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LoR Deck Guide: Lulu Poppy

How to Play Lulu Poppy

Hey everyone NicMakesPlays here.

Today I’m going to go over a deck I made that climbed 350 lp at a 88% winrate in Masters, Poppy Lulu!

NicMakesPlays Lulu Poppy (LoR Deck)


[Lulu Poppy deck details]

Goal of Deck and Mulligans

This deck utilizes Bandle City Mayor to allow you to swarm with a ton of units.

After this, you summon Poppy or Lulu to output huge pressure.

When your opponent is low on blockers you can use Rally or Yordles in Arms to win the game.

NicMakesPlays Rank #1 Poppy Lulu (LoR Mulligan)

In this deck, you want to mulligan differently going first or second. In this deck, you want to mulligan for a Challenger + Lulu. If your Challenger is Fleetracker then you can also mulligan for a 2 drop such as Yordle Smith or Durand Sculptor.

The main difference is you keep Poppy when going second but not going first because you can attack with her on turn 4.

Card Choices & Key Synergies

Fleetfeather Tracker / Byrd, the Bellringer

fleetfeather tracker jpgbyrd the bellringer lor card

Fleetfeather Tracker and Byrd, the Bellringer are your 1 drops of the deck. Fleetfeather Tracker is a 2|1 that becomes a Challenger when you play another ally.

You want to play this on turn 1 and then save it to be combined with Lulu, Yordle Smith, or Brightsteel Protector to get free combat trades with its Challenger. Byrd, the Bellringer is your other one drop.

You can play it on one and utilize the Chime it gives in the early game to summon strong units and gain board control. For example, a 4|4 Lulu can single-handedly win you the early game by being stronger than all your opponent’s units in the first three turns.

Yordle Smith / Petricite Broadwing

Yordle Smith (LoR Card)petricite broadwing (lor card)

Yordle Smith is one of the most important cards in this deck and part of what makes it so strong. The deck revolves around making wide boards with Challengers to create huge combat swings, and Yordle Smith gives them all Quick Attack.

You can use Lulu to buff Yordle Smith and give your whole board Quick Attack so they have no good blockers and take huge damage or lose units in the process. You can also combine Yordle Smith with Challengers to get free kills and weaken their board.

Petricite Broadwing is another Challenger for the deck that combines well with Yordle Smith, Lulu, and Poppy. You can continuously buff Petricite Broadwing to break down the enemy board throughout the game with its Challenger.

Lulu / Poppy

Lulu level 1 (LoR Card)Poppy level 1 (LoR Card)

Lulu and Poppy are your Champions of the deck. Lulu is the main card of the deck because she can swing the game heavily in your favor on turn 3.

You can combine her with Challengers to generate free kills and get ahead on board. You can also combine her with Yordle Smith so your whole board gets Quick Attack and they have to either take huge damage or lose units in the process by blocking.

You want to use the Challenger units to hook what can block Lulu so she can stay alive and continue to use her ability to gain your advantage.

Poppy is strong in this deck to buff wide boards and make your units deal more damage and be harder to kill. Even one swing with Poppy can make a board so powerful that you outright win the game. Both of these Champions are multi-region so they are discounted by Bandle City Mayor and combine well with Rallies since they get effects when they attack.

Bandle City Mayor / Wandering Shepherd

bandle city mayor (lor card)wandering shepherd lor card

Bandle City Mayor recently got buffed to a 2|3 and buffs all your multi-region units such as Lulu, Poppy, and Wandering Shepherd. With the addition of Weaponmasters, Bandle City Mayor has more strong cards in the pool to generate when played.

Lulu and Poppy are already incredibly strong units and become even stronger when discounted by 1. Bandle City Mayor serves multiple roles because it can cause pressure through its discounts, or give you refuel through its unit creation.

Wandering Shepherd is a Weaponmaster that is also discounted by Bandle City Mayor. You can use her to Improve on units such as Poppy, Yordle Smith, or Challengers that benefit from having an extra attack.

The Weapons also go to your hand when the units die which gives your deck more longevity and grind game.

Golden Aegis / Relentless Pursuit

Golden Aegis (LoR reveal)relentless pursuit jpg

Golden Aegis and Relentless Pursuit are your Rally spells and how you regularly end the game. Both of these spells combine well with Lulu, Poppy, and Challengers because they all benefit greatly from having the attack token to activate their effects.

Golden Aegis gives a unit Barrier, you can put this on your Champs to keep them alive when they attack or put them on Challengers for free unit removal. Relentless Pursuit buffs a unit +1|+1 and Rallies.

You can buff Poppy or Yordle Smith with this to make sure they are stronger than your board so they can use their buff effects when they attack.

Good Matchups

This deck can run through slower decks such as Targon’s Peak and Viktor Lee Sin. You want to open a strong curve when your key units such as Challengers + Lulu/Poppy/Yordle Smith.

You can freely put on tons of damage since they don’t run many units, and use your Challengers to clear the ones they do summon. When the time is right you can Rally while they’re setting up and finish the game early.

Bad Matchups

This deck can struggle against decks with Shadow Isle removal spells such as Evelynn Viego and Heimer Norra. Cards such as Ranger’s Resolve and Durand Sculptor help your units live through their Hate Spike + Vile Feasts.

Quietus is a really strong card against this deck since it can remove units such as Poppy and Yordle Smith. You can use Sharpsight against Quietus to buff your unit to 3 attacks so it lives against Quietus.

Tech Choices

This deck can cut copies of Cithria, Relentless Pursuit, or Wandering Shepherd

Combat Cook – Combat Cook is a strong Weaponmaster that is also discounted by Bandle City Mayor.

combat cook lor card

Pokey Stick– Pokey Stick gives both interaction and refuel which can help greatly against decks that have 1 health units such as Pirate Aggro.

Pokey Stick (LoR Card)

Riposte – This card can help clear stronger stated units and ensure your key cards like Poppy and Lulu live and win their combat trades.

Riposte (LoR Card)

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