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Best Cards in Marvel Snap – Series 2 Tier List

Marvel Snap Tier List: Best Pool 2 Cards

Welcome to our Marvel Snap tier list where we rank all of the cards available in Pool 2.

Pool 2 adds a lot of powerful cards that empowers a lot of different archetypes like Destroy, Movement, Ongoing, and more. Pool 2 also presents cards that are great at countering opponents. Because of this, the card quality in Pool 2 is very high overall.

Pool 1 introduced a lot of solid cards that are very flexible in many decks. If you haven’t seen our Pool 1 Tier List yet, you can check that out before reading up here.

In Pool 2, there are still strong flexible cards, but the synergy between cards is a larger factor in our ratings this time around.

Note: Our tier list does not rank cards within tiers and simply orders them by cost and alphabetically.

Here are our rankings for the best cards in Marvel Snap’s Pool 2:

Tier Pool 2 Card Tier List
S Sunspot, Iceman, Storm, Killmonger
A Bucky Barnes, Scorpion, The Collector, Jubilee, Shang Chi, Hobgoblin, The Infinaut
B Agent 13, Okoye, Morbius, Cloak, Swarm, Vulture, Sandman, Warpath, Vision
C Ebony Maw, Sabretooth, Leech
F Nakia, Rhino

For a visual version of our tier list, check out our infographic below!

best pool 2 marvel snap cards infographic

Card Commentary

With the full tier list now displayed, let’s go into our reasoning for ranking the cards as we did.

S-Tier Cards



Pool 2 introduces us to Sunspot, one of the best 1 drop cards in the game. In Pool 1, you often have decks that like to curve out each turn with a card. With Pool 2, as card synergy increases, you often are able to hold back a bit, and this allows your Sunspot to grow bigger. Sunspot also synergizes extremely well with The Infinaut to make one of the strongest turn 5/6 combos.


In Pool 1, you will often see 1 drop cards like Korg or Rocket Raccoon. In Pool 2, you now have access to Iceman, one of the best 1 drops in the entire game. Throwing off your opponent’s curve while also being a respectable 1/2 is more than enough to make him amazing.


In Pool 2, Storm basically becomes a newer and better Scarlet Witch. Storm allows you to change a location to flooding. This can close off a location from an opponent, allowing you to win it with less commitment. This can also be used to change a detrimental location into a more neutral location.


Killmonger reshapes the Pool 2 meta entirely. You will rarely see Zoo decks with many 1 drops due to the existence of Killmonger. He also synergizes extremely nicely with Nova, allowing you to buff up your cards while also destroying your opponent’s cards. Lastly, Killmonger is a great counter to Sunspot, countering your opponent while also being a respectable 3/3.

A-Tier Cards


Bucky Barnes

Destroy decks were lacking in Pool 1, but Bucky Barnes gives a very needed boost to the archetype. Being a 2 drop that gives 6 power (sometimes 7 with Nova) after destroying is very powerful. For just 3 cards, (Nova, Bucky Barnes, and Carnage), you can reach 12 or 13 power which is very good. These low cost cards can also be saved for later in the game to get even more value.


Scorpion is simply a great 2 drop similar to Iceman. Cutting 1 power from your opponent’s hand can turn Scorpion into a 2 for 5 or 2 for 6 which is amazing. If you need a 2 drop to slot in, Scorpion can fit in a lot of decks.

The Collector

The Collector provides another strong card to buff up the Devil Dinosaur decks. With a couple of card generation like Sentinel, Moon Girl, White Queen, and Agent 13, the Collector can turn into a 2 for 5, 6, or even more.


Jubilee introduces a way to play a deck with more high cost cards. Grabbing a random card from your deck can be very powerful. Jubilee also plays very well with The Infinaut and Sunpot, allowing you to blow out your opponent by surprise.

Shang Chi

If you’re tired of seeing Devil Dinosaur and The Infinaut, Shang Chi will be your best friend. Shang Chi can catch opponents off very easily by completely turning around a location. Many cards reach 9 or more power, and Shang Chi is a very flexible card for many decks.


Hobgoblin is essentially a 5 for 8, which is quite good, but the main benefit is being able to take up spots on your opponent’s side of the board. If you can catch your opponent off guard, you can win a location with less commitment. Hobgoblin is also great at countering Ongoing decks with things like Namor or Warpath.

The Infinaut

The Infinaut boasts an insane 6 for 20 statline with the drawback of not being able to play cards the turn before. Luckily, Sunspot will have you covered by soaking up that 5 energy into power. This makes your turn 5 and 6 into a 25 power spike which can win many games.

