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Worldwalker Impressions: Day 3 Variety Pack

Worldwalker LoR Spoilers Day 3: Variety Pack

Hey everyone, Kuvira here, to analyze the new cards we’ve gotten for day 3 of the Worldwaker expansion!

Today they revealed 1 new follower and 5 new spells, all from different regions.

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Wharf Rat

wharf rat lor card

The first and only follower revealed today is Wharf Rat, it’s a bilgewater 2 mana 0/3 follower with overwhelm and an effect that makes him have +1 attack for each different round the enemy Nexus was damaged.

This effect is really cool, it’s supposed to fit in Bilgewater plunder archetypes as a great payoff or pressure tool.
In decks with cards like Warning Shot and Parrley, Wharf Rat can get pretty big very fast.

It could also see play in aggro noxus lists as a 2x or 1x to play on turn 5-6 for a lot of overwhelm damage.

Freljord + Bilgewater archetypes could also use Wharf Rat because they have access to cards like Tusk Speaker and Stances from Udyr and his followers.

Overall I think that Wharf Rat is really well designed, it’s fun and seems to be pretty balanced!

Inspiring Light

inspiring light lor card

Inspiring Light is a slow speed 2 mana buff spell in Demacia, it grants all allies +1/+1.

This is similar to many board buffs in Demacia, Vanguard Bannerman, Garen etc… and basically is a better Battlefield Prowess.

I’m a huge fan of this card, the effect is very simple and it’s a solid consideration in every Demacia deck that wants to go wide. I could see Miss Fortune/Quinn decks playing this as 2x which would make their wide boards even scarier.

It’s important to note that Conchologist and Trinket Trade can now generate this card if you’re playing Demacia/Bandle City.

Inspiring Light would be really nice in an elusive deck, running multiple elusive units with Zed and buffing the whole board sounds terrifying.


undergrowth lor card

Undergrowth is by FAR the best and strongest card revealed today. It’s a Deep fast speed support spell that Tosses 3, Drains 2 from a unit, all of that for only 3 mana.

This card is truly insane for Deep decks, it’s an auto 3x. Deep is a deck that struggles against pressure in the earlier turns of the game, being able to slow down the opponent’s aggression by removing a unit AND advancing your gameplan by tossing and getting closer to deep is perfect.

In addition to the new Deep follower that was revealed yesterday, Mega Tusk, that heals allies and the nexus 3 when you hit Deep, the archetype will be able to take a lot of damage early and come back into the game with all the new available healing.

Apart from Deep, this can be used in SI Control archetypes, it’s much better than grasp that drains 3 for TWO extra mana which is a big difference. FTR and PnZ/SI control lists can easily run this card as a 2x depending on the meta.

Overall, this is an amazing card that should help Deep dominate the meta again!

Sands of Time

sands of time lor card

Sands of Time is a 6 mana burst speed spell from Shurima that gives enemies -2 attack for the round and creates an Instant Century in hand.

Instant Century (LoR Card)

This is supposed to help Landmark archetypes, mainly Thralls. It can be used to nullify wide board attacks and accelerate your game plan by advancing a Thralls with the generated Instant Century.

Honestly, I underrated this card at first, but thinking about it a bit more, this could replace wide board removals like Avalanche in that list since it does two things, reduce pressure and advance your game plan compared to Avalanche that’s only good vs aggression.

6 mana is a little expensive for this effect but working with Jayce is a synergy that could be utilised by Shurima/Jayce lists.

Sands of Time is definitely not the strongest card in this batch but it still is very interesting.

Discreet Invitation

discreet invitation lor card

PnZ also got a new card today, but it’s a bit underwhelming. It’s a 2 mana burst speed spell that creates a fleeting Shady Character or Chempunk Shredder and reduces its cost by.

shady character lor card

chempunk shredder lor card

This is similar to other PnZ cards that let you create different followers like Calculated Creations. The problem with this card is that both of these followers never see play in any deck, Shady Character and Chempunk Shredder aren’t very good in terms of power level, especially Chempunk Shredder, but I can see Shady Character fit in a meme PnZ combo list!

My hypothesis is that they’re trying to make a ‘2 mana cards’ PnZ archetype work, the same way that Tri-Beam Improbulator is a 3 mana cards archetype.

Insightful Investigator (LoR card)

We already have a great engine for that archetype, Insightful Investigator, in addition to the newly revealed PnZ card that generates 3 2 cost spells Sputtering Songspinner:

sputtering songspinner lor cardOverall, Discreet Invitation could see play in Viktor or PnZ value/control archetypes that are trying to deal with the opponent’s board while generating huge amounts of value or in some very niche Shady Characters combo deck.

Consult the Heavens

consult the heavens lor card

The sixth and last card revealed today is from none other than my favourite region Mount Targon. Consult the Heavens is a 6 mana burst speed spell that fully heals an ally then grows its power equal to its health. This is basically like Inner Fire from Hearthstone that fully heals the ally and costs SIX MANA.

Consult the heavens’ effect is very cool, it reminds me of combo Priest and it’s a very popular and loved effect. The problem is that it’s way too expensive for what it does, 6 mana to heal a unit and just give it attack isn’t great. Compare this to Redoubled Valor in demacia, it’s different since it’s a slow speed spell but it has a much higher ceiling than Consult the Heavens and it’s a lot less conditional.

This was probably meant to fit in Soraka decks, healing an ally to full to draw, help with Star Spring’s condition and make big health units able to trade or push damage. Unfortunately, I don’t think that Consult the Heavens will see play in Soraka archetypes since Astral Protection is a much better and cheaper spell for that deck.

This card will most likely see play in some crazy combo decks though, mainly Battering Ram deck, to make it a 16/12 overwhelm unit on 7!

battering ram lor card

I personally can’t wait to lose to this combo on ladder.

Which one of these 6 cards do you guys like the most Feel free to DM me on Twitter if you have any questions or just want to talk about LoR stuff!