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Forces From Beyond Impressions: Evelynn

Forces From Beyond Impressions LoR Spoilers Day 7: Evelynn

Hey everyone NicMakesPlays here.

Today I’m going to go over Evelynn and the final day of reveals!

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evelynn level 1 lor card

Evelynn is the centerfold of her deck, the Husk archetype, and has her own deck-building rules as a Runeterran champion. She allows you to add cards in your deck from any region that summon a Husk.

agony's embrace lor origin

On summon, Evelynn summons a Husk, and when an ally Husk is destroyed, she gains their keywords and levels up. Evelynn boasts a powerful +5 attack stat when leveling up and summons a Husk on Round End. If 6+ allies have not died in this game she transforms back to her level one form.

evelynn level 2 lor card

Once she’s leveled in the mid-late game and you have slain 6+ allies she is a hub for all of the keywords, stats and becomes an unstoppable force. Evelynn utilizes the Husk package more than any other card and is extremely hard to beat once she gets rolling.

Last Caress

evelynn's last caress lor card

last caress lor card

Evelynn’s champ spell is a perfect fit for her. Last Caress stops any spell or skill that targets her then also strikes an enemy. This card is a huge tempo swing because it not only keeps her alive, but helps remove enemy units as well. The strike for Last Caress can also work well with her keywords such as Fury and Impact.


sultur lor card

Sultur is a solid 1/3 blocker that summons a Husk. This card is important because the Husk are immobile, so you need other blockers to hold down the field. Sultur allows you to trade in the early game while also summoning a Husk to accelerate Evelynn.


vora lor card

Vora is similar to Sultur in that she’s a unit that summons a Husk. Vora costs 3 but has a 3/2 statline so she can trade much better into higher health units and apply more pressure. These units that summon Husks are pivotal for Evelynn decks to hold down the field while generating more Husks to level Evelynn.


steem lor card

Steem is a much higher-cost unit that summons a Husk, but boasts a 6/5 statline and Scout. Ultimately, Steem is not needed since he comes into the game much later when you’ve already wanted to level Evelynn. Steem is still a solid card overall though and gives Evelynn decks some more top-end.


solitude lor card

Solitude is great in the Evelynn decks because it gives all your Husks more value. The entire Evelynn deck is based around creating Husks and granting Evelynn random keywords. Solitude not only creates a Husk but gives it more keywords on top of this. This will greatly accelerate Evelynn’s ability to gain random keywords and become an unanswerable threat.


domination lor card

Domination summons a random Husk and grants all 1 cost allies +1/0 when they are summoned. Domination is huge for Evelynn decks since she increases the attack stat that every Husk will give to Evelynn. This will greatly buff Evelynn’s damage output alongside every other unit you play. Domination could also be splashed in Azir Irelia to buff the Blades and Sand Soldiers.

Hate Spike

hate spike lor card

Hate Spike is a generically decent card that can help remove units, summons Husks and make use of units such as Fading Icon and Cursed Keeper. Hate Spike is also can be splashed in Slay decks such as Nasus Thresh and They Who Endure. A lot of Evelynn decks won’t use this because it can be bricky, and it’s redundant because the Husks are already easy to pop.


allure lor card

Allure is another spell based around the Husk archetype. Overall this card may be unnecessary since your units can just summon Husks. One thing that is good about Allure is that you can use it at Focus speed then summon Evelynn immediately after. I wouldn’t be surprised if people splashed 2 Allure in Evelynn decks for the flexibility.

Bonus Deck: Kuvira’s Evelynn Monkey

kuvi evelynn monkey lor deck


[See Evelynn Monkey deck details]

The most exciting and unique deck I’ve seen so far for Evelynn is Kuvira’s Evelynn Monkey’s deck. This deck has no problem racking up tons of dead allies to keep Evelynn leveled, Taskmaster buffs all the Husks, and can get Evelynn leveled fast in no time. Give it a shot!

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