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7 Forces From Beyond Decks Worth Trying

Forces From Beyond Deck Drop

The kickoff of the new expansion means new deck ideas and archetypes for all.

I’m Jordan “WhatAmI” Abronson and no one is happier than me to jump-start World Walker.

Let’s check out seven new and/or improved plans to play on ladder as the season opens.

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1. Radiant Evolution

Radiant Evolution (LoR Deck)


[See Radiant Evolution deck details]

This has got to be the number one break-out deck of our format so far. Kai’Sa is an absolute monster, potentially ending games as early as turn five if the stars align to grant her the perfect set of keywords.

Scout, Quick Attack, Challenger, Spellshield, and Overwhelm are a pretty unreasonable combination to happen ever in a game, let alone that early. And that’s before you even get into the punishing Anivia-Esque power her leveled form generates.

Worse than that though, this isn’t even really a combo deck. It can happily play midrange interaction games and slam Void Abomination on eight to clean up the game. All in all, this is the first deck to beat this expansion.

2. Sand Dance

Sand Dance (LoR Deck)


[See Sand Dance deck details]

If you do want to beat it though, old-school public enemy number one has been slowly getting the life pumped back into it and is finally ready to take center stage once more. That’s right, the blade dances are back folks, everybody run and hide.

The primary power leap here is the new Domination. Acting as an admittedly easy to remove, but extremely mass buff anthem effect in this deck, pumping all of your blades and soldiers for as little as three mana.

Beyond that, you can occasionally high roll your husk keywords to do some pretty unreasonable things. Adding health to either of your champions is bad enough, but Irelia with Challenger, or perhaps an Azir that gets Elusive?


This deck does the same things it always did and will have many of the same strengths and weaknesses. It doesn’t look to be quite as oppressive as it was the last time around but only time will tell whether it has been pushed back into the limelight or over the brink.

3. Holy Spiders

Holy Spiders (LoR Deck)


[See Holy Spiders deck details]

Continuing our lovely little meta-cycle here, if you have sand soldier phobia then the old school arachnid burn is a great place to turn. Even better this deck that’s been around since the very beginning is getting one of its first major updates.

Gwen’s direct nexus drain and her follower’s ability to pump the hard-to-block Fearsome swarm units are finally enough of a boon for this aggro burn deck to bother playing a second champion. Even when you can be blocked a stray Spiderling becoming a real damage threat is always nice.

There’s not much to say about this deck that hasn’t already been said as it is one of our most ancient competitors. Count carefully, look for every potential point of damage, and always remember that face is the place for those powerful burn spells.

4. Shining Tentacles

Shining Tentacles (LoR Deck)

[See Shining Tentacles deck details]

This is a bit sideways from all the rest but does some quite powerful things in its own right. This deck was already starting to show some seriously powerful results at the end of last season.

Simple slamming your opponent with giant tentacle units over and over until they fall is a recipe for success in many a matchup. Quite often this deck’s units simply get too large too fast for damage or unit-based removal to keep up with.

The issues this deck occasionally had were that it was a touch lacking on the interaction front, and outside of the occasional rally, there were some significant issues closing games. Luckily new card Riptide Sermon has those bases covered quite nicely.

Four damage is an awful lot in our game and it will remove most midsized units right off the board. It will do so while generating tentacles for tempo and power, and adding that little bit of burn you need to finish off the game.

Give it a try and swing for the fences.

5. Trashy Husks

Trashy Husks (LoR Deck)


[See Trashy Husks deck details]

Of all the new champions, Evelynn seems to be the one that is having the most difficult time finding a home of her own. I suppose being the Runeterran champion of this expansion that makes a certain amount of sense, but still, we’ve got to try.

In this deck, we’re doing a couple of different powerful things.

First, once Yordle Captain or Poppy is in play your husks will start to get huge, making any unit that comes down on top of them into an absolute monster.

Second, and perhaps more importantly, playing Stress Defense on a Husk will cause the unit that eats it to permanently gain those stats. Yeah, that’s right, 3|9 Poppy with a random keyword before attacking turn four is a real thing this deck does.

Of course, if you are starting to get gassed and pure unit spam isn’t cutting it then the deck’s namesake comes into play.

Hit the ten mana roulette button that is Treasured Trash and see what nonsense pops out this time. Almost no game state is truly lost while the trash is on the stack.

6. Stun Time

Stun Time (LoR Deck)


[See Stun Time deck details]

New stun support came out, that must mean it is time for a Yasuo deck to finally make it into the coveted halls of tier one, right, right? Well, I don’t know if I’d go that far, but I do think this is the most powerful this deck has ever been.

New Yasuo boat Windswept Hillock is a huge boon to this archetype. With six copies of Yasuo now in your deck, you can consistently get this game-shifting champion both into play and leveled. This shores up one of the old weaknesses of this deck, mainly, what if we don’t draw Yasuo?

However, it also combos impressively well with Katarina. A leveled Katarina will, due to Windswept Hillock’s wording, re-trigger its stun clause at burst speed every time she comes down.

With a Yasuo in play, this will quickly demolish your opponent’s board. Even without one, you can often stun enough units in a turn to force through some dangerous or even potentially lethal attacks. Two oft-overlooked champions are finally teaming up to take on the big leagues. Go Yasu-Kat!

7. Yordle Dust

Yordle Dust (LoR Deck)


[See Yordle Dust deck details]

Last, but not least, is a solo Lulu deck in the same style as many of the Lulu/Flame Chompers decks that have come before it. Make large boards, buff them for tempo and damage, and then burn out the unwary opponent.

Scarier than that you can even occasionally outvalue people. Against midrange decks that try to keep up with you sometimes all it takes is a good Ferros Financier hit to send the game right over the edge into pain town, population them.

The other big change is that unlike old-school Yordles In Arms that played at slow speed and let your opponent react, Sneezy Biggledust works at focus.

That means that if you start the turn with any kind of board that board can get supersized at the drop of a hat.

Withering Wail and the like might still be quite solid cards against this deck, but they are no longer the instant lose buttons they used to be simply by existing. Now the control deck has to play proactively or risk getting its toys taken away.

To build your own deck, head to our Deck Builder.

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