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LoR Deck Guide: Rumble Sion

How to Play Rumble Sion (Mecha-Yordles)

Hey guys NicMakesPlays here.

Today I’m going to go over how to play Rumble Sion Mecha-Yordles!

The deck is a ton of fun and I hope you think so too.

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NicMakesPlays Rumble Mecha-Yordles (LoR Deck)


[See NicMakesPlays Rumble Mecha-Yordles deck details]

Win Condition and Mulligans

The goal of the deck is to use the Mecha-Yordles as a toolbox while applying pressure with Rumble and then finishing with Sion.

This deck finishes the game around turns 7-8 with a leveled Rumble or Sion.

NicMakesPlays Rumble Mecha-Yordles (LoR Mulligan)

You want to mulligan for early game units that can block and give you discard fodder for Rumble, as well as Rumble himself.

If you already have Rumble you can keep cards like Fallen Rider to discard for him too.

Card Choices & Key Synergies

Otterpus / Yordle Squire

Otterpus (LoR card)Yordle Squire (LoR Card)

Otterpus and Yordle Squire are your one drops of the deck, that both give you discard fodder for Rumble. Otterpusses pranks are great against spell and landmark-based decks because they are guaranteed to get +2 cost when pranked.

Otterpus is also a great early game blocker since its attune gives you spell mana back. Yordle Squire can give you a Tiny Spear to buff Rumble or Sion’s attack to make them even more of a threat.

Reborn Grenadier / Fallen Rider

Reborn Grenadier (lor card)Fallen Rider (lor card)

Reborn Grenadier and Fallen Rider are both discard fodder for Rumble that applies pressure. Reborn Grenadier pushes an extra 3 damage on the turn you summon Rumble which already was emitting pressure itself.

Fallen Rider lets you refuel in the form of a 4|2 Fearsome to continue applying pressure as well. Scrapheap can also be used to discard these cards. Since Scrapheap is a Burst spell you can use it on Reborn Grenadier when enemies attack to get a Burst speed blocker.

Rumble / Sion

Rumble level 1 (LoR Card)Sion level 1 (lor card)

Rumble is the main card of the deck and Sion is another win condition as well. Rumble comes down with an extremely powerful tempo on turn 4. Rumble is a 5|4 that when you discard 3 cards gains Impact, Quick Attack, and Spellshield. On top of this, you can get tons of discard effects such as Reborn Grenadier, Fallen Rider, Lost Soul, and Sion.

Discarding Sion also gives Rumble Overwhelm to add to the pressure and pack on a ton of damage. When Rumble is leveled he starts generating and discounting your Mecha-Yordles to refuel. Sion is another win condition packing Overwhelm, is hard to kill, and gives you a Rally when he does.

Bilgerat Rascal / Arena Promoter

Bilgerat Rascal (LoR Card)Arena Promoter (LoR Card)

Bilgerat Rascal and Arena Promoter both generate Mecha-Yordles with additional perks. Bilgerat Rascal gives Spellshield to the Mecha-Yordles you pick. This is particularly strong because Mecha-Yordles already have good stats and strong abilities so making them able to resist a spell makes them incredibly hard to answer.

Arena Promoter discounts the Mecha-Yordle you pick by 1 which is universally good. All the Mecha-Yordles are powerful for their cost, so making them cost 1 less is that much better.

Whirling Death / Electro Harpoon

Whirling Death (LoR Card)Electro Harpoon (LoR Card)

Whirling Death and Electro Harpoon are two unique forms of removal in this deck. Whirling Death allows you to level Rumble quickly even as early as turn 4. This card is particularly great with Rumble because he has Spellshield to protect him during combat to ensure the Whirling Death goes off.

Electro Harpoon lets you activate your discard effects, remove an enemy unit and apply pressure with face damage. Electro Harpoon can also double as a burn finisher to win the game with.

Good Matchups

This deck is great against slower decks that try and outvalue you like Darkness and Ezreal Draven. Rumble’s Spellshield is great in this matchup so they have to work harder to kill him.

Sion is also hard to deal with for these matchups and can often get away with pushing a ton of damage.

Meanwhile, you are accumulating value by generating Mecha-Yordles. This deck can command the game in terms of tempo and value by summoning threats while continuing to create more.

Bad Matchups

This deck struggles against aggressive decks like Pirate Aggro. In these matchups, you want to mulligan for low-cost units such as Otterpus and Yordle Squire to block in the early game.

On turn 4 you can apply a ton of pressure with Rumble to race them down especially if he’s given Overwhelm by Sion.

A well-timed Whirling Death or Scraphead → discarding Reborn Grenadier can turn the tide in a combat trade and swing the game in your favor.

Tech Choices

If you want to tech in cards you can cut copies of Electro Harpoon, Whirling Death, or Conchologist.

Might- This can be used to give Rumble Overwhelm and 3 attack to push his level up and more damage.

might jpg

Minimorph – This card can help deal with a multitude of threats such as Pantheon or opposing Sions.

Minimorph (LoR card)

Bandle City Mayor – This card helps generate more card advantage while discarding your Mecha-Yordles.

bandle city mayor (lor card)

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