another character might need to capitalize on a punish with a longer combo, Manon can just go for the Manège Doré.

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