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LoR Deck Guide: Marai Greatmother Predict

How to Play Marai Greatmother Predict

Hi everyone, Silverfuse here. In this guide, we’ll be covering how to play Marai Greatmother Predict (stick around to the end for my video with VODs of me playing the deck!).

Marai Greatmother became an instant favorite for many players.

Her ability to shuffle five 6+ cost cards for only 3 mana is hilarious and makes every game feel exciting and different.

There are many ways to make it easier or even tutor Marai Greatmother cards.

marai greatmother (lor card)

Two of the most common ones are Zap Sprayfin with no other spells that are 3 or less mana.

The other is Scattered Pod which can be used to tutor a Slow Marai Greamother card if there are no other slow cards in the original deck.

Zap Sprayfin (LoR card)Scattered Pod (LoR Card)

This deck focuses less on tutoring Marai cards and focuses more on predicting them instead.

This allows you to filter through your deck effectively and find the cards you need to survive, win, or have more fun!

I have absolutely loved playing this deck, and I’m very excited to share this guide with you!

Marai Predict (LoR Deck)


[See Marai Predict deck details]

This deck is a midrange style deck that is doing its best to blow the opponent out of the water with a back-breaking Marai Greatmother card.

However, if this fails, it has the backup game plan of Gangplank and Dreadway as alternate win conditions.

Gangplank level 1 (LoR Card)

This allows the deck to be fully reliant on drawing Marai Greatmother and her created cards.

However, the ideal game plan remains the same, which is to find Marai Greatmother and find her created cards.

This deck has a few ways of doing this consistently. Let’s dive in.

How to get Greatmother cards:

There are a few ways to find Marai cards in this deck. The first way is by predicting the cards.

The deck has Time Trick and Practical Perfectionist in it which can find Greamother cards as well as shuffle more into the deck.

Time Trick (LoR Card)

This can also help your Zap Sprayfin odds. Speaking of Zap Sprayfin, let’s go over the card pool for this card. Even though there are a few 3 or less mana spells, this deck shines with the help of Zap Sprayfin.

Every hit in this deck from Zap is extremely powerful such as Make It Rain, Mystic Shot, Hexite Crystal from Fallen Feline, a Marai Greatmother card, or Time Trick. Time Trick can also be used to find a Greatmother card or others as well.

Make it Rain (LoR Card)

The final addition to finding Greatmother cards easier is Station Archivist. She looks at the top 5 cards of your deck and pulls the spells from them. Whichever you choose, you get a Fleeting copy of the spell for the round.

Station Archivist (LoR card)

She is useful for two reasons. First, she does not reshuffle your deck, so you can have a strong idea of what some of your top decks might be looking like and this can give you insight for your future turns.

Of course, in the process of showing the spells from the top 5 cards of your deck, she can show Marai Greatmother cards as well.

Overall, this deck doesn’t have enough spells in it for Station Archivist, but she is worth it when you have already played Marai Greatmother as she is another effective tool for finding those cards.


In the early game, you will be looking for Fallen Feline, Marai Greatmother, Make It Rain, and Black Market Merchant in most scenarios.

Marai Predict (LoR Mulligan1)

Against control decks, I will fully mulligan for Marai Greatmother. If I already have Greatmother in my starting hand, then I am looking for Zap or any of the predict cards: Time Trick and Practical Perfectionist.

Marai Predict (LoR Mulligan2)

Against aggressive decks, the lower cost cards become more important while Marai Greatmother becomes less important as you are more focused on not dying early rather than playing your value cards.


Your best matchups are control decks such as Darkness that don’t have a great way of pushing damage against you early.

Any deck trying to outvalue you, you have a better chance against it.

For bad matchups, most aggressive decks such as any deck with Poppy can make it tough for you as your defenses are low.

Tech Choices

Monster Harpoon

Monster Harpoon (LoR Card)

A higher cost removal spell that won’t interfere with Zap, but will give you a better way of dealing with must-answer cards such as Poppy.

Monkey Idol

Monkey Idol (LoR Card)

For some extra defense and if you are finding yourself winning with Gangplank more often.

Fortune Croaker

Fortune Croaker (LoR card)

For a little extra draw to find your key cards a bit easier.

This deck is a blast to play and can cause some of the most hilarious games. If you want to see what this deck is capable of, consider checking out my video playing the deck!

Thanks for reading and have a fantastic day!

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