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Domination Impressions: Day 3 Ionia + PNZ Variety Pack

Domination Impressions LoR Spoilers Day 3: Ionia and Piltover/Zaun Variety

Hey everyone NicMakesPlays here. Today we got a batch of Ionia and PNZ cards from the new set.

I’m going to go over the cards today and my predicted viability of them.

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The Witness

the witness

This card is amazing at being disruption and a 3/3 blocker for cheap. On offensive turns you can use spells to push and activate Flow. Then on your opponent’s turn you can play it to ruin their attack token/plays. This card is essentially an Ionian Arachnoid Sentry with an extra health.



Dragoncaller is a bit expensive although it does have a powerful effect. If you can continuously activate Flow each turn you get an Ephemeral 6/5 Elusive attacker on offensive, and one to block with on defense. The issue is in later turns Ionia usually has stronger strategies such as winning the game with a leveled Lee Sin or Karma. Ionia is also mostly good against removal and Dragoncaller gives them a good target for removal that isn’t proactive or winning them the game.

The Spirit of Wuju

the spirit of wuju

The Spirit of Wuju is a solid card to continue refueling your hand with spells while maintaining board presence. The ability to have a blocker for defense, and add a spell to your hand is very valuable for midrange Ionia decks such as ones that involve Viktor.

Viktor gives you cheap 0 mana spells and is a bit more unit based than other Ionia decks. This makes Spirit of the Wuju perfect for decks such as Viktor Karma or Viktor Lee.

Unworthy Soul

unworthy soul

Unworthy Soul gives Ionia yet another Recall spell for opposing Units or Landmarks. In the past cards such as Will of Ionia were in the best decks in the game, and currently Homecoming has been in the best decks in the game for multiple seasons such as Ahri Kennen and Nami Lee Sin.

Unworthy Soul is just a new take on these cards and is likely to be great if history repeats itself. Flow makes Unworthy Soul cost 2 less and it also destroys attachments before it does so. This card has both the bonus of potentially being cheaper than Will of Ionia/Homecoming and destroying attachments such as Equipment for certain metas.

The Darkin Harp

the darkin harp

The Darkin Harp can either give a unit +2/0 and Quick Attack or turn itself into Stryaatu. +2/0 and Quick Attack is great in PNZ for units such as Flame Chompers to rack up quick kills in the early game. Straatu is a strong 8/6 Quick Attack unit that can help you refuel and discount your hand in the late game.


The fact that Darkin Harp can be versatile as utility in the early game or late game makes it great because it’s consistently reliable. This card will shine particularly in decks that involve Flame Chompers such as Jinx Lulu.

Zaun Bouncer

zaun bouncer

Zaun Bouncer is perfect for Viktor decks to continuously refuel spell mana. Viktor’s Hexcore Upgrades cost 0 so you are able to reliably activate Flow.

While Viktor becomes a threat over time, you can use Zaun Bouncer to give you extra spell mana and interrupt the enemy strategy.

Bonus Deck: Harp Jinx Lulu



[See Harp Jinx Lulu deck details]

Jinx Lulu is perfect at using the new Equipment, The Darkin Harp. Jinx Lulu is a deck centered around buffing Flame Chompers to get easy kills in the early game and create board control. You can buff Flame Chompers with The Darkin Harp to give it Quick Attack so it can continuously rack-up kills throughout the game.

Boom Baboon gives you extra copies of Flame Chompers as well. After you dump your hand you can use Jinx or summon Styraatu from the Darkin Harp to refuel!

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