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All World Ender Cards Revealed + Expert Breakdown

World Breaker Cards All-In-One Reveal

Sometimes you’ve just got to drop the bomb and walk off into the sunset.

I’m Jordan “WhatAmI” Abronson and you’d better strap all the way in because we are setting up to deliver an entire expansion worth of power and nonsense all at the same time.

No more delays, let’s kick off your worlds finals of Runeterra in Style.

Here are all the cards from the World Ender expansion’s one day reveal!

Puzzling Signposts

Puzzling Signposts lor card

Remand? Is that you? It’s been so long, and you cost so much more mana now. This is a really cute and dangerous form of Deny. Sounds like exactly Bandle City’s style. This will almost 100% see play whenever there is a Bandle City deck that wants protection or a solid way to answer a high-end spell like FTR.

Poro Stories

Poro Stories lor card

This looks like a potentially quite solid refuel spell for a poro deck if such a thing ever becomes reality. Two mana draw three, even if they are three one drops that have historically been not all that good is not something to discount. Also note that Rumble and friends love having discard access and this card provides.

Curious Changelings

Curious Changelings lor card

Three mana two four is actually a deceptively solid stat line to start out with, and this ability is just begging to be broken. Luckily it’s followers only so we won’t be having any doubled leveled champion shenanigans. However, something as simple as Teenydactyl makes this little guy a huge threat.

The Darkin Staff/Baalkux

The Darkin Staff lor card

One many for an extra point of burn damage and mana recovery could potentially be just what the doctor ordered in a spammy aggressive deck. This makes me think of the Teemo/Zoe elusive beatdown pule that has been putting up some solid numbers lately.

Like all the Darkin weapons though this has a side two which will make it exceedingly powerful.

Baalkux lor card

The ability to come down as threatening four points of burn damage on turn eight makes this a flexibly powerful aggro tool that I expect to get seriously underestimated. Keep an eye on this one.

Wily Newtfish

Wily Newtfish lor card

Three mana is an awful lot for a 1/3 stat line. Drawing a card every other turn is definitely a super powerful ability, and elusive is nice.

I will admit that I am some very real level of skeptical about the power level of this particular fish given the speed of the game we currently live in.

Eye of God

Eye of God lor card

Um, did someone say “repeatable two mana 2/2 that scales and combos with all other spawn and Illaoi?” Because I’m pretty sure that’s what I just heard. Not to mention you can use spell mana for this? Sounds like a pretty solid inclusion in any spawn-based archetype to me.

I will admit that there is serious downside if you get your equipped unit killed before the attack that will minimize this card’s potential power level. Also, this will do nothing on its own and needs a unit in play to help. All this put together lands this one solidly in the “cautiously optimistic,” bin.

Champions’ Strength

Champions' Strength lor card

People have been saying that there are no game ending top end Demacia spells around ever since Unyielding Spirit got its comeuppance. Champion’s strength is here to change that. Remember when Yordles in Arms plus a rally spell was an eight-mana game ending combo?
Yeah, me too. Now it only needs one spell to put it all together? This feels like an absolutely insane card. I will be happy to be wrong here but I am shaking in my boots from the power level of something that appears to read “Flood the board, pay eight mana, win the game.”

Trusty Ramhound

Trusty Ramhound lor card

A solid addition to any Elite based archetype. I don’t know that early curve power was exactly what this deck was lacking, so I will be surprised if this fixes the holes that deck tends to have. Definitely not going to object to more puppers around to prop up deck styles that need it though.

Petricite Charger

Petricite Charger lor card

Ah Badgerbear, how we miss thee. I will admit to being slightly underwhelmed by this card. Not that a three mana 4/4 is a bad deal, just that this will despite its subset of invulnerability almost assuredly enter combat and shrink. I would be surprised to see this card be particularly powerful.

Roar of Icathia

Roar of Icathia lor card

If the last one was underwhelming, I think this one is just “whelming.” Yes, I find myself distinctly whelmed. A pair of three power bodies for six spell mana can occasionally see play. Maybe Jayce/Lux will throw in some equipment and have a good time? Not particularly impressed though. Moving along.

Wooly Snailmoth

Wooly Snailmoth lor card

I am a huge fan of cards with multiple modes. A slight downgrade to a Wildclaw on turn six that later manages to add Regeneration is definitely a fun idea. That said most people who want Wildclaw in their deck just want to kill a fool, and the slightly slower snail here is probably not the way to go.

Pouty Poro

Pouty Poro lor card

Ok, this little guy is ridiculously adorable. More to the point though it has three keywords sitting on it. I love me some random solid buff targets as much as the next fellow, but even more than that I love evolving. Freljord Kai’Sa looking as fun to anyone else as it does to me?

Wild Mysticism

Wild Mysticism lor card

For the first time in the history of Runeterra Catalyst of Aeons has some actual factual competition. Getting a 2/2 or potentially a later game 6/6 overwhelm is a pretty nice bonus to go with your ramp. It’s going to take some serious testing to figure out the ratio between these two cards. Absolutely love this one.

Here to Help

Here to Help lor card

Seems like a card for all of those Scargrounds lovers out there. A solid defensive spell that turns into an absolutely brutal combat trick if its target is in need of assistance. Love the flavor and love the idea. It remains to be seen if this will be a viable theory though.

The Darkin Spear/Anaakca

The Darkin Spear lor card

The amount of beef this card can slap on to a unit early in the game is no joke, and neither is a recurring Omen Hawk effect buffing up effectively your entire deck as long as you can keep attacking.

Anaakca lor card

The weapon as well as its associated Darkin both feel a touch slow, but definitely make their way to my “worth testing out” pile.

Navori Longtail

Navori Longtail 1 lor card

This card reminds me an awful lot of Petty Officer. That card is currently not managing to see play though the secondary mode of this one is likely quite a bit stronger.

Buffing a board of Ionian Elusive units is definitely a powerful play to make if you can find the right type of deck to benefit from it

Twin Wind Technique

Twin Wind Technique lor card

A combination between a smaller version of Dawn and Dusk and a slow speed stun spell mostly just makes me confused.

I suspect there is some kind of broken combo here that I am currently missing that I will need to go digging for, but on first glance this feels way to high commitment as an offensive play and too mana intensive as a defensive one.

The Darkin Fan/ Praa the Breachwalker

The Darkin Fan lor card

If you can get this equipment down onto a small elusive unit it will certainly cause your opponent problems. And at nine mana dropping fifteen power onto the board as one action that also heals you and makes a removal spell is pretty solid. All that said I am not entirely sold here.

Praa The Breachwalker lor card

There’s something about this card that just feels a touch below the power level of many of the other Darkin to me. Maybe there is some way to abuse the attack trigger and get multiple attacks around, or to buff the dragonling, but this definitely doesn’t read as something with the raw *oomf* necessary to make the cut. Very Ionian.

Crimson Pigeon

Crimson Pigeon lor card

Speaking of raw oomf though. This little birdy has it in spades. Murder pigeon here will quickly grow out of control with or without a supported ally that likes being hurt. Yeah, you read that right, it’s grant, not give. This will demand a swift answer or put on a brutal beating.

Reveler’s Feast

Reveler's Feast lor card

Reads like a Vladimir card, plays like a Draven one. This feels like something the insane board spam of Discard aggro would be happy to have. Kill a blocked unit to make the rest into insane threats that kill your opponent sounds like exactly my kind of fun.

Caustic Riff

Caustic Riff lor card

And of course, on that note we have to summon the police of said fun. Zaun has long lacked a solidly costed board sweep and that particular draught is now at an end. Any time the crazy swarms come a knocking just play them a sick tune and they will run away. Giving me some anti-pied-piper vibes here.


Encore lor card

Did, did Seraphine really need more support? I mean, it’s absolutely random and will sometimes be completely useless, but also, we just nerfed her. We just nerfed her like a lot. This is probably not actually all that good outside a dedicated Seraphine or Purrsuit deck, but there it will be a solid role player.


Acoustician lor card

Rivershaper has a big bad older brother with an extra point of health and better accompaniment than he ever did. This seems like another exceedingly powerful one or two of in the Zaun “Random Bullshit Go,” deck that we all know and love.

Cunning Kitten

Cunning Kitten lor card

The obvious first thought here is that iterative improvement with this is two cards and six mana for a 2/3, a 5/5, and a card draw, which is a pretty solid rate. Beyond that though every time Crescendum drops this into play there will be tears of rage. Gotta admit, not looking forward to that particular cunning ploy.


Ryze level 1 lor card

Ok, I mean this with all love and affection for our beloved game developers, but, what in the free falling, yordle-fellating, poro-punting nonsense is this? Ok, breathe Jordan, take it from the top and we’ll all get through this together.

the rune mage lor card

To start with we get to put any non-targeting burst or focus spells we want into our deck.

Delve Into the Past lor card

This will be primarily a lot of draw and creation nonsense. Great, very flavorful, Ryze loves to find and create things.

He’s looking for something very specific though, world runes. How do those work again?

shared of betrayal lor card

Looks like we can start with up to six in our deck, and Ryze will make more for us when we summon him and also if we can keep the reasonably beefy 3/5 body in play.

shared of hope lor card

Then we need a total of four mana to get one onto the field. The first one won’t be all that impressive, but as they ramp up and multi-trigger each other we can get some pretty insane value.

shard of violence lor card

They’ll take up board space as they do that though, so said value can run up against some definite downsides if we’re, you know, trying to stay alive.

shard of reverence lor card

Our champion spell is huge explosion of Draw, but will only happen when we double-draw Ryze, and will discard any followers we hit. Seems insane, but probably won’t come up all *that* often, especially since we are diluting our deck with these Runes.

shard of madness lor card

If we manage to get three Runes into play then we’ll get to Level Ryze who will start activating them for us on attack, again generating an avalanche of value.

Ryze's Realm Warp lor card

If all five hit the board at once, we win the game, always a good thing to strive for.

TLDR: A solidly stated early game body with huge upsides and downsides including diluting your board space, diluting your deck, paying way too much mana for small effects, gaining ridiculous amounts of value, and straight up automatically winning the game.

Ryze level 2 lor card

This is the biggest NEEDS TESTED I have ever seen. Seriously, anyone with an actual opinion on this card right is lying directly in to your face and you should laugh at them.


Aatrox level 1 lor card

The Darkin Blade lor card

Starting out as six mana 6/6 Regen that gives a powerful equipment should he be answered is not a bad beginning. Getting a ridiculous spell that flips all of your Darkin Weapons in play as well as Aatrox into ridiculous sized threats is not a bad follow up.

The World Ender lor card

World Ender lor card

Getting to draw this card free once you’ve jumped through some hoops, now that’s priceless.

The champion spell being a set of Single Combats is amazingly flavorful and will cause some pretty cool blowout scenarios as well.

Aatrox level 2 lor card

All this said though this planet breaking lad again feels just a touch slow. I’ll definitely be looking into him, but six is an awful lot of mana, and not many decks seem to want a million Darkin.

Redeemed Prodigy

Redeemed Prodigy lor card

Prodigy looks like an exceedingly solid two drop in an archetype that really didn’t need buffing. I am both excited and terrified for the additional power that this card will bring to aggressive exalted decks. Long live GWAT.

Deathless Knight

Deathless Knight lor card

This looks like a card that desperately wants to be copied over and over and have the copies stay on the field. The problem is that it costs six mana and doesn’t really do much the turn it comes down. A fun meme to play around with but not one I am particularly expecting much from competitively.

