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Forces From Beyond Impressions: Day 6 Variety Pack

Forces From Beyond Impressions LoR Spoilers Day 6: Variety Pack

Hey everyone Kuvi here, for the sixth day of the new expansion Forces from Beyond.

After getting Gwen yesterday, we’re getting 6 variety cards from different regions today, mainly focusing on combo cards for PnZ and Bilgewater. Let’s get started right away!

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Evil Imperfectionist

evil imperfectionist lor card

Evil Imperfectionist is a 4 mana 4/4 from PnZ with a very interesting effect. On play, you can pick a card in hand to create 4 copies of in your deck and reduce their cost by 1.

This is very similar to Practical Perfectionist and is in line with PnZ’s overall flavor of copying cards like Counterfeit Copies.

First of all 4 health and 4 attack worth of stats for 4 mana is really good, This means it can be played on 4 without worrying about any type of tempo loss.

The effect is also very strong, it’s mainly designed for combo decks but it does an amazing job in already existing decks like Ekko Zilean and Go Hard PnZ.

I personally can’t wait to see the new infinite combos and crazy synergies this card can create.

Salvaged Scrap

salvaged scrap lor card

Salvaged Scrap is a 2 mana burst speed spell for PnZ. It’s a discard spell that’s very similar to rummage but much more interesting. Instead of drawing two cards from your deck, you’re discarding up to 2 cards to generate that many followers with costs higher than the discarded cards by 1 and reduce their cost by 1.

Basically, if we discard a Draven’s Axe and a Flame Chompers, we’re generating two random followers from our regions, one that costs 1 mana (since Axe is 0 mana) and one that costs 3 (since Flame Chompers is 2 mana) THEN we’re discarding both followers’ costs by 1, making the 1 cost follower 0 and 3 cost follower 2.

Salvaged Scrap is a very strong card, it shines in decks like PnZ/Noxus that can generate a lot of discard targets like Draven’s Axe, Lost Soul, Reborn Grenadier, Fallen Rider etc…

It’s a very flexible effect that can fit in multiple archetypes, mostly decks that generate discard fodder.

Like Practical Perfectionist, I can’t wait to see what crazy combos people come up with involving this card.

Ransom Riches

ransom riches lor card

This one’s probably my favorite card revealed today. Ransom Riches is a 1 mana burst speed spell that manifests a follower you can afford. A very simple effect but very unique and powerful.

The first thing that comes to mind is Coral Creatures and Wiggly Burblefish, and yes if you think this card is a buff to TF Nami you are totally correct.

Ransom Riches can generate followers from any region. It can be played early to create a cheap blocker or even late to look for late-game finishers.

The best home for this card is in Curious Shellfolk decks since when you cast this card with a Shellfolk on the board, you manifest two followers instead of 1 and you reduce one of them’s cost by 1 which represents a lot of generated value.


swindle lor card

Swindle is another burst speed spell for Bilgewater, for 2 mana it manifests a non-champion card from the opponent’s hand and creates a copy of it, when you plunder this card it costs 1 instead.

Every card in the game has a base value (value floor) and Max value (value ceiling), this card’s worst-case scenario is generating 1 card for 1 or 2 mana which isn’t bad. On the other hand, its max value is very high. Getting a card from the opponent’s hand and being able to see 3 of their cards without them knowing which ones were seen or the card that was chosen is a big competitive advantage.

Bilgewater doesn’t have good ways to interact with the opponent’s board, this card can provide that by stealing one of the opponent’s removal cards for example.

Swindle fits best in Shellfolk decks and Bilgewater decks that want to play slow. Bilgewater/SI Keg control is a good example of that.

Glory’s Call

glory's call lor card

Glory’s call is another 6 mana burst speed Shurima spell. This one isn’t meant to work with landmarks but rather synergize with Ascended champions Azir, Xerath, and Renekton. It manifests a card from the emperor’s deck that costs 9 or less, Glory’s Call costs 2 less for each Ascended unit that was played in this game.

Unfortunately, this card doesn’t fit in Mono Shurima decks since they don’t need more value after they’ve leveled Xerath and Azir, in fact, the main goal of that deck is to survive until they get the emperor’s deck, after that happens the game is usually already won.

Glory’s Call can be played outside of mono Shurima in a possible Jayce archetype that could utilize the 6 mana to get 2 cards from the emperor’s deck which is a least a little more value.

I don’t expect this card to see play at all sadly.

Sneezy Biggledust

sneezy biggledust lor card

Sneezy Biggledust is the new wide board payoff for Bandle City. it’s a 4 mana focus spell that gives +1/+1 to all allies or +2/+2 if they were created.

This is a very interesting card that can be compared to Yordle In Arms, but instead of working in a deck that has multi region followers, it’d be best played in decks that generate a lot of create units.

PnZ/Bandle City swarm with Lulu is a great example of a deck that can use this card really well. You can swarm the board with Flame Chompers and Daring Poros from Poro Cannon to play Sneezy Biggledust before a very powerful open attack.

I expect this card to have a lot of competitive potential, mainly with Faes, PnZ, and Yordles.

Bonus Deck: Sneezy Biggledust Chompers

Here’s an example of a solid deck that utilizes everything I said about Sneezy Biggledust

sneezy biggledust chompers lor deck


[See Sneezy Biggledust Chompers deck details]

I hope you guys liked this card reveals analysis article, my DMS are always open if anyone wants to discuss what’s written in this article or anything LoR related!

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