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Worldwalker Impressions: Boon Keyword

Worldwalker LoR Spoilers Day 7: Chime

Today 5 new cards were spoiled that hint that Bard will be the next upcoming champion in Legends of Runeterra.

Hello, it’s Silverfuse here to talk about the new cards and my excitement for them!

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The biggest announcement of today is that we have a new keyword that can lead to new archetypes: Boon.

Boon reads: Attach to another card in a deck. When that card is drawn, activate the effect.


chime lor card

The first card is the Chime itself which is a Boon.

Chime is the newest way to play hand buff in Legends of Runeterra. Hand buff refers to buffing cards in your hand before playing them – not cards in your deck. For example, we have Greenglade Elder which gives all cards in your hand +1|+1 and Destiny’s Call which were a couple days to play hand buff.

Chimes allow you to buff a card already in your hand so this means that you have a slight bit of control over which card gets buffed with Boon. This can be decided by which cards you decide to play and which to play. As well as your mulligan – although a bit random can heavily influence which cards you give the buffs to.

Byrd, The Bellringer

byrd the bellringer lor card

Byrd is a solid turn one play that gives a buff to a card in hand on the next draw. A card to compare this to is Omen Hawk which gives two cards in your deck +1|+1.

However, I’d argue this card is stronger than Omen Hawk due to the fact that it is a 2|1. A 2 attack unit can trade much better with most cards in Legends of Runeterra. This makes the card have stronger tempo than Omen Hawk due to a more solid statline.

The Chime also gives you more tempo by buffing a unit in hand as well. I really like this card and can see it slotting into current decks already due to it having a solid statline and good tempo.

Esmus, Breath of the World

Esmus breath of the world lor card

This card is quite exciting as the two health makes it easier to buff this card – especially with the new chime cards. This card can fairly easily become a 1|3 elusive that GRANTS +1|+1 to a supported ally.

It having elusive also means that it is easy for this to attack more than once to gain value. It is a 2 drop that needs to be answered. In the past, we have seen cards such as Twisted Catalyzer that are 2 drops that give a lot of value and require tools such as Mystic Shot to answer them early on, or else they can continue to gain value.

Two drops that require answers are strong and a bit scary as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if this card is played in a number of decks assuming that chimes and other hand buff options become pretty good.

Mystic Vortex

Mystic Vortex lor card

This card excites me not because I expect it to be very strong but because it looks like a lot of fun! There is a possibility it is stronger than it looks as more Bard synergy cards and Bard himself are released, but for now it doesn’t look too powerful.

For 2 mana and no board presence, after a couple turns you are able to shuffle in 9 chimes. The first 6 chimes are pretty quick initially – as soon as you end the turn. However, the draw comes in after a countdown of 2. Unlike Preservarium which instantly draws you a card and then later draws you another.

This card plants the possibility that you will get more Chimes to buff your cards in hand, but there is not guarantee with the current cards we have. This means that this card isn’t very impactful on play which can be really tough in a lot of Legends of Runeterra metas. However, it does create high roll possibilities and memorable moments in the game which is fun.

Proximity Puffcap

Proximity Puffcap lor card

This card seems like a decent removal for Bandle City trap and boon decks. It can be closely compared to Buster Shot as it is in the same region, dealing 3 damage, and for similar costs. Generally, Buster Shot is very easy to activate for 2 mana in decks that it is played in.

Even if you don’t activate it paying 4 to deal 3 damage to a unit can still be impactful. However, the stipulation of Proximity Puffcap is a bit different. If you don’t activate this card it can only deal 1 to a unit for 2 mana which is fairly bad.

Its downside is very bad if you aren’t able to activate a boon or trap to get this going. This is where my biggest hesitation of this card is. In the current card pool, there aren’t enough traps and boons to activate this card early when the 3 damage removal is at a more crucial time.

I think with additional cards and this being easier to activate that it is likely to see play if the archetype itself is good.

With these followers, we can expect Bard tomorrow! I can’t wait to see what he does and hope that we get more hand buff support in Legends of Ruenterra!

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to ask Silverfuse during her streams (usually daily from 2-6PM CST).

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