Shape of Fear

Shape of Fear lor card

I am a huge fan of turbo leveling my boy Mr. Viego. This is right up that ally and will make a scary amount of turn seven Viego flips happen even though the lad only comes down on six these days. I don’t know if this will be enough to restore him to greatness but you better bet I’m going to try it out.

Acolyte’s Reliquary

Acolyte's Reliquary lor card

A three mana 3/2 fearsome that is landmark support as well scaling power depending on how many you’ve gotten is actually kind of enticing.

This is another tool for Xerath, someone who was already right at the edge of playability. I would not be surprised if this manages to manifest some kind of midrange deck around the ascended power house.

Rockbear Shepherd

Rockbear Shepherd lor card

Not quite as solid on the stat line, but again some pretty significant boosts to landmark synergy-based decks. This one may end up being a touch slow, but definitely deserves look at for any fans out there of the most unhappy rockbears.

Void Gate

Void Gate lor card

I am going to go ahead and put this one squarely in the meme category of my meme versus dream list. Don’t worry, I think it is insanely flavorful and cool. But only maybe sometimes doing things a bunch of turns in the future is really just not going to cut it here.

Celestial Blessing

Celestial Blessing lor card

This is a kind of cool sideways Pale Cascade that I could definitely see making some impacts. Again, this card calls to mind the powerful Elusive aggro deck that has bene making the rounds lately. Spreading out buffs is a great way to challenge your opponent’s removal, and *grant* is a lovely word.

Divine Clerk

Divine Judgment lor card

Simple, sweet, and directly to the point. Blocks early if you need it to, and gains back some life if you don’t draw it in time. Looks like a perfect anti aggression card for any Targon deck that feels a lack of an early game plan is negatively affecting its power level.


Kayle level 1 lor card

This card pulls me in a bunch of different directions. We want to be happily swarming the board, but also buffing up our units.

Kayle level 2 lor card

Swarm generally means win quickly, but also the later the game goes, the better Kayle ends up being. I’ll definitely look for something here, but I am not initially impressed.

Divine Judgement

Kayle's Judgment lor card

Divine Judgment lor card

That said the champion spell here is something else. This is spellshield and barrier on super steroids wrapped up with a mass buff effect as a pretty little bow.

And yeah, someone decided to give it to Pantheon as an early Christmas present. *Sad Control Player Noises.*


Lawkeeper lor card

This is cute and clearly wants to be paired with massive hand buff effects. That said, spending six mana and then even more extra effort to stun a board is probably just not worth everything you’re going to put into it. Especially when it can be denied, or even just re-developed into.

Mihira, Aspect of Justice

Mihira, Aspect of Justice lor card

Ok, those are some ridiculously powerful keywords, and this definitely reads “answer me immediately or die.” That said though, the thing that is demanding an answer here is a five mana 1/1. Said answer really only takes a stiff breeze. As cool as this is I think it probably does not manage to see much play.

Purifying Flames

Purifying Flames lor card

Am I the only one who immediately wants to rename this card “Purifying Poros?” Because I look at this and see turn three 3/3 and 4/4 elusive poros coming to kill me. I am a-feared.

Seraphic Wyvern

Seraphic Wyvern lor card

This is a pretty impressively beefy dragon. And if you give it enough time it manages to start beating through into face as well? We might finally have the secondary four drop Shyvanna has always wanted to happily crush through her opponent’s forces with.

Xolaani The Bloodweaver

Xolaani The Bloodweaver lor card

Xolaani, Aspect's Bane lor card

This feels like a crazy powerful alternate finisher for a Kayle deck that doesn’t quite exist yet. I’ll definitely be looking into exactly how to make that happen though. Nasus that starts with overwhelm is something I am quite happy to put in some contortions to make work.

Bonus Deck

definitely not a meme i promise lor deck


[See Updated Sion Deck Details]

…. Are you kidding me? There were, like, sixty nine cards there. And you want me to make ONE deck out of all that? That’s just- You don’t… Fine. Here’s an updated Sion list.

Thanks for reading! To build your own deck with the new cards, head to our Deck Builder.