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LoR Deck Guide: Thresh Nasus

LoR Deck Guide: Thresh Nasus

Hey guys, NicMakesPlays here and today I’m going to go over my Thresh Nasus deck that I climbed 1000 LP with in three days.

It’s a versatile deck that can play aggressively early on but still has a reliable late game win condition with Nasus.

I think this deck is one of the strongest decks in the game and I hope it can help you climb!

As usual with our deck guides, we’ll be covering the deck’s win condition, mulligans, matchups, tech choices, and more, so stick around!

NicMakesPlays 1000 LP Thresh Nasus (LoR Deck)


[See NicMakesPlays 1000 LP Thresh Nasus deck details]

Win Condition

This deck is pretty simple to execute and has a straightforward game plan.

You want to look for strong early game openings with Baccai Reaper + Cursed Keeper/Fading Icon + Caretaker/Butcher then finish off the game with Nasus.

Your expected turn to win the game is around turn 7 or 8.


In general, you want to mill for max damage but there are slight differences based on whether you’re going first or second.

Going first? Mulligan for Dunekeeper/Baccai Reaper + Cursed Keeper/Fading Icon + Caretaker.

NicMakesPlays 1000 LP Thresh Nasus (LoR Mulligan 1)

Going second? Look for Baccai Reaper (instead of Dunekeeper) and Ravenous Butcher instead of Blighted Caretaker.

NicMakesPlays 1000 LP Thresh Nasus (LoR Mulligan 2)

In the next section, I’ll explain why looking for these respective combos can help you really gain momentum early on.

Card Choices & Key Synergies

Baccai Reaper / Blighted Caretaker

Baccai Reaper (LoR reveal)Blighted Caretaker (LoR Card)
Baccai Reaper and Blighted Caretaker allow the deck to have insane early game damage output.

You can play Baccai Reaper on turn 1, Cursed Keeper/Fading Icon on turn 2, and Blighted Caretaker on turn 3 to push for 12 damage on turn 2.

If the Saplings get any kills then Baccai Reaper gets stronger for mid/late game too as well as buffing Nasus for when you play him.

Cursed Keeper / Ravenous Butcher

When going 2nd, Cursed Keeper/Fading Icon into Ravenous Butcher is extremely powerful.

If you go Baccai Reaper into Cursed Keeper into Ravenous Butcher then you are pushing 9 damage on turn 2.

If they block a unit then Baccai Reaper gets bigger for the mid/late game and it buffs Nasus when you play him later as well.

Atrocity / Nasus

Atrocity (LoR card)Nasus Level 1 (LoR reveal)

All the slays in the early game on your own and opponent’s units rack up so when it’s time to play Nasus he becomes huge.

If you attack with him for 10+ damage he levels up and grants himself Spellshield.

This Spellshield allows you to be safe when you Atrocity him into the enemy Nexus against Hush and other spells like Frostbites or Vengeance.

Atrocity-ing Nasus into the Nexus or attacking with Nasus are your main win-cons of the deck.

Spirit Leech / Baccai Sandspinner

Spirit Leech (LoR Card)Bacci Sandspinner (LoR Card)

Spirit Leech and Baccai Sandspinners are your 4 drops of the deck.

As stated before this deck has amazing early game pressure but it does make you run out of cards fast in the mid-game.

Spirit Leech allows you to refuel right back into the game after you have a strong early game opening and you win from there from being so far ahead at the beginning while having fuel for the mid-game.

Baccai Sandspinner allows you to continue the early game pressure and remove one of their units, push for the game, and gain slay triggers to close out the game before your opponent can come back.

Vile Feast / Black Spear

Vile Feast (LoR Card)Black Spear (LoR Card)

Vile Feast and Black Spear are cheap versatile spells that allow you to combat many strategies.

Vile Feast can help against opposing aggressive openings to ensure you win the early game as well as removing Zoe.

Black Spear can answer big threats in the mid-game when your opponent tries to come back from the early game pressure.

Both of these cards also give you slay triggers for a bigger Nasus.

Good Matchups

This deck does extremely well into most of the field. The early game openings of this deck cannot be dealt with by most matchups and you win from there.

You do more damage output than Aggro with a much more stable mid-late game.

You pressure decks such as Demacia A-Sol and Deep too hard as well and it’s hard for them to come back into the game.

Overall, I designed this deck to do amazing against the entire field but is slightly weak to Trundle Lissandra Control.

The trade-off of cutting Rite of Negation for more consistency, consistent early game damage, and damage output allows you to beat just about everything if you mulligan properly.

Bad Matchups

The weakest matchup of this deck is Trundle Lissandra Control.

I traded off Rite of Negation for a stronger early-mid game as well as consistently.

This made the deck better overall and makes most matchups that were 50-50 to 55-45 as well as making winning matchups much more decisive.

I think the trade-off of making most even matchups favored makes this deck beat just about anything, which is worth it.

But without Rite of Negations, Trundle Lissandra Control has an easier time.

Your best bet to beat Trundle Lissanda Control is to keep Glimpse Beyond in the opening hand with your early game pressure.

Glimpse Beyond (LoR Card)

When they Vile Feast or Avalanche you can Glimpse Beyond to transition to the mid-game and try and finish them off with a leveled Nasus into Atrocity.

Thresh can also help if you stick it on the field when you have a lot of units so if they Avalanche or Blighted Ravine it levels and you can attack to summon Nasus from the deck.

Tech Choices

Rite of Negation

Rite of Negation (LoR Card)

  • You can add Rite of Negation to improve the Trundle Lissandra Control matchup but the deck is stronger overall against the field and more consistent if you go for consistency in the early-mid game.

Rite of Calling 

Rite of Calling (LoR reveal)

  • This is a good card to add extra triggers for Cursed Keeper and Fading Icon as well as search into Thresh/Nasus for the mid-game.

Stalking Shadows 

Stalking Shadows (LoR card)

  • Stalking Shadows can help search for Ravenous Butchers to make turns with huge damage output for double Butcher combos on Cursed Keeper/Fading Icon.
  • This deck also allows for more consistency, refuel into Spirit Leech to refuel again and dig for Nasus in the mid-game, and have access to Blighted Caretaker as well as all your other units for big pushes.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to ask NicMakesPlays during his streams (usually 6PM-1230AM EST).

Catch NicMakesPlays live at twitch.tv/nicmakesplays 6PM-1230AM EST