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LoR Deck Guide: Infinite Predict Khahiri OTK

How to Play Infinite Predict Khahiri OTK

Curious Shellfolk has been an incredibly interesting card added to Legends of Runeterra.

She has sparked many decks that are generally value-oriented.

However, she also allowed Khahiri to shine in this one turn kill Khahiri deck!

This is a combo deck that allows you to use a 20+ damage Khahiri to end the game (sometimes two Khahiri!).

Kahiri (LoR Card)

This article will explain the card choices, how to set up the combo, and how to perform the combo most effectively.

At the end, there is also a video where you can see two games with successful combos with the deck.

Khahiri OTK (LoR Deck)


[See Khahiri OTK deck details]

This is a newer deck that has been lightly experimented with and not optimized, but it is more for fun rather than being competitively viable.

If you are looking for a unique, fun deck that will randomly blow your opponents away, then this is the deck for you!

Goal of Deck

The goal of this deck is to stall until you can safely play Shellfolk, usually on turn 6. Then you will go on a “Predict Spree” where you play 0 cost Predicts over and over while selecting more cheap Predicts.

curious shellfolk (lor card)

You will be playing Scrying Sands on your opponent’s units over and over to make sure that they have 0 attack or less so that they can’t block a Fearsome Khahiri even with buffs.

When you find your Khahiri at 20+ attack and health then you are able to complete an OTK assuming that you set it up with Scrying Sands.

Scrying Sands (LoR Card)

Combo Explained

This combo abuses Shellfolk’s ability to copy a card for one less cost.

For example, if you have a Shellfolk on the board and play Feral Prescience to Predict and are given the option of a Scrying Sands, you can select the Scrying Sands and get it in your hand for 0 mana.

Feral Prescience (LoR Card)

Since it is a copy the Scrying Sands stays in your deck and thus can be Predicted over and over again.

While doing these multiple Predicts each turn, you will also run into Khahiri in your Predicts which gives all Khahiri plus 2 attack and 2 health.

You will continue to select low-cost Predicts until you can play Khahiri and swing for lethal! It’s important that you do your combo on your attack token because Scrying Sands taking away 2 attack is only for a round and not a lasting effect!

Your hand should look something like this during your combo, filled with 0 cost Scrying Sands with a Khahiri who is looking to get buffed from your Predicts while you are taking away attack from the opponent’s units.

General Game Plan

Ideally, you use cards that aren’t part of your combo in the early game. You don’t want these cards in your Predict pool when you combo, so you want to make use of them beforehand.

Cards such as Loping Telescope, Curious Shellfolk, The Time Has Come, Pokey Stick, Sai Scout, and Xer’Sai Caller.

These are the cards that you want to see in your mulligan as well because you want to be playing them until you combo.

For example, in this hand, you would want to keep everything except for Scrying Sands as you want that in your deck since it is the main combo piece.

Your main focus for the first part of the game is to make sure you keep your combo pieces in your deck, play defensively to stay alive, and find a turn where you can get Shellfolk Safely on the board!

Executing The Combo

Once you have Shellfolk safely on the board, you will be looking for an opening to get Khahirii, another Shellfolk, or to combo depending on your opponent’s deck.

If you have Predict cards in your hand that is units or landmarks, you might consider playing them now if you don’t have enough cheap Predicts to combo.

If you have Shellfolk and Khahiri on the board (with some Predicts in hand) make sure you have the attack token and then you are ready to combo!

You will want to play your first Predict card and see what you find.

Scrying Sands are the best and Feral Prescience are the second best. If you miss and are not low on Predicts, then consider skipping the Predict.

If you miss and are low on Predicts, then take the cheapest Predict card such as Ancient Preparations.

Ancient Preparations (LoR reveal)

If you have to play this, you might pass the initiative to your opponent, but you can still continue to combo if they have no answer.

Ideally, you continue finding Scrying Sands and Feral Prescience to keep the combo going.

If you have two Shellfolks on board, this will help your chances of not bricking significantly, however it can be harder to manage your hand due to only being able to hold 10 cards at a time.

This makes it extra important to make sure that you are not taking weaker Predict cards such as Time in a Bottle.

Time in a Bottle is helpful if you are stuck, but if you are not then there are better options to Predict instead!

Time in a Bottle (LoR Card)

It is important that if you are against a region that has buff spells such as Demacia’s Sharpsight or Shurima’s Shaped Stone, then you will want continue playing Scrying Sands on 0 attack units as although you can’t see it, the attack is set to a negative number.

Sharpsight (LoR Card)Shaped Stone (LoR Card)

This will mean that a card might show 0 attack but could have -5 attack and when Sharpsight is played on it, it will have a -3 attack rather than 2 attack.

This makes it so opponents can’t buff up their units to be able to block your Fearsome Khahiri.

Once you have your 20+ attack Khahiri (or two in some cases) and all of their units in the negative attack range, then feel free to swing for your Khahiri OTK!

A finished combo might look something like this. Combos are usually complete on turns 7-10.


Khahiri OTK beats decks that lack a lot of interaction in general.

This of course means it has trouble against decks with hard removals.

Minimorph (LoR card)

Venegeance, Minimorph, or any form of silence can be tough since Khahiri is your only win condition.

Tech Choices

Tech choices are hard for this deck as it is new and a relatively unexplored meme concept.

Although most of the Predict cards are locked and too important to the combo, cards such as Pokey Stick and Loping Telescope could be changed into other defensive or drawing options.

Game Examples

This deck is a lot of fun and will surprise your opponents as they won’t know what hit them when a 20|20 Khahiri appears on the board when their units all have less than 0 power and can’t stop him!

Hope you enjoy this fun, meme deck! Here’s my video that show’s it in action:

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