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LoR Deck Guide: Heimer Jayce

How to Play Heimer Jayce

Hey guys NicMakesPlays here.

In honor of Arcane’s release and Jayce joining LoR, I’m going to go over my Heimer Jayce deck.

As always, I’ll be covering the deck’s mulligans, key cards, matchups, and more.

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NicMakesPlays Heimer Jayce (LoR Deck)


[See NicMakesPlays Heimer Jayce deck details]

Win Condition and Mulligans

The goal of the deck is to gain value by utilizing 6 cost spells with Heimer and Jayce.

Heimer generates 6|1 Elusive Turrets with 6 cost spells as well as generating you value with any spell throughout the game.

Jayce gains a powerful level up after you’ve played two 6+ cost spells as well. Hextech Handler is a new card that brings the deck together by buffing all your Techs by +1|+1 when you’ve played a 6+ cost spell.

In this deck, you want to mulligan for Forge Chief and Forge of Tomorrow. Forge Chief is a great early game blocker that generates you spell mana for later to use on your 6+ cost spells.

Forge of Tomorrow summons a 3|3 and refills you spell mana back when you use a 6+ cost spell.

This allows you to transition smoothly from the early game to the late game. Later in the game, you can play Heimer to start generating Turrets or Jayce after he’s leveled up to finish the game.

NicMakesPlays Heimer Jayce (LoR Mulligan)

Card Choices & Key Synergies

Forge Chief / Forge of Tomorrow

forge chief (lor card resized)the forge of tomorrow (lor card)

Forge Chief is your 1 drop of the deck. This card allows you to deal with Aggro while also setting up your mid-game for those 6 cost spells to level Jayce with.

Forge of Tomorrow also sets up your mid-game by giving you a 3|3 blocker and letting your spell mana refuel when you play a 6+ cost spell. The refill that Forge of Tomorrow gives you is an amazing tempo and makes it one of the best cards in the deck.

Production Surge / Hextech Handler

Production Surge (LoR Card)hextech handler (lor card)

These cards work well with Heimer and add the “Tech” flavor to the deck. Production Surge is a versatile spell that can be used to fit any mana. You can use it as a 6+ cost spell to help level Jayce or you can use it to help level Heimer too.

All of the Turrets summoned off Production Surge are also buffed by Hextech Handler, as well as enabling it. Hextech Handler gives all of your Tech units +1|+1 when you’ve played a 6+ cost spell which is a perfect fit for this deck.

Heimer / Jayce

Heimerdinger level 1 (LoR card)jayce level 1 (lor card)

Heimer and Jayce are you Champions of your deck. Both of these provide a ton of value, can push for power plays to finish the game, and have perfect synergy with the deck. Heimer can potentially generate infinite Turrets and create value.

His 6 cost Turret is an Elusive which can be used to finish the game and works great with the 6 cost spells. Jayce duplicates any 6+ cost spell he uses so you can use Acceleration Gate + Turrets to close a game or Shock Blast to deal damage to the Nexus twice.

 Assembly Line / Shock Blast

assembly line (lor card)shock blast (lor card)

Assembly Line and Shock Blast are your two main 6 cost spells of the deck. Assembly Line is good because it’s generic and can be used at any time. Shock Blast and Minimorph are used for answering threats so there is a lot of scenarios where you don’t want to use them early.

Whereas Assembly Line can be used to level Jayce right away in the mid-game and supply two 3|3 blockers. Shock Blast is good to clear boards as well as leveling Jayce too. After Jayce is leveled, Shock Blast is cast twice which can clear big threats and deal 6 damage to the enemy Nexus.

Hidden Pathways / Flash of Brilliance

Hidden Pathways (LoR card)Flash of Brilliance (LoR card)

Hidden Pathways and Flash of Brilliance are Burst 3 cost spells that allow you to use Heimer to flood the board with Turrets. Flash of Brilliance is almost exclusively used with Heimerdinger to get a free 3|1 Turret and start swinging the tempo in your favor.

You can also use it to dig for various 6+ cost spells to win the game and level Jayce with. Hidden Pathways allows you to refuel while also giving you a 3|1 Turret off Heimer. These cards being Burst is nice with Heimer because if they try and remove him you can use these spells to at least guarantee yourself that you get a Turret.

Good Matchups

This deck is good against any deck that tries to outvalue you or is Champion focused. Against Shellfolk decks, you can use Heimer to continuously generate Turrets and put on a ton of pressure.

Hextech Handler and leveled Heimer make these Turrets even stronger and you can then finish the game with Acceleration Gate.

Against Champion-focused decks like Gangplank Sejuani, you can save well-timed Minimorphs and then generate a 6|1 Turret or play a leveled Jayce after.

Bad Matchups

This deck can struggle against Aggro but there are plenty of cards that can help you win the matchup. Forge Chief is the most important, it’s your 1 drop of your deck to block with a help refill spell mana for later.

Thermogenic Beam is also a good card to help deal with 1 drops like Inventive Chemist and Legion Saboteur. Once you’ve stabilized you can use Shock Blast to clear their wide boards and then win the game from there.

Tech Choices

If you want to tech in cards you can cut Flash of Brilliance.

Stress Defense – This card is a great way to protect Heimer while also generating yourself a 3|1 Turret.

Stress Defense (LoR Card)

Pokey Stick – This card can help deal with 1 health unit while also allowing you to refuel.

Pokey Stick (LoR Card)

Conchologist – This is another early game blocker that can help you continue the theme of outvaluing your opponents.

Conchologist (LoR card)

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