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Glory in Navori Reveals: Day 3 – Variety Cards

Glory in Navori Reveals: Day 3 – Variety Pack

Hey all it’s Trevor “Shugo” Yung here to bring you my impressions for Day 3 of Glory in Navori.

We just rounded up the Ionia Coin package with Sett, and now we get a little taste of PnZ, Shurima, and Bandle City.

Let’s check it out!

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Flashbomb Peddler

flashbomb peddler lor card

Despite their random nature, Flashbomb Traps are actually pretty decent. They can occasionally pick off low health units, and enable cards like Ravenous Flock or Scorched Earth. Even though Flashbomb Peddler is only a 1/3, the Flashbombs can sometimes make up that missing point of damage if you were to block.

It’s not often that we see a card with the “When you play a spell” text that’s only two mana. Most of these cards sit at three mana like its namesake alternative, Puffcap Peddler. The only other 2-drop with this text is Starlit Seer. While I do believe Starlit Seer is more powerful in a vacuum, Flashbomb Peddler’s advantage is its region. Sure, Freljord has some great 1-2 cost spells like Elixir of Iron or Troll Chant, but those are reactive. PnZ is full of random proactive spells, along with having the ability to generate cheap token spells. That’s a big deal.

All that said, having a ton of Flashbombs isn’t going to win the game like Puffcaps would. There are many times where the opponent will draw them with an empty board. But if you manage to build them up and flip Caitlyn, you’ll definitely go out with a bang. 😉

Augmented Clockling

augmented clockling lor card

Zap Sprayfin has always been a solid card, and now PnZ gets their own version with Augmented Clockling? While there is the ability to manipulate what Zap draws during deck building, it is limited to spells. Augmented Clockling gets a built-in Time Trick, WITH cost reduction. All of that alongside a 2/2 Elusive body. This card is very good!

On top of that, we now have access to another Predict card in PnZ. Perhaps we’ll be a bit closer to playing Ekko without being locked into Shurima? That being said, it does compete in the 4-slot, but it’s probably good enough anyway.

Of all the reveals so far, this is definitely the one that will see a lot of play.

Secret Keeper

secret keeper lor card

Of all the meme epics, this may be one of the more playable ones. While a three mana 2/4 is far from good, it’s at least playable and can hold off aggression.. And that’s something you’d want to do in order to buy time to find these champions!

Since we know they’re guaranteed to be at the bottom, we’ll obviously need Predicts and other shuffle effects to help reach them sooner. However, if Entreat is still in the format, we could actually build a deck with zero champions. Then once we play Secret Keeper, Entreat will immediately draw one of them.

Is that good? Unlikely. Is it fun? Absolutely. Don’t forget, just because you get the champion in hand doesn’t mean you can even play them. Also, champions’ synergistic nature means that a lot of level two champs just won’t really do anything for you. But that’s certainly not gonna stop me from jamming some silly games with this!

Fallen Sands General

fallen sands general lor card

How much power would this card need to be worth including? Would we play it if it were an 8/7? Probably not.. 9/7? Eh, maybe?

Consistency matters a lot, and there’s gonna be a lot of games where Fallen Sands General doesn’t even make it to 7/7. We know Irelia is rotating, so Azir and the Sand Soldiers are going to need a new path to victory. But unless we can reliably push Fallen Sands General towards 10/7 or better, it’s likely not worth it.

Carved Bladetwirler

carved bladetwirler lor card

The obvious card this resembles is Fae Bladetwirler, which is a pretty strong card that’s really only held back by its archetype. Carved Bladetwirler’s advantage is that Augment is significantly easier and more cost efficient to activate than stunning a unit.

That said, the growth happens at a much slower pace of one power per trigger instead of two. Fae Bladetwirler also gets extra points because stuns remove blockers, thus allowing Fae Bladetwirler to naturally apply pressure.

Carved Bladetwirler seems pretty decent with cards like Yordle Squire, but even then you aren’t getting the stats out of it until turn three. That’s too much time for a mediocre payoff.

Pie Toss / Perilous Pastry

pie toss lor card

Wow, this is one of the best “pings” we’ve ever seen. Blade’s Edge has already seen play, and this is just a straight-up upgrade. This is what Death Ray wanted to be.

perilous pastry lor card

It’s two spells in one without clogging up your deck, because Perilous Pastry immediately goes to hand. It’s also not even Fleeting!? This would still be solid if it were, but as it exists, Pie Toss looks very good. It’s even a slow speed, two mana, deal two, if you need it to be. Definitely a Bandle City staple moving forward.

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