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Glory in Navori Reveals: Day 7 – Bilgewater Package

Glory in Navori Reveals: Day 7 – Bilgewater Pack

Hey all it’s Trevor “Shugo” Yung here for Day 7 of the Glory in Navori reveal season!

We’re approaching the end with just one more day to go until LoR goes through its biggest update ever.

But hold on a bit longer, we’ve still got new cards to talk about.

Let’s check them out!

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Pocket Picker

pocket picker lor card

Well now we know for sure what Riot’s intended region pairing is for Coin decks. Up until now we only saw all the Ionia cards, but a one mana 2/1 that creates a Coin upon death? That’s an absolute staple.

Honestly, Pocket Picker is probably good enough to be a regular include outside the Coin archetype. Some decks may be able to take advantage turning a spell mana into unit mana, and other decks may simply enjoy the Coin to proc a free spell cast trigger. Plus if any of the other Coin cards are strong enough to generically see play, it only makes Pocket Picker even better. One of the best 1-drop’s LoR has ever seen.

Mad Ol’ Babs

mad ol' babs lor card

I get the intention. This card obviously grows quickly off of Coins, and also has synergy with attune. +1/0 isn’t very exciting though.

At a baseline, a two mana 1/3 is garbage. At best, this thing grows its attack to silly levels, but still lacks the natural evasion or survivability to do more than just trade or get chump-blocked. The other key issue with this card is that there’s a good chance we’ll want to save Coins for the mid to late game. We want to save up for a big play. Mad Ol’ Babs makes this awkward, because in order to get the payoff, we have to invest early. Love the card name, not so big on what it does.


barknuckles lor card

This is a very cheap investment for a potentially big payoff. A two mana equipment for +1/+1 is a respectable standard, so it’s in-line with our previous contenders.

I think it will mainly come down to the units that build up the Coin deck. Equipment have traditionally been best in Demacia since their units are generally tougher to remove or trade into. Bilgewater Ionia will be interesting.

I’m always skeptical about equipment, since there’s a lot of times they can be very awkward to play. But a repeatable way to generate Coins for only two mana? It’s definitely worth experimenting in Coin decks.

Nukkle / Mako / Bull

nukkle lor card

This is a pretty cool trio of cards from a flavor perspective, but as far as playability goes, it probably misses the mark.

Would you play a two mana 2/1 elusive? Well we’ve already got tons of those that even have additional effects and they don’t see any play.

mako lor card

How about six mana for a 2/1 elusive and 4/4 overwhelm? Alright I’ll admit, not terrible. I think if this card was created in a way that allowed you to summon both units with one action, this would actually be good enough. But I understand that wouldn’t work well with the last part.

bull lor card

That final part reads as twelve mana for a 2/1 elusive, 4/4 overwhelm, and 6/6 brash, plus Rally. Obviously twelve mana isn’t actually playable at once, and would require either cost reduction or Coin support. This is a lot to ask for a moderate effect. Similarly to Bout Security, if you’re using Coins and spending all your mana on a big play, it’s going to be something much more powerful than some silly units.

Overall, despite it being too weak for competitive, it is a really cool design. I’ll say it again, if we get that draft/limited format, Nukkle-Mako-Bull looks like a great choice there!

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