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LoR Deck Guide: Treasured Trash Stress Testing

How to Play Treasured Trash Stress Testing

Treasured Trash is a meme card that can produce the most incredible turns. It fills your hand with 0 cost fleeting cards and allows you to play 3 of them that turn.

However, there is a way to preserve these fleeting cards with Stress Testing. This allows your next turn to be more impactful when you can play multiple 0 cost cards as well.

This deck isn’t competitive, but it does allow for some amazing outcomes. For instance, I once won by getting Bandle Tree from Treasured Trash and playing other 0 cost regional cards to level up The Bandle Tree. It was awesome!

Being able to pull cards from multiple regions allows you to play 3+ color combos in a game mode that doesn’t allow that outside of creation cards that Bandle City thrives in such as Loping Telescope.

Silverfuse's Treasured Trash Stress Testing Update (LoR Deck)


[See Silverfuse’s Treasured Trash Stress Testing Update deck details]

Goal of Deck

The goal of this deck is to see some of the most whacky card combinations that Legends of Runeterra have to offer through playing Treasured Trash. You can also get additional value through playing Stress Testing.

This means on turn 8 with 3 banked mana you can play Treasured Trash and Stress Testing so that you can overwhelm your opponent with value on turn 8. Sometimes, you might even be lucky enough to get OTK combos such as Dreadway and Ledros together.

One time I played 4 Treasured Trashes in one game! You can check that out here:


The early game is about stabilizing while trying to find your combo cards. Time Trick is a useful card to find Treasured Trash or Stress Testing. You will also be wanting to keep track of your hand size and get rid of as many cards as possible in preparation for Treasured Trash.

Treasured Trash fills your hand, so the more empty your hand is, the more cards you get. This means more opportunities for fun combos as well as Stress Testing getting more value as it is able to save more 0 cost cards that were once fleeing cards.


Otterpus works for just about any match as it gains value through the Prank. This can slow down your opponent’s aggressive start by delaying their control tools. Whichever it is, keeping Otterpus always feels valuable.

Fallen Feline is very strong in combination with Time Trick. This is why it is a keep in most cases especially against aggressive decks as it can trade with anything with 1 or 2 health.

Fallen Feline (LoR Card)Time Trick (LoR Card)

Conchologist is typically a keep against control lists as it gives you value and flexibility. It can find you an additional card draw for instance. It is also strong against aggressive opponents as it can find you more removal or defensive tools. Conchologist never feel bad to keep in an opening hand due to its insane flexibility and on-play value.

Conchologist (LoR card)

Loping Telescope is a similar story to this but a bit less flexibility than Conchologist as well as the one less point of health might not trade with some cards as well. It is an okay keep, but Conchologist is generally better in the early game due to the more consistent card pool.

Loping Telescope (LoR card)

Teemo is fine against control as it will always force removal out of their hand due to his Puffcap threat as well as them not knowing that you don’t have extra Puffcaps to follow up. Against aggressive decks, he isn’t as good but he is an okay blocker in the early game.

Kelp Maidens is stronger against control as it does force out removal and potentially give you multiple Pranks to slow down their removal.

It is okay against aggressive decks as well due to being an okay blocker and it can serve as an Elusive blocker.

Kelp Maidens (LoR card)

Group Shot is a card you will want to keep against aggressive opponents or decks that run Teemo or Zoe in them. Honestly, you can keep it against most decks due to having a large amount of versatility whether it is removing a 1 health unit or popping a barrier.

Aloof Travelers is terrible against aggro but it can be good against some control and combo decks. It depends on the deck. For example, playing it on turn 7 against a control deck can potentially pitch high-value cards such as Aurelion Sol, Arsenal, or other late-game finishers.

This isn’t typically a card I’d keep in hand with the exception of trying to combat a Lee Sin deck.

Ezreal is a card that you don’t want to keep in your starting hand, so make sure to toss him if you have him in your mulligan.

Silverfuse's Treasured Trash Stress Testing Update (LoR Mulligan)

For example with this hand against control, I’d keep Teemo and Telescope as I am looking for removal bait and value.

Against aggressive decks, I’d keep Fallen Feline and Telescope just has low-cost cards to block with. If they have Teemo such as a Teemo burn deck then I’d keep Teemo to trade with them as well.


This deck doesn’t have any strong matchups in particular as it is meant to meme. It has the best matchups against control decks as you can simply outvalue them with value cards such as Loping Telescope and of course Treasured Trash. I found that one of my best matchups is against Darkness due to being able to outvalue them.

It has a tough time against burn aggro as you don’t have your healing spells and burn makes it tough for you to live before your Treasured Trash Turn. However, if you can hold them off, you might be able to get some healing from Treasured Trash! You never know until you try!

Tech Choices

Thermogenic Beam: A flexible removal tool

Thermogenic Beam (LoR Card)
Station Archivist: If you need more value

Station Archivist (LoR card)
Aftershock: For landmark removal, especially if Bandle Tree is popular

Aftershock (LoR Card)

Gotcha: Additional unit removal

gotcha! lor
Pokey Stick: Strong card that has removal and draws. I currently don’t use it due to hand space issues.

Pokey Stick (LoR Card)

I love this deck! It’s so fun and every game feels a bit different due to being able to pick from a number of generated cards as well as the gambler’s high from playing Treasured Trash and seeing what you get!

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to ask Silverfuse during her streams (usually daily from 2-6PM CST).

Catch Silverfuse live at www.twitch.tv/silverfuse