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5 Top Master Deck Recommendations for Climbing in LoR by Metaworldgaming (Patch 1.3)

Hey all! The following guest post is written by Juggernaught from Metaworldgaming, one of the content creators from the Mobalytics Partners Program. Be sure to give them a follow on their Youtube and Twitch channels. They’ll be sharing five decks that they recommend for climbing in the current LoR meta. Enjoy!

5 Meta Decks to Help You Climb in Legends of Runeterra Patch 1.3

Hey everybody, it’s Juggernaught from Metaworldgaming!

Metaworldgaming is a team of three seasoned card game veterans and real-life friends. We have competitive backgrounds in games such as Yu-gi-oh and Hearthstone to name a few.

We present an innovative content style that focuses on team content. Educating players comes first as 3 top-ranked masters play LoR with a fine-tooth comb and we make it a priority to verbalize all lines of play, reads, and thoughts to expose our audience to the highest level of gameplay.

With patch 1.2 in the rearview mirror and 1.4 on the horizon, we as players are finding ourselves in an awkward transition phase between content cycles. Fear not though, today I’m going to help navigate you through this upcoming week’s meta with the 5 best decks in Legends of Runeterra.

#5: Ledros Control

Let’s kick off this list with a deck we have been jamming on stream a ton, Corina, or as we have coined it “Ledros Control”. An archetype that has been abandoned since the nerfs to Brood Awakening and Vi has come back in roaring fashion with a bit of retooling.

ledros control metaworldgaming

The deck has furloughed it’s Spider Package which consisted of the previously mentioned Brood Awakening and Frenzied Skitterer in favor of a tool box approach with an array of spells accompanied by the duo of Chump Wump and Rummage.

[See Ledros Control deck details]

Chump Wump provides a solid body to contest the board as well as the two Mushroom Clouds which provide value in the form of discard fodder for Get Excited or Rummage as well the occasional damage.

chump wump jpg

It’s worth noting that when your opponent is at an even life total each Poison Puffcap deals an additional damage with Ledros due to his skill rounding up. For example, if you’re opponent draws a Puffcap at 20 health, taking them to 19, Ledros still deals 10 damage bringing your opponent’s total down from 10 to 9.

Although the namesake of the deck is all but absent at a single copy, Ledros takes the spotlight acting as the deck’s primary win condition.

commander ledros jpg

Many decks have utilized the Ledros with Atrocity combo, none do it quite as well as this deck. With access to that toolbox of spells and a strong finisher Ledros Control has made it’s presence known on the ladder.

#4 Elusive Variants: “Classic” Frey Elusives and Noxus Elusives

Our number 4 is actually 2 decks, the newer Noxus Elusives and the “Classic” Frey Elusives. Everybody remembers the Frey Elusives deck that plagued open beta.

classic elusives metaworldgaming

A tempo strategy with a nasty curve in Omen Hawk, Greenglade Duo, and Zed fully embraces the deck’s mechanic playing almost every elusive unit at its disposal (Silent Shadowseer and Yusari don’t count).

[See Classic Elusives deck details]

While the deck is mostly a hangover from beta it does have a new toy, Fury of the North. Fury of the North takes the place of Battle Fury, providing the same combat trick role at a much more reasonable cost.

fury of the north jpg

Recently a variant has appeared in the wake of Noxus/Piltover’s demise which salvages the Noxus cards from the ashes of the “aggro burn” deck and combines them with the Ionia Elusive Skeleton creating one of the best aggro decks in the current meta.

noxus elusives metaworldgaming

One of the shortcomings of its predecessor is the lack of reach, or burn.

[See Noxus Elusives deck details]

A single Decimate is usually enough to secure a victory, but just in case it doesn’t the deck has a stacked arsenal with 3 copies of Decimate, Noxian Fervor, Crimson Disciple, Imperial Demolitionist, and Legion Grenadier each.

decimate jpg

Both are equally great decks, you can decide for yourself which variant is better suited for your particular needs.

#3 Endure SI

Shadow Isles/Endure is our list’s 3rd best deck. This deck is familiar to those who played in beta, however, it’s significantly different than back in April.

endure si metaworldgaming

Similar to the evolution of Corina Control, Endure has shed the weight of cumbersome Spider or Mistwraith packages embracing a sacrificial unit strategy heralding Kalista as the new champion.

[See Endure SI deck details]

New additions such as Cursed Keeper, Neverglade Collector, and Blighted Caretaker complement each other and allow for Goliath sized They Who Endures to have game-altering impacts upon summoning.

neverglade collector jpg

With fewer Ionia decks seeing play recently, namely Will of Ionia, Endure is primed to continue its success into this upcoming week.

#2 MF/Sejuani

Sejuani has been the toast of the town ever since patch 1.2. She has been the champion of many popular decks such as Swain/Sej or Ashe/Sej, however neither stack up in comparison our number 2 slot, Miss Fortune Sejuani.

mf sejuani metaworldgaming

Walking in the footprints of the forgotten midrange Demacia decks Mf/Sej recaptures the essence of that deck with well-stated units and augments Demacia’s previous card advantage deficiencies with the much-hated “klepto” kit.

[See MF/Sejuani deck details]

Whether you call it “klepto” or “yoink” or “pilfer”, the unholy trinity consists of Black Market Merchant, Pilfer Goods, and Yordle Grifter.

black market merchant jpg

As if this wasn’t agonizing enough it play 3 copies of Riptide Rex to boot, ensuring your opponent is on tilt.

#1 Heimer/Vi

If you’re even a casual observer of Metaworldgaming you know what our number one spot is. Of course, it’s Heimerdinger! Heimerdinger is still going strong with Vi after dumping Karma at the beginning of The Rising Tide.

heimer vi metaworldgaming

Despite the nerf to Vi, she has still proven herself as worthy of a champion slot. While her stats are not as gaudy compared to her pre-nerf state Vi still provides plenty of trading value on board. For the rest of the deck not much has changed.

[See Heimer/Vi deck details]

Deny has felt less useful as many of the meta decks favor burst spells, giving way to flex spots. Concussive Palm, in particular, is worth an extra glace because of its interaction with Solitary Monk.

concussive palm jpg

Perhaps Heimerdinger will be addressed in patch 1.4, but until then he is still the king of Legends of Runeterra.

And that concludes Metaworldgaming’s top 5 best decks in Legends of Runeterra. Please comment, like, and subscribe to the channel for all the latest and greatest from the boys. Feel free to check out our stream on Twitch every day from 10 PM to 4 AM EST. Thank you and see you in the next article.