B-Tier Cards


Agent 13

Once again, we have another solid 1 drop in Agent 13. She will give you a random card, which synergizes very well with The Collector and Devil Dinosaur. This nets her a solid rating on our list, being a strong addition to an already strong deck.


As of writing this, the Black Panther battle pass has just released. For any players that spend a little bit, Okoye will synergize great with him. Okoye will buff the cards in your deck, and this is great if you are able to play her early. Best case scenario, she will become an overall 2 for 6 in value. However, this value can be compounded when used with effects like Black Panther.


Morbius is a very strong 2 drop that powers up the Discard archetype. Even still, we don’t aren’t too impressed with how Discard decks perform, so while Morbius is a great card, the deck is still a bit lacking.


Cloak is a very important tool for Movement decks. Cloak allows you to move your cards to his location the turn after he’s played, which synergizes amazingly with cards like Multiple Man and Kraven. Movement decks get a lot of love in Pool 2, so give it a whirl if you haven’t yet.


Swarm, like Morbius, is an important addition to the Discard archetype. By discarding Swarm, you get access to two 0 for 3 Swarms that basically just give you free value. This can allow you to overwhelm your opponent on turn 6 if they’re not prepared.


Like Cloak, Vulture is an important addition to the Movement archetype. Being able to gain 5 power when moving provides an insane amount of value. If you can move him twice in one game, he is all of a sudden a 13 power monster that will easily win locations.


Sandman is a bit of a weird card. His statline being 4 for 1 leaves much to be desired, but his effect can be very powerful. Many Pool 2 decks move away from playing one card a turn on turn 5 and 6. For example, Discard decks want to play multiple Swarms along with Apocalypse. Against the right decks, Sandman can throw a wrench in your opponent’s plan.


Warpath is an addition to the Ongoing archetype and provides a different approach to Namor, the Pool 1 4 drop for Ongoing. He incentivizes players to stick to two locations, and boasts a powerful 4 for 9 stat line if so. This makes him susceptible to Shang Chi, but also gives you more freedom in choosing what locations to play on compared to Namor.


Vision is the last addition the Movement archetype in Pool 2, and he is a solid addition. Being a 5 for 7 is decent, but being able to move him to any location allows you to outplay your opponents on your last turn.

C-Tier Cards


Ebony Maw

Ebony Maw is another Ongoing card, and he provides a very powerful 1 for 7 stat line. However, you can’t play him after turn 3, and you cannot play at his location afterward. This can make him awkward to use, or even a dead card if you draw him late.


Sabretooth is a solid addition to the Destroy archetype, and synergizes well with Carnage. You can destroy Sabretooth for +2 on Carnage and relocate Sabretooth wherever you need later in the game. However, he can be awkward to play on curve and can come too late to be useful.


Unfortunately, Leech just doesn’t do quite enough for us to move him up our list. Negating your opponent’s effects can be very powerful, but you simply lose to much playing a 5 cost for 3 power.

F-Tier Cards



Nakia is simply too awkward and inconsistent. She is in theory a 3 for 5, but you can’t guarantee that the cards on the left side of your hand are the cards you want/need to play. She can work alongside cards that like additional power like Black Panther or Multiple Man, but we don’t think she’s quite good enough.


Unfortunately, Rhino just doesn’t do quite enough for us. Rhino can help you fix bad locations, but Storm and Scarlet Witch are simply stronger options. While Scarlet Witch is random, she is a 2 for 3 rather than 3 for 3. Storm is also much better as you can use her to also outplay your opponent.

Tier List Discretion Advised

Keep in mind that tier lists aren’t the end all be all. You can make many cards work by putting them in the right deck, and this is simply to give an opinion on the strongest cards.

Furthermore, Marvel Snap isn’t about winning every game, it’s about leveraging the snap to gain more cubes over the course of many games.

Because of this, you can gain a lot of cubes even with a weaker deck or with weaker cards if you snap appropriately.

Wrap Up

This wraps up our tier list for the Pool 2 cards in Marvel Snap. Pool 2 adds a lot of quality cards that strengthen many archetypes in the game. Decks like Destroy with Carnage or Movement with Multiple Man get much better in Pool 2 with more synergizing cards.

Even still, some cards are simply better than others at winning games.

We hope you enjoyed our list, and good luck with your games.

Be sure to check out our Pool 1 Tier List if you haven’t yet!