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LoR Region Guide: Noxus Strengths and Weaknesses

LoR Region Strengths and Weaknesses Series: Noxus

Hey everyone, I’m Jordan “WhatAmI,” Abronson, and today we’re going to be taking a bit of a departure from our regularly scheduled programming to look into some broader ideas than usual.

Instead of focusing on a specific deck, or even a specific archetype, today we’re going to talk regions in general.

We’ll go over where they shine, where they flop, and hope to leave everyone with a bit more of a solid grasp on where to look for certain types of power when beginning your deck building process.

Noxus Overview

Ah good old Noxus. Home of gladiatorial blood sport, an ever-expanding empire, and more destructive power than you can shake an ax at.

But what stats and strategies lie below the brutal exterior of the Noxian regime? Let’s take a look.

Noxus Strengths

The Burn

Decimate (LoR card)noxian fervor jpg

Any time Noxus enters the discussion the first thing on most people’s minds is their poor innocent nexus.

Decimate and Noxian Fervor are the headlines, but the theme continues with Legion Saboteur and Grenadier, Imperial Demolitionist, and even Crimson Disciple showing up to dish out a few direct points of damage.

When that’s not enough simply slam Captain Farron and watch your opponent’s defenses crumble.

If you want to straight-up murder a fool, Noxus is the only place to be.

The Aggro

Iron Ballista (LoR Card)

While they overlap thematically and are often seen together, aggro and burn are not the same.

Burn sends the damage directly to the nexus, while aggro looks to quickly take over the board.

House Spider, Legion Rearguard, Precious Pet, and Iron Ballista are good examples of this strength.

The Reputation

LeBlanc Level 1 (LoR reveal)

Sometimes you just want those huge swings.

While they might be a tad fragile, Noxus has got you covered and with some to spare on the damaging side of things.

Trifarian Gloryseeker, Thorn of the Rose, Kato, and of course Leblanc herself are ready to go to town.

Honorable mention to Trifarian Assessor playing backup duty and Crowd Favorite who can often rumble with the best of them.

The Removal

ravenous flock jpg

Noxus does removal a little differently than many other regions, but that doesn’t mean they’re bad at it.

Ravenous Flock, Noxian Guillotine, and Scorched Earth all need a bit of help, but they get the job done.

Death’s Hand and Culling sStrike do just fine on their own and Reckoning is an absolute blowout to all but the beefiest of boards.

Noxus Weaknesses

The Combat Tricks

Sharpened Resolve (LoR Card)

While they’re certainly there, comparing things like Sharpened Resolve and Might to the combat interactions of many of the other regions leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

Transfusion and Weapon Hilt try their best, and Brother’s Bond has got your back, but this is just not usually the region to be messing around with your unit’s stats.

The Heals

Healing is for the weak, and Noxus, which tends to trade defense for offense, needs no weakness.

Therefore there aren’t any healing cards in this region. Moving right along.

The Beef

Trifarian Gloryseeker (LoR card)

While we do great in the power department, our creature’s health lines are often incredibly fragile.

Caring about the longevity of your summoned friends sounds a lot like sentimentality to the average Noxian and will not be tolerated.

Best to look elsewhere for survivability.

The Response

Scorched Earth (LoR Card)

Most of Noxus’s power happens at Slow speed or has a condition.

Even their highest quality removal spells in Ravenous Flock and Scorched Earth needs some setup to get it done.

While there are exceptions and a well-timed Culling Strike can turn games, Noxus does not tend to operate well on the stack.

They’re simple folk who like their steaks bloody and playing on their own turn.


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