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Introducing Our New LoR Content Team…Glimpse Beyond!

Hey guys, Swim here, and I’m very excited to announce something that I’ve been teasing for almost a month now. Since I started playing LoR, I was always planning on eventually forming a content creation team – an endeavor that only had to wait until I found the perfect people for it.

I’m excited to welcome Glimpse Beyond, the brand new LoR content team of Mobalytics!

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Glimpse Beyond is composed of myself and five other insanely dedicated writers who are some of the top high-level players and content creators in the scene. We all have 20+ years of card game experience and 20+ hours a day to waste on them.

Together, we’ll be creating a ton of new content of all types focused on helping players of all skill levels improve and get better at Legends of Runeterra. Let us know if there are any specific topics you’d like to see covered!

The Glimpse Beyond Team

But enough about me, this post is about the rest of the team, so let’s introduce everyone!



Gdaymaverick finished rank 1 during LoR’s first season and was rank 1 multiple times during the Rising Tides season. Although his favorite region is Shadow Isles, his favorite deck is Ezreal Freeze.

Gaming has been a huge part of his life and gave him an outlet when he was younger. Now that he’s a dad, he bonds with his son by playing Zelda.


nicmakeplays profile pic

NicMakesPlays has reached rank 1 for LoR during multiple seasons and loves playing Demacia, Bilgewater, Noxus, and Shadow Isles. His favorite cards are Darius and Miss Fortune so his favorite decks are naturally Aggro Spiders and Scouts.

Before LoR, he was a professional Yu-gi-oh player and in his spare time, he loves lifting and hanging out with friends.



Precipic peaked at top 10 in NA’s ladder and spent a ton of time theorycrafting with Swim before the game was released. He specializes in playing aggressive decks and is known for helping build the Dawnspiders deck that dominated the early days of the Runeterra ladder.

He’s played various other card games like Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone throughout his life and loves to spend time deckbuilding and thinking about game design.


rattlingbones profile pic

Rattlingbones grew up playing games against his older brother in heated daily competitions. This molded him into a CCG competitor later in life as he competed at the highest levels of Yu-gi-oh and has reached Top 8 in several LoR tournaments.

He’s hit #1 consistently in NA and loves to stream to share his passion and knowledge with other LoR players. You can catch his stream every weeknight at 9 PM EST at twitch.tv/rattlingbones_.



Silverfuse has been an avid gamer all her life and was first introduced to the world of online gaming through League of Legends. She was later introduced to CCG’s and fell in love with the genre.

Ever since, she’s been creating content and spending countless hours learning new metas, optimizing decks, competing in tournaments, as well as making meme decks work in the LoR Master rank ladder.

What’s Next

Thanks for reading! We’re can’t wait to bring a ton of awesome content for a game we’re all incredibly passionate about.

With the new Call of the Mountain expansion on the horizon, we’ll be giving our first impressions on the revealed cards leading up to its release.

Once the full set is out, we’ll return for a deeper analysis and give you all meta and budget decks to help you start off the new season right.

Beyond that, we’ll be creating in-depth deck guides, analyses of tournaments, and much more. In the meantime, let us know what topics you’d be interested in seeing us cover!