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LoR Deck Guide: Eye of the Yuumi (Anti-Aggro)

How to Play Eye of the Yuumi

We’re fresh into the new expansion, looking to explore new concepts, but that pesky Gnar is always right around the corner!

Again and again, we’re smashed by the constant overwhelm and double attacking monstrosities.

Across the road, we see another formidable foe, and of course the ever-present Burn! All this aggression has been too much for poor Yuumi to handle…or has it?

Hey all, it’s Trevor “Shugo” Yung here and today I’m bringing you an anti-meta deck guide to help you punish the aggression! And that’s right, it includes Yuumi!

Eye of the Yuumi (LoR Deck)


[See Eye of the Yuumi deck details]

Deck Overview

Conceptually, Yuumi is a card that requires time to be effective. This means we want to be playing her on turn three. As such, we’re going to need an ideal 1-drop or 2-drop target. Zoe was the obvious choice upon Yuumi’s reveal, but do you know what’s even better? The best 2-drop in the game; Eye of the Dragon!

As we all know, Eye of the Dragon is an absurdly powerful card. It can single-handedly make or break a matchup, and is a key reason why Lee Sin decks have been effective for so long. The only real weakness is its inability to block the more mid-sized units. That’s no longer an issue thanks to Yuumi!

On the surface, this may just look like a bad Lee Sin deck. But while there are obvious similarities, the play patterns are very different. We exchange combo kill potential for more defensive tools. The deck relies a lot less on assembling pieces and prioritizes survivability. Your wins will be a grind, but you’ll always have the value available to get there!

Mulligan Tips

The entire deck revolves around Eye of the Dragon, so regardless of the matchup, our mulligan should reflect that. We’ve got tons of card-draw available to get us through the mid and late game.

  • Always Keep
    • Eye of the Dragon
    • Gifts From Beyond
  • Situational Keep
    • Zoe: Always keep when attacking on odds against decks without 1-mana pings. Otherwise keep alongside Pale Cascade, Twin Disciplines, or Yuumi.
    • Yuumi: Keep alongside Zoe or Eye of the Dragon.
    • Blinded Mystic: Solid keep against Formidable/Pantheon if you already have Eye of the Dragon/Gifts From Beyond.
    • Pale Cascade/Twin Disciplines: Keep one alongside Zoe or Eye of the Dragon.

Example Hand 1

Eye of the Yuumi (LoR Mulligan1)

Example Hand 2

Eye of the Yuumi (LoR Mulligan2)

Card Choices


Zoe level 1 (LoR Card) Zoe level 2 (LoR Card)

Zoe is always a fantastic value engine at a baseline. But now alongside her new friend Yuumi, it’s so much easier to protect and level Zoe! We can now easily dodge pings, then over time grow to become a real threat. Certain matchups will require a lot more careful maneuvering, especially against the likes of Gnar Swain. So be sure to plan accordingly if you decide to invest in Zoe as a win condition.

Zoe’s Sleepy Trouble Bubble

Zoe's Sleepy Trouble Bubble (LoR Card)

Double drawing Zoe is actually great in this meta. A two-mana slow stun can stop a Gnar attack, Formidable attack, or even pop a SpellShield. The name of the game is to stall, so one extra Stun can make a turn much easier, especially if we’re lacking Dragonlings.

Supercool Starchart (Created)

Supercool Starchart (LoR Card)

Equinox and Crescent Strike are better than ever and can have a huge impact on the game. Their relevance in the current meta makes Zoe even more important than usual. Try and create a couple if you can.


Yuumi level 2 (LoR Card) Yuumi (LoR Card)

She either creates a 3|3 Zoe or a 3|5 Eye of the Dragon, which quickly turns into a 4|4 or 4|6. In Eye’s case, you’ve got a solid blocker that immediately halts aggression without the help of Dragonlings.

Your opponent will be forced to make poor attacks that come with a sacrifice, or not attack at all. And this will only continue further as Yuumi procs each round! We’re not looking to level up here. If you have a good attack, by all means, