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Top 10 Most Fun Cards From Beyond the Bandlewood

Top 10 Most Fun Cards from Beyond the Bandlewood

Hey everyone, it’s Silverfuse here to talk about the most fun cards in the most recent expansion, Beyond the Bandlewood!

The way I arrived at this list was from a mix of my personal opinion, but also what I have noticed players have been playing and enjoying.

Personally, my own list would look much different than this Top 10, but this list isn’t meant to be only my opinion!

Of course, as with any top 10 list, there isn’t a set answer and just a bunch of different opinions.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy this list I have put together!

10. Aloof Travelers

Right out of the gate, we will be starting with a very controversial card. Some players love this card and others hate it. Bandle City introduced hand hate when we hadn’t seen much of it in Legends of Runeterra.

For the most part, I have seen very positive feedback for Aloof Travelers and Prank as a whole.

Although some players can’t stand the hand disruption, the love of the cards certainly outweighs the hate it gets.

A lot of players have discovered their love for hand disruption through Aloof Travelers and Prank.

9. Otterpus

Otterpus (LoR card)

Following the hand-hate theme, Otterpus comes in at number 9.

It is a solid card in just about any deck with the Attune giving you the possibility to have a 1|1 unit as well as using Prank or saving some extra mana.

Prank follows the same feeling as cards such as Aloof as some players hate it while plenty love it.

8. Loping Telescope

Loping Telescope (LoR card)

Loping Telescope is a cool card for many different reasons. For one it is dual region which allows it to be played in Targon or Bandle City. That isn’t even close to the most neat thing about it.

When the card is played, you Manifest 3 new card options.

There are Celestial cards that cost 3 or less, an epic card, or another dual region card. The thing that makes it most interesting is the random epic cards that you can get from Loping Telescope.

I’ve gotten Ruination, Warmothers’ Call, and all sorts of wacky cards from Loping Telescope. It allows for unique possibilities while having a lot of consistency from the option of dual region cards and celestials.

7. Arsenal

The Arsenal (lor card)

If you love keywords but don’t want to wait for them like you do when you play Viktor, then Arsenal is the card for you!

This guy is a staple in Landmark decks as he gains a random keyword for each landmark that has died.

This means a massive number of keywords on an 8|6 body. Keywords that range from Scout, Elusive, Challenger, Quick Attack, Regeneration, Life Steal, and so much more!

The satisfaction from this card after killing off landmarks is high and ending a game with him feels great, but ending a game with two giant Arsenals feels even better!

6. Mirror Mage

mirror mage (lor card)

Mirror Mage is a funny, gimmicky card that a lot of players have come to love. My personal favorite is Mirror Mage Lux and Veigar.

Mirror Mage works off of created followers and spells, but it works well with Darkness as well as Lux’s lasers!

Doubling them up feels fantastic! You can also double cards from other cards such as Conchologist or Loping Telescope. The card is pleasing to anyone who likes to have all the value from one card! You can find Mirror Mage Lasers here:

5. Treasured Trash

Treasured Trash (LoR card)

If this list were of my favorites, Treasured Trash very well might have been in first place. This is because this card gives the most possibilities out of any card in the game.

You can get the worst cards in the game for 0 mana or potentially the best cards in the game for 0 mana!

You have the possibility of having a hand full of useless 1 cost spells or you can get something as crazy as two Feel the Rushes and a 0 Cost Skies’s Descend.

The possibilities are truly endless with this card and that is why it is so much fun!

It is even more fun when you pair it with Stress Testing to keep your cards at 0 costs even after your turn is over as they will no longer be fleeting with Stress Testing! One time I even played 4 Treasured Trashes in one game:

4. Curious Shellfolk

curious shellfolk (lor card)

Curious Shellfolk sparked some controversy and at the start as a bug with Payday allowed for an infinite loop of buffing the card.

That bug has long since been fixed, but that hasn’t stopped players from trying a variety of combos with this card.

One was using infinite predicts to make a giant Khahiri. Another just gets value from pranks and other cards that Manifest cards for you to choose.

This card has given players a lot of things to try out and discover and why this card is so high on the most fun cards!

3. Ava Achiever

Ava Achiever (LoR card)

Oh yes, the Puffway. Players used to have to play Dreadway to double up Mushrooms, but with the introduction of Ava Achiever, players don’t have to wait until turn 8 and can now play a double your traps card on turn 6 while shuffling in additional Puffcaps!

Things get even more crazy if you are able to play two Ava Achievers on the board.

This card has Puffcap players excited to have more support in the archetype and is loved by many, but what would Ava Achiever be without number 2 on the list?

2. Corina, Mastermind

Corina, Mastermind (LoR card)

Corina, Mastermind is a card that by looking at her, players knew that she would be a strong finisher.

With the ability to activate trap effects without actually making the traps themselves disappear, she is incredibly strong.

She works with Teemo’s Puffcaps, but also with Caitlyn’s Flashbombs. If Ava Achiever, is on the board then she gets double the value!

She is a lot of fun because she gives the ability to overkill your opponent with a bazillion Mushrooms and also ties the Puffcap archetype together as a whole.

Overall, was the missing piece that Puffcap lovers were looking for, and she delivered!

Before we get to number 1, I wanted to mention a couple of honorable mentions.

Honorable Mention: Bandle Tree

The Bandle Tree (LoR card)

Although some love while others have grown tired of this card, there is no doubt that a lot of players appreciate having another viable alternate win condition besides Star Spring or Fiora.

Honorable Mention: Catalogue of Regrets

catalogue of regrets (lor card)

This card allows for unique deckbuilding and planning turns ahead. It also allows for some silly combos that a lot of players love.

1. Marai Greatmother

marai greatmother (lor card)

Marai Greatmother is a hilarious card. It allows for meme dreams to come true. She shuffles 6+ cost spells randomly into your deck and the spells only cost 3.

Cards such as Zap Sprayfin can make it where it is easier to find your shuffled in spells.

This sounds great, but there are plenty of 6+ cost cards that will have no synergy or might not even be playable in your deck such as Molten Breath.

Other times, you might get the dream of getting a 3 mana Feel the Rush. One time I had the absolute meme dream of Feel the Rush into Give It All for a 50+ damage turn 6 OTK.

It was crazy! If you’d like to see a video of that find it here:

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