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LoR Deck Guide: Udyr Viktor

How to Play Udyr Viktor

Hey guys NicMakesPlays here.

Today I’m going to go over the Udyr Viktor deck I’ve been using for the new patch.

This deck is insanely powerful and a ton of fun, stick around to learn how to play it!

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Udyr Viktor (LoR Deck)


[See Udyr Viktor deck details]

Goal of Deck and Mulligans

The goal of this deck is to set up with Starlit Seer and Ballistic Bot to start buffing your units and generating created cards. You can then summon Viktor or Udyr to start buffing as win cons. The deck is easily able to make multiple 10+ stat units with keywords so your opponent can’t keep up.

Udyr Viktor (LoR Mulligan)

In this deck, you want to mulligan for Starlit Seer, Ballistic Bot, and Viktor. Starlit Seer starts buffing all your units early to dominate the mid-late game, Ballistic Bot and Viktor can keep giving you spells/generated cards to trigger their Augment and work with Starlit Seer. Iron Elixir is also good protection in the early game because it’s so cheap.

Starlit Seer / Ballistic Bot

Starlit Seer (LoR Card)Ballistic Bot (LoR Card)

Starlit Seer and Ballistic Bot are your two 1 drops that get your engine going. Starlit Seer buffs the unit on top of your deck +1|+1 every time you play a spell. This is extremely easy to do in this deck with Ignition, Hexcore Upgrade, and cheap spell like Elixir of Iron.

Since you generate spells each turn, Starlit Seer gets tons of value over the game and easily can make a unit +10|+10. Ballistic Bot gives you an Ignition each turn. The Ignition can help buff units with Starlit Seer, trigger his Augment, and help level Viktor.

Vulpine Wanderer / Ferros Financier

vulpine wanderer (lor card)ferros financier (lor card)

Vulpine Wanderer and Ferros Financier can both help you refuel. Vulpine Wanderer gives you a Stance Swap. The Stance Swap gives you multiple options which can be catered to the situation. The Stance Swap also helps level Udyr and costs 0 if you have Hyara Allseer. Ferros Financier has an amazing pool of cards for Frejlord Pnz. You can get Give it All to make all your units gain the keywords/stats of your buffed units, Shaman’s Call to get two 0 mana Stance Swaps, or Progress Day to refuel.

Viktor / Udyr

Viktor level 1 (LoR Card)

Viktor and Udyr are your champions of the deck. Viktor continuously generates Hexcore Upgrades which synergize greatly with the deck. They give you spells to buff your Augment units or with Starlit Seer. Viktor can give himself a plethora of keywords such as Elusive and Spellshield, these synergize greatly with the Stances because they make him a great buff target. Udyr easily levels in this deck and also helps level Viktor too.

With Vulpine Wanderer, Inner Beast, Hyara Allseer, and himself there are tons of ways to generate Stance Swaps. You can quickly level him, give him Overwhelm and he becomes yet another win con of the deck.

Nyandroid / Hyara Allseer

Nyandroid (LoR card)Hyara Allseer (LoR Card)

Nyandroid is a great buff target in this deck. Nyandroid can regularly come out as a 3|5 or stronger due to Starlit Seer. Nyandroids Augment can rack up his attack quickly and he has a high health stat so his Elusive damage is hard to stop. Hyara Allseer makes the first Stance Swap you use cost 0 each round. This is amazing at racking up Udyr levels and getting tempo off saving 3 mana each Stance Swap. With Hyara Allseer you can easily buff Udyr and create tons of buffed units your opponent can’t deal with.

Elixir of Iron / Troll Chant

Elixir of Iron (LoR Card)Troll Chant (LoR Card)

Elixir of Iron and Troll Chant are two of your protection cards in the deck. Elixir of Iron only costs 1 mana so it’s very efficient in the early game to protect your units, stabilize the board, and trigger Starlit Seer. Troll Chant can weaken an enemy unit while also giving +0|2 to one of yours.

You can use this to make certain one of your units won’t die in combat by weakening its blocker while also making itself bulkier. You can also use this to buff one of your units while you block, and weaken another attacker so you can get two combat trades for one card. This allows you to easily stabilize the board in the mid game and take control of the game from there.

Good Matchups

This deck is great against any Midrange deck because they won’t be able to deal with all the high stats and different keywords of your units. If you do the regular gameplan of Starlit Seer, Ballistic Bot, and Viktor in the early game → Udyr in the late game you should win. Starlit Seer buffs your threats so they don’t have great attacks, Ballistic Bot continuously gives you spells to level Viktor and buff your units, while Viktor is the perfect buff target to stack buffs on due to his keywords and Augment and then he wins you the game.

Bad Matchups

This deck has a weak matchup against Aggro but there are plenty of things to do to help it. Thermogenic Beam can be used to kill a 1 drop such as Legion Saboteur to stop the early pressure, Elixir of Iron can be used to win an early game trade, and Troll Chant can help stabilize the board and you can control the game from there.

Tech Choices

This deck can cut Thermo Beam, a Nyandroid, an Elixir of Iron, or a Ferros Financier.

Forge Chief – This card is great at getting ahead of mana and giving you another blocker against Aggro.

Omen Hawk – This card is great at buffing your units early and giving you more early game blockers.

Shaman’s Call – This card is great at giving you more 0 mana Stance Swaps to level Udyr quickly and beef up your units.

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