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LoR Deck Guide Nocturne Elise Fearsome

How to Play Nocturne Elise Fearsome

Hey everyone NicMakesPlays here.

Today I’m going to go over my Fearsome deck that works amazing with the new Nocturne buff!

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NicMakesPlays Fearsomes (LoR Deck)


[See NicMakesPlays Fearsomes deck details]

Goal of Deck and Mulligans

The goal of this deck is to deal tons of damage in the early game through the Fearsome keyword and then finish off the game with a leveled Nocturne. The expected turn to win the game with this deck is turns 6-7.

In this deck, you want to mulligan for a Fearsome for turns 2 and 3. If you already have a Fearsome for both of those turns, then you can mulligan for a 1 drop, Wraithcaller or Nocturne.

Mark of the Isles is great in this deck in case you miss your 1 drop, you can bank 1 spell mana for it later. If you are attacking on turn 3, then you can hold Stygian Onlooker for his Nightfall effect that turn.

NicMakesPlays Fearsomes (LoR Mulligan)

Precious Pet / Stygian Onlooker

stygian onlooker jpg

Precious Pet and Stygian Onlooker are two of your 1 drops in the deck. Precious Pet is your Noxus splash and allows you to start applying pressure early which benefits aggro decks.

This card also is generically good as a cheap Fearsome, helps level Elise, and benefits off Frenzied Skitterer. Stygian Onlooker is both a Nightfall unit and a Fearsome unit. You can save this card for its Nightfall effect to turn it into a 4|1 Fearsome unit for only 1 mana. Stygian also levels Nocturne when it attacks afterward since it’s a Nightfall unit.

Phantom Butler / Mistwraith

phantom butler lor cardMistwraith (LoR Card)

Phantom Butler is an extremely powerful 2 drop in this deck. First off, it’s a Fearsome so you can apply aggro pressure. Phantom Butler is also great at trading. Often times your opponent will play a 3 attack unit to block your Fearsomes, so you can lead with Phantom Butler.

If they block the Phantom Butler then the Hallowed keyword will buff your units the rest of the game, if they don’t block it then they take 3 damage. This makes Phantom Butler the correct unit to summon often in the early game since it trades the best out of your 2 drops.

Mistwraith is another 2 drop Fearsome in the deck and also one of the stars of the show. Mistwraiths buff other Mistwraiths everywhere when summoned, which can be done frequently throughout the game.

Mistwraiths themselves buff each other when summoned, Wraithcallers summon a Mistwraith as well, and you can find multiple Mistwraiths off of Stalking Shadows. Mistwraiths can easily get to 5+ attack damage in the late game, which packs a punch when combined with Fearsome.

 Elise / Nocturne

Elise level 1 (LoR Card)Nocturne 1 (LoR Card)

Elise and Nocturne are your Champions of the deck. Elise is the best 2 drop Fearsome in the deck. She has 3 health which is great for the early game and also summons a Spiderling whenever she attacks.

In the early game, Spiderlings can get massive value by whittling away the enemy’s health when they block, or even trading against decks that have 1 health unit. If they don’t deal with Elise she will continue to summon Spiderlings and get free value.

Elise can also level easily due to the addition of Precious Pet, and turn all your Spiders into Fearsome units with Challenger. This can either deal tons of damage or act as removal. Nocturne just got a huge buff and is why this deck is on a resurgence.

Nocturne now also levels when Fearsome units attack. This entire deck is based around attacking with Fearsome units so you can level him as early as turn 4. His level 1 form can give Vulnerable to an enemy Fearsome blocker to hook them out of the way, then -1|0 all other enemies for a huge Fearsome swing.

His leveled form can be used both offensively and defensively. Offensively you can summon units to lower the enemy blockers out of Fearsome range and go for game. Defensively, you can summon units to weaken the enemy’s attack.

Stalking Shadows / Doombeast

Stalking Shadows (LoR card nerfed)Doombeast (LoR card)

Stalking Shadows is your refuel of the deck and Doombeast is your reach. Stalking Shadows allows you to replenish your hand full of Fearsome units. You can get Doombeast to do burn damage, Stygian Onlookers to push damage for cheap, or Mistwraiths to buff each other.

Doombeast gives your deck burn reach after your opponent stabilizes and you need the finishing damage. You can duplicate Doombeast with Stalking Shadows and Fading Memories for more burn damage.

Fading Memories / Risen Mist

fading memories jpgRisen Mists (LoR Card)

Fading Memories and Risen Mists are two spells in the deck that give you a ton of utility. Fading Memories let’s you duplicate key units such as Skitterer to stop Fearsome blockers, Doombeast for Burn reach, and Mistwraith/Wraithcaller to buff your Mistwraiths.

Risen Mists allows you to go for huge damage with Burst speed open attacks. You can use Risen Mist as your first action to summon a Mistwraith and attack before your opponent can play a blocker. This is another way to easily finish the game.

Good Matchups

This deck has a great matchup against without many Fearsome blockers in the early game. You can keep your aggro pressure up by summoning Precious Pet on one and other Fearsome units on turn 2 and turn 3.

Mark of the Isles is great at protecting your units to push damage through removal. You can finish the game by going wider than them with Wraithcaller or weakening their board with Nocturne.

Bad Matchups

Hard matchups are decks with tons of Fearsome blockers such as Daybreak. Most Daybreak gain stat buffs or stun when they are the first card summoned each turn.

To play around with this you want to set up huge boards, then open attack as your first action before they can use a Daybreak effect.

Tech Choices

This deck can cut copies of Cithria, Relentless Pursuit, or Wandering Shepherd

Unto Dusk – This card gives you both draw power and the ability to activate Nightfall effects again.

Unto Dusk (LoR Card)

Boisterous Host – This card is another great one-drop that reliably allows you to mulligan for aggressive openings.

The Harrowing – This card gives you a top-end bomb that can win you the game when you run out of steam.
The Harrowing (LoR Card)

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