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How to Counter Bandle Burn (3 Deck Matchups)

Bandle Burn Counter Guide

Okay, okay, I’m sorry. While I did just write a guide on it, I’m sure you’re all tired of this nightmare that’s been burning up the ladder.

This may just be the most consistent burn deck we’ve had since the pre-nerf Boomcrew Rookie days. Bandle Burn is nuts and the stats are heavily edged in its favor.

It’s Trevor “Shugo” Yung here and today I’m bringing the solution to our problems. Or well, at least the closest options we have.

As I said, the stats are crazy…but there are some ways to tip the scales to a more approachable level.

Bandle Burn (LoR Deck)


[See Bandle Burn deck details]

I won’t get into the details of the deck, so if you need a refresher, feel free to check out my previous article.

Today I’m going to provide three options to help you counter, or at least contest against, Bandle Burn. We’ve got some variety here so hopefully one of these will suit you!

1. Numbers Don’t Lie – Discard Midrange

Discard Midrange (LoR Deck)


[See Discard Midrange deck details]

Arguably the other boogeyman of the meta, Discard Midrange is a staple choice if you want the best odds against Bandle Burn. Percentage-wise, the deck has a 58% win rate in the matchup.

Draven has been a competitive mainstay throughout Runeterra and with the addition of Sion, we have a new archetype that’s better than ever.

This deck has a ton of inherent card advantages with its core cards like Lost Soul and Fallen Rider.

Draven Level 1 (LoR card)Sion level 1 (lor card)

Discarding cards is no longer a drawback so we aren’t reliant on Jinx or Augmented Experimenter to refuel.

So what makes the matchup so great? The main reason is that our units trade extremely efficiently. Stone Stackers is a huge pain for many decks to deal with but is a joke against the likes of Boom Baboon and Fallen Rider.

Reborn Grenadier can be summoned at Burst speed to defend against wide boards. Arachnoid Sentry and Get Excited! help deal with Poppy before she can attack.

Stone Stackers (LoR card)get excited! jpg

Since Draven is naturally aggressive, Discard Midrange actually ends up being the aggressor at times.

In the worst case, we’ll typically be even on board, so by the time we reach turn seven, Sion slams down to annihilate them.

Discard Midrange wins in value and efficiency. It’s the clear choice for the matchup, especially since it’s already a top deck in the metagame.

However, be mindful of that fact..as a tier-one choice, there’ll be others queued up looking to counter you!


  • Save Reborn Grenadier for defending turns. It’s better to minimize damage and keep out of burn range and he works great in a pinch.
  • Avoid Impact damage by using spells. A good time for your removal is when it can deny their strike. Worst case if you can’t kill their unit, chump block and Mystic Shot your own unit.
  • While Arachnoid Sentry is a premium answer for Poppy, it won’t stop an open attack. Be mindful of their available mana and be ready to kill on sight. Don’t forget the cost reduction on Bandle City Mayor.

2. A Controlling Approach – Feel The Rush

Feel The Rush (LoR Deck)


[See Feel the Rush deck details]

Next up is the revival of an old classic; Feel The Rush! With the absence of The Watcher, FTR has reclaimed its place as the top Freljord/Shadow Isles control deck.

Now I’m not gonna sugarcoat it, second on the list of favorable win percentages is Feel The Rush with a 50.3% win rate. Yep, Bandle Burn is truly a monster. But there’s more than meets the eye than just the numbers!

One rewarding appeal to control decks is the outplay potential they provide. Games are naturally slower, thus, generally speaking, we have more turns and sequences to maneuver.

What we can use to our advantage is the threat of board wipes. The blowout potential of a timely Avalanche or Box is extremely high, and if navigated correctly can essentially win the game on the spot.

Avalanche (LoR card)The Box (LoR Card)

This isn’t something we’ve had to deal with for a while now. These style control decks aren’t anywhere as common as they used to be, so the aggressive decks have been safe to roam freely.

Simply existing will change the way they have to think in the matchup and can work to our benefit.

They may play safe when in reality we have nothing. This gives the opponent an opportunity to make mistakes which can help us win when we normally wouldn’t. A true benefit of playing control decks.

We’re packing a ton of healing tools so we can usually stay safe from burn’s reach. We get to play the long game and will likely reach a point where they’ve expended all their resources.

If you want a deck where you’re a threat merely by existence, give this a try!


  • Noxian Fervor is a key card to watch in this matchup. Save your removal to prevent it when possible. Don’t let them deny your healing by sacrificing their unit before the drain.
  • The pass button is your friend. Let them commit before you do. The Box works well alongside Avalanche as a Fast speed backup. If they continue to develop, play Avalanche. If they decide to attack, The Box is ready.
  • Catalyst is not a card for the burn matchup. Be cautious and only play it when it’s safe.

3. Go Toe To Toe – Poke City

Poke City (LoR Deck)


[See Poke City deck details]

I know, I know, it’s another Bandle deck. Once again, a deck that I covered in a previous article. But you can’t argue against it because the Bilgewater bunch is a fantastic alternative! Now I must confess, this deck really can’t be considered a “counter” per se.

It’s got a 47.2% win rate in the matchup. The reality is there just aren’t many direct counters; at least nothing with enough results to show for it. But hear me out!

The Bandle Bilgewater list plays incredibly similar to Bandle Burn; except with a bit more late-game punch. Playing against each other almost feels like a mirror.

It’s a battle for the board until the sparks start flying to a close. Both decks are certainly capable of winning.

My decision to consider Poke City is to have a similar deck with a solid footing in the meta.

The burn matchup is close enough that you can go toe to toe, and often that’s good enough.

When it comes to ladder, you’re going to experience a variety. At times there may be a lot of one archetype, but things change too frequently to go all-in on one plan.

So if you’re favored into many matchups and near 50% against another top contender, it’s not the worst place to be.


  • Don’t play your kegs into their attack unless you plan to react. Otherwise, play post-combat to keep them alive.
  • Kegs are very vulnerable, so be aware of possible interaction before your Make It Rain weakens to a one damage spell.
  • Lecturing Yordle is excellent in the matchup. The Poison Darts ping off many units and the 3/5 statline trades well into almost everything.

Shugo’s Productivity Thought of the Day

Do your actions reflect your own decisions or those of someone else?

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