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Worldwalker Impressions: Bard

Worldwalker LoR Spoilers Day 8: Bard

We’ve seen some pretty impressive and thematic reveals so far, but today we will be quite literally walking the world.

I’m Jordan “WhatAmI” Abronson and I’m here to bring you the newest Runeterran champion ready with some Boon-finding chime collecting action.

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bard level 1 lor card

bard level 2 lor card

So there’s a lot to unpack here. First off we’ve got to look at the restriction for having Bard in your deck at all. We’re giving up a whole region to instead have access to all the Chime cards. There are a few good ones for sure, but that seems like a definite negative right out of the gate.

In exchange for that, we get the passive round start ability of putting three Chimes into our deck every turn. That’s actually quite a bit. For anyone who has ever played with Omen Hawk you know that adding +1/+1 to a unit can cause some pretty big headaches.

the wandering caretaker lor card

Now, this is no Omen Hawk, but it will also trigger every turn for the entire game. At some point you’re bound to get a few good procs off of this. Bard himself is just here to help you plant more Chimes, so this deck wants to be all about small units getting buffed and card draw.

This sounds to me like if there is a Bard-centric Chime deck it’s going to have a lot of tiny Elusive beaters in it that are happy to receive Bard’s buffs.

We’ll have to figure out the exact composition but elusives are historically powerful enough that there is definitely something here to brew with.

Traveler’s Call

bard's travelers call lor card

traveler's call lor card

No matter what other cool things you put on this, it’s a three mana draw one.

This will occasionally see play simply because you have two Bards and nothing else to do, but I think it is just too blatantly tempo negative to ever be something that you are actually happy to see.

Maduli, The Gatekeeper

maduli, the gatekeeper lor card

Alright, six is an awful lot of mana, but double is also quite an impressive word. The obvious connection here is to Ava, the Puffcap doubling side of this card.

I think that the issue with this one is that it is likely just too slow. Only starting to have its effect as of turn seven or later is pretty rough.

That said, as we have seen with some other offenders *cough* Shellfolk *cough* having a 4/6 stat line is pretty nasty.

This is a brick wall that is quite hard to remove, so I am willing to at least give it a chance as a one or two of in my Chime-based decks to see what it can do.

Cosmic Binding

cosmic binding lor card

So the question we need to ask ourselves with a card like this is “When are we going to want this over Wallop?” We’re effectively paying two extra mana for a couple of Chimes and a defensive Mystic Shot.

That might actually not be that bad a deal depending on how mana hungry the Chime deck is.

This is one that my default opinion of is that five mana is too much to ask for this effect, but there are plenty of decks that just randomly have a couple of extra mana sitting around in the mid game.

If the Chime deck turns out to be one of those I could see this potentially slotting in over Wallop in that scenario.

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