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How to Get Pirate Coins in Lost Ark (5 Ways)

Lost Ark Pirate Coins Guide (How To Get More of It)

Pirate Coins can be used for a huge variety of different items in the game including the Song of Resonance and honing materials to kick start your progression.

You’ll find vendors scattered around islands as well as traveling merchant ships outside cities before you dock.

When you start the game you may not have many but this article will show you the best ways to get Pirate Coins in Lost Ark.

How to get Pirate Coins in Lost Ark:

  1. Una’s Daily Tasks
  2. Islands
  3. Adventure Islands
  4. High Seas Coin Chestss
  5. Welcome Challenges

1. Una’s Daily Tasks

One of your biggest sources of Pirate Coins will be completing Una’s tasks and getting reputation rewards.

Each time you complete the quest you will receive reputation points and once you hit certain thresholds you can claim a bonus in the reputation tab.

These vary from quest to quest but you can look through and see what each level will give you. We recommend you start with these dailies to amass over 100,000 Pirate Coins early into the game:

  • Ride Like the Wind (42,000 Coins). Visit Peyto and then 3 other islands.
  • Crook Catcher (32,000 Coins). Visit Runaways Island and find 3 NPCs.
  • Pest Control (30,000 Coins). This requires the quest Catch the Rats to be completed first. Visit Blackfang’s Den and complete the quest chain. You will need to wait for an event and tag the boss to complete this daily.

2. Islands

A lot of islands will give you substantial amounts of Pirate Coins for completing the quest chains. These will give you a big boost at the start of the game but the advantage of clearing the islands is that you’ll be rewarded with more than just Pirate Coins. Most will offer honing materials, gold, collectibles, Una’s tasks and even Island Souls for completing the storylines. These are some islands that offer generous Pirate Coins rewards:

  • Freedom Isle (15,000 Coins)
  • Blackfang’s Den (10,000 Coins)
  • Kalthertz Island (10,000 Coins)
  • Golden Wave Island (7000 Coins)

3. Adventure Islands

These are islands that you can visit once a day on weekdays and twice per day on weekends. Check the Procyon’s Eye Compass to see which islands are available and if they will give Pirate Coins as a reward.

4. High Seas Coin Chests

Outside each city, you will find a traveling merchant ship that will exchange your various other sea coins into Pirate Coins.

If you desperately need more Pirate Coins then you can open some of these chests and trade them in for a quick boost. We would recommend this only as a last resort and to save these chests for when you need the other sea coins.

5. Welcome Challenges

While these are only for the beginning of the game and can be claimed once, finishing some of these will give you Pirate Coins.

Before you know it you’ll have more Pirate Coins than you know what to do with. For more guides, head to our Lost Ark blog!

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