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Domination Impressions: Vayne

Domination Impressions LoR Spoilers Day 7: Vayne

They say to save the best for last. I’m Jordan “WhatAmI” Abronson and today we are dropping some absolutely legendary final day reveals.

If you want power, precision, and synergy, then you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s check out our final day of Darkin Saga spoilers.

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vayne level 1

Holy infinitely rallying nonsense batman. If you thought that a leveled Katarina was a problem wait till you get a load of Demacia’s newest powerhouse.

Coming down on turn three with enough stats to clog the board and make her difficult to remove, Vayne immediately generates value and presents threats.

vayne level 2

If you happen to successfully level her than the hits just start coming faster and faster. Her kit is extremely thematic as there is simply no escape from a powered-up Vayne.

She will hunt you down wherever you try to run attacking over and over again until you simply cannot defend any longer.


This card is going to be a nightmare to defend against for any control deck, and plenty of midrange piles will have problems as well.

I am confident in saying that we are witnessing the arrival of Demacia’s new premier champion, and possibly one of the defining cards of our new meta game.



vayne's condemn

At six mana this card is practically unplayable. Its floor is a significantly worse concerted strike that sits in your hand and mocks you for including it in your deck. That said, the ceiling is absolutely bonkers.
Hate spike reminds us that one mana removal is pretty nuts even on a small scale. This card will be active a significant amount of the time in any deck that wants it. Vayne, Scout, or even an old-fashioned Rally will get it done. Deck space will be an issue, but this looks like a potential powerhouse removal tool for Demacia.

Fish Fight

fish fight

Depending on the amount of equipment you can slot into your deck this card could be significantly worthwhile. Also, a nice way to get a premium equipment onto your intended target without having to sacrifice the unit it is currently attached to.

This also calls out to me as a solid way to turbo-level Kayne. A champion who desperately needed some worthwhile ways to accelerate his gameplan.

I don’t know if this will be enough, but it definitely pings my radar as something that is worth an attempt.

Steadfast Elkin

steadfast elkin

Tough in the early game is an absolutely brutal keyword to deal with.

This card can gain access to that effect and lock down the board as early as turn two or three, all while being a solid aggressive attacker. Aggressive Demacia is eating well today.

Zealous Ranger-Knight

zealous ranger-knight

War Chefs is turning in his grave. Two mana 2/3 is a premium early game stat line to lock down a board, and later in the game in an equipment heavy deck this can do a solid impression of a full board pump.

Seems like an immensely powerful inclusion in equipment based Demacia.

Widowed Huntress

widowed huntress

A small challenger unit for four mana that jumps an equipment onto itself from your hand? The effect is cute, but the mana point feels like it is unlikely to be sufficiently powerful in any deck that particularly wants to play it.

Faithful Wolfdog

faithful wolfdog

This effectively wants to be a one mana “pick up the dropped weapon and go fight with it” unit. Seems like solid support for a potential forge archetype, but probably not going to manage to make the cut in baseline Demacia midrange. Not unless we get significantly more equipment based.

Kind-Hearted Recruit

kind-hearted recruit

Brightsteel Formation got a baby brother and he is here to potentially wreak some havoc. My first thought here is to use these powerful new demacia equipment support cards to try to work with Jax. I don’t know if that will make the grade or not, but it’s an interesting idea at the least.

Bloodcursed Harpy

bloodcursed harpy

Six mana Demacia cards have some big shoes to fill. You have to contend with Cithria and Genevieve, two majorly powerful ladies. This card’s fortitude might give it a chance, but I’m not holding out any particular hope. Buffing your entire board and/or having access to challenger are really good effects.

Bonus Deck: Holy Tumble

holy tumble lor deck


[See Holy Tumble deck details]

What’s better than attacking a bunch of time in a row? That’s right, attacking a bunch of times in a row and getting stronger every single time you do it. Hallowed seems like a natural fit for Vayne and, as we’ve already seen from Gwen/Katarina, that archetype loves extra attacks.

Vayne herself will rarely be the target of tumble here, but she can definitely carry the banner if she needs to. The main plan is to try to get in with Gwen as often as possible, draining your opponent’s life away with each swing. We do have a few solid backups though.

Eternal Dancers has always shown through as Gwen 2.0 if you’ve left your leading lady at home or she’s been taken out of play. Multiple attacks with this card will end a game in short order. Beyond that Rekindler is a powerhouse, bringing back whatever part of the engine our opponent was able to stop.

This deck just keeps on coming in and should be a nightmare to deal with for any sort of control player. Midrange battles may prove to be a little bit trickier as we don’t exactly defend ourselves the best, but Condemn can help out with that at least a touch.

All in all, this deck looks like a blast to play and I’m looking forward to giving it a whirl in the next few days as we get access to all these cool new cards. I’ll see you all out there on the ladder, tumbling away.

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