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LoR Deck Guide: Mono Evelynn

How to Play: Mono Evelyn

Hey everyone NicMakesPlays here.

Today I’m going to go over my Mono Evelynn deck.

This entire deck is centered around the new Champion Evelynn!

NicMakesPlays Mono Evelynn (LoR Deck)


[See NicMakesPlays Mono Evelynn deck details]

Goal of Deck and Mulligans

The goal of this deck is to consistently summon Evelynn on turn 4 and have her snowball the game from there. On turn 5 you can play Voice of the Risen to buff your board/Husks or Solitude to give extra keywords to all your Husks. The expected turn to win the game around turns 7-8 with a huge board buffed from Husks and Voice of the Risen.

NicMakesPlays Mono Evelynn (LoR mulligan)

In this deck, you always want to mulligan for Evelynn and a Husk generator for turn 3. If you already have both of these cards you can mulligan for Voice of the Risen for turn 5.

Against Midrange you can mulligan for Scrying Sands to make use of the mana you bank on turn 1. You can also keep Rite of Calling + Dunekeeper and Aspiring Chronomancer to add consistency on seeing Evelynn.

Sultur / Vora

sultur lor card

Sultur and Vora are two of your generic Husk generators of the deck. Sultur is amazing since he is the only 2 drop Husk Generator. If you are able to summon Husks as early as turn 2 then the game can start spiraling out of control in your favor.

Vora is a 3 mana Husk generator. Vora has a solid 3|2 statline for a Husk generator and can make solid use of other Husks due to her stronger stats. The earlier you can start playing Husks the better since they will work towards allies dying to level Evelynn.

Domination / Solitude

domination lor cardsolitude lor card

Domination and Solitude both generate Husks and have bonus effects. Domination gives all your 1 cost allies +1/0. This may sound small at first but it adds up in a major way. All of your Husks now gain attack which gets transferred to the new units you play and Dunekeepers/Sand Soldiers are also buffed for aggro pressure as well.

Domination is also key because she comes out on turn 3 right before Evelynn, to curve into her on turn 4. Solitude costs 5 which comes after Evelynn but grants all 1 cost units a random keyword.

This is particularly strong because all the Husks keywords go to Evelynn so she can start gaining too many keywords to deal with. On top of this, Solitude can give you access to the Lfiesteal keyword which is not in the Husks pool, and grant Dunekeeper/Sand Soldiers additional keywords too.

Evelynn / Voice of the Risen

evelynn level 1 lor card

Voice of the Risen (LoR Card)

Evelynn is the star of the show in the deck and what the whole deck revolves around. You want to make sure on turn 3 you play a Husk generator so you can immediately level her when she’s played on turn 4. Evelynn comes down as a 5/6 (+0/1 from Husk) on turn 4 with bonus keywords and continues to generate keywords the rest of the game.

This is insane tempo on turn 4 and the goal of the deck is to ride out that tempo the rest of the game and win. Voice of the Risen is effortless to activate in this deck since Evelynn levels up on turn 4. Voice of the Risen buffs all your Husks to 2/1’s which gives all your units huge attack stats, on top of Voice of the Risen buffing them +2/0 as well.

Ancient Hourglass / Rite of Negation

Ancient Hourglass (LoR Card)Rite of Negation (LoR Card)

Ancient Hourglass and Rite of Negation protect Evelynn to make her virtually unkillable. Ancient Hourglass can be used on Evelynn to protect her from removal such as Vengeance. It also creates huge mana swings when people use 6+ mana to kill Evelynn and you protect her with a 2 mana card.

Rite of Negation costs a bit more but is also more versatile. On top of being able to protect Evelynn, Rite of Negation also stops burn spells and other key spells such as Rally.

Quicksand / The Absolver

Quicksand (LoR Card)The Absolver (LoR Card)

Quicksand and The Absolver swing the entire game in your favor when used at a good time. Quicksand helps answer other units with tons of keywords such as Evelynn and Kai’sa.

Once you are both set up the difference in the game can be as simple as having Quicksand for enemy threats and hoping they don’t have one back.

It’s extremely easy to gain The Absolver’s bonus effect in this deck due to Evelynn leveling on turn 4. The Absolver buffs your units and can great Evelynn Overwhelm to close the game with relative ease.

Good Matchups

Good matchups for this deck are Midrange/Control decks where you can spiral the game out of control with Husks. To win these matchups consistently you just want to mulligan for a Husk on 3, Evelynn on 4, and if you already have both then Voice of the Risen on 5.

Against Midrange decks such as Demacia, it’s nice to have Scrying Sands to weaken their Challengers in the early game. Against Control decks, it’s nice to have Ancient Hourglass to protect Evelynn from removal spells.

Bad Matchups

This deck is weak against Aggro. To beat Aggro you want to make sure you have early game blockers such as Dunekeeper, Aspiring Chronomancer, and Sultur.

You can focus on keeping board control and also slowly working towards Evelynn. Scrying Sands also helps in the early game to gain a favorable trade and gain board control for only 1 mana.

Tech Choices

This deck can cut copies of Ruin Runner and The Absolver

Voidling – This card is great at Evolving quickly and also gets buffed by The Domination and Solitude.

voidling lor card

Supercharge – This card gives you another way to gain Overwhelm and Spellshield reliably.

supercharge lor card

Void Abomination – This card gives you another twin con for your opponent to deal with or you win the game

void abomination lor card

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