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LoR Deck Guide: Norra Lulu

How to Play Norra Lulu

Hey everyone NicMakesPlays here.

Today I’m going to go over what I think is the best deck for the new LoR exclusive champ, Norra!

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Norra Lulu (LoR Deck)


[See Norra Lulu deck details]

Goal of Deck and Mulligans

The goal of this deck is to swarm the field with created units such as Flame Chompers/Jury Rig. You can summon these for free by discarding them with Poro Cannon, you can buff them with Lulu for huge pressure and they also level Norra along the way.

The expected turn to win the game with this deck is turn 6-7 with Sneezy Biggledust.

Norra Lulu (LoR Mulligan)

In this deck, you want to mulligan for Lulu + Flame Chompers, and a way to discard the Flame Chompers such as Poro Cannon. This allows you to use Lulu to buff the Flame Chompers to a 4|4 Challenger and take control of the game early.

You can also keep Norra if you are attacking on turn 2 since she either creates a Mysterious Portal on your top 4 cards or forces removal.

Zaunite Urchin / Poro Cannon

Zaunite Urchin (LoR Card)Poro Cannon (LoR card reveal)

Zaunite Urchin and Poro Cannon are both cheap discard outlets. Zaunite Urchin can discard Flame Chompers to help level Norra, combo with Lulu, let you refuel, and give you an easy +1 in card advantage.

Poro Cannon discards Flame Chompers/Jury Rig as well and gives you two more created units. Discarding a Flame Chompers/Jury Rig fills up half of Norra’s level up condition for only 2 mana!

Boom Baboon / Flame Chompers

Boom Baboon (LoR card) Flame Chompers! (LoR Card)

Boom Baboon gives you extra copies of Flame Chompers to combo with. Flame Chompers has tons of roles in this deck. Flame Chompers gives you free fodder for discard effects, can combo with Lulu to become a 4|4 Challenger for removal and it levels Norra.

By running 3 copies of Boom Baboon and 3 copies of Flame Chompers you are maxing out your odds of winning the early game with Lulu + Chompers and quickly leveling Norra in the process.

Norra / Lulu

norra level 1 lor cardLulu level 1 (LoR Card)

Norra passively levels in the deck and then gives you a huge reward for it. Norra can attempt to swing as a 1/2 that puts Mysterious Portals in your deck if you have the attack token on turn 2.

Outside of Mystic Shot, many decks don’t have answers to this on turn 2 so that’s an easy way to get Mysterious Portals in your deck. Norra passively levels in the deck throughout the game when you summon units such as Jury Rig, Flame Chompers, and Daring Poros.

When leveled she summons cost followers instead which gives you a huge payoff. Lulu can buff Flame Chompers to remove units in the early game, and buff Elusive units such as Norra or Daring Poro to go for game.

Mystic Shot / Get Excited

Mystic Shot (LoR card)get excited! jpg

Mystic Shot and Get Excited both double as burn damage and removal. Mystic shot is a simple deal 2 for 2 mana. You can use this against common cards in the meta such as Jax, Katarina and Akshan.

Get Excited deals one more damage but also allows you to discard cards such as Jury Rig and Flame Chompers. Often times having the one extra damage from Get Excited is make or break.

Yordle Captain / Sneezy Biggledust

Yordle Captain (lor card)sneezy biggledust lor card

Yordle Captain and Sneezy Biggledust are two of your win cons in the deck. Yordle Captain allows you to buff all your units for a huge push and be more resilient to removal.

A lot of units in this deck such as Flame Chompers and Jury Rig can be summoned for free when discarded, so the turn Yordle Captain comes down is a huge tempo swing.

Sneezy Biggledust buffs your board when you are 6 wide to go for game. A plethora of units in this deck are created such as Flame Chompers, Jury Rig and Daring Poro’s so you can easily reap the +2|+2 buff.

Good Matchups

Good matchups for this deck are decks that can’t deal with early-game pressure. You regularly want to mulligan for Flame Chompers + Lulu to control the early game with the 4|4 Challenger.

If you are attacking on turn 2 then you can keep Norra in your mulligan as well to try and Nexus Strike and put Mysterious Portals in your deck.

Bad Matchups

This deck can struggle against Pirates since Miss Fortune and Make it Rain can clear a lot of your early game. Step 1 is to make sure you have a blocker for turn 1 so you don’t fall behind in tempo/Nexus health.

Step 2 is try and get Flame Chompers + Lulu together to gain board control. After that, you want to make sure you maintain board control while staying out of burn range.

Tech Choices

This deck can cut copies of Scrapheap, Byrd, and Jury Rig.

Groupshot – This card is great at dealing with early-game Aggro units to get ahead on board.

group shot (lor card)

Forge Chief – An alternative one drop to Byrd which can help get you ahead in spell mana.

forge chief (lor card resized)

Electro Harpoon – This card can act as removal, a discard outlet, and burn damage so it’s extremely versatile.

Electro Harpoon (LoR Card)

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