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Shadowhunter Leveling Guide (1-50) – Lost Ark

Lost Ark Shadowhunter Class Leveling Guide

If you’ve started your journey to level 50 with Shadowhunter, which is listed among best classes for both PvP and PvE, this is the guide for you!

We’ll be recommending the stats, skills, and tripods to prioritize to make your leveling process as smooth as possible.

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Prioritize gear with Crit and Specialization for extra damage and clear speed while leveling. Swiftness is good to have but Endurance, Domination, and Expertise are useless stats.


Skills can be reset at any time at no cost. Prioritize skill points towards skills that let you clear mobs of monsters as quickly as possible on a low cooldown. Here are the most important skills.

shadowhunter leveling tripod

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Important Skills

Cruel Cutter

  • 3-2-1
  • AoE clearing option that also has great damage for bosses.


  • 3-1-2
  • Largest AoE clearing option for trash mobs but doesn’t do much damage against bosses.

Thrust Impact

  • 2-3-2
  • High damage ability for bosses. With the tripod set up, it also makes it much easier to use to clear out mobs with a decent melee AoE.

Spinning Weapon

  • 3-1-0
  • Pretty large AoE high damage ability that’s good vs bosses or mobs.

Demonic Clone

  • 2-3-2
  • Low cooldown damage option with decent range and AoE for a melee ability.
Extra Points

If you have extra points, here’s where we recommend adding them.

Demon’s Grip

  • 1-2-0
  • Lower cooldown to allow you to more easily group up enemies for your other AoE skills.

Demonic Slash

  • 1-3-0
  • Extra mobility to get around the maps faster if you already are clearing easily.

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Skill Progression 1-50

  • Level 14
    • 7 Cruel Cutter
  • Level 20
    • 10 Cruel Cutter
  • Level 24
    • 10 Cruel Cutter
    • 7 Thrust Impact
  • Level 30
    • 10 Cruel Cutter
    • 10 Thrust Impact
  • Level 33
    • 10 Cruel Cutter
    • 10 Thrust Impact
    • 7 Demonic Clone
  • Level 38
    • 10 Cruel Cutter
    • 10 Thrust Impact
    • 10 Demonic Clone
  • Level 41
    • 10 Cruel Cutter
    • 10 Thrust Impact
    • 10 Demonic Clone
    • 7 Howl
  • Level 45
    • 10 Cruel Cutter
    • 10 Thrust Impact
    • 10 Demonic Clone
    • 10 Howl
  • Level 47
    • 10 Cruel Cutter
    • 10 Thrust Impact
    • 10 Demonic Clone
    • 10 Howl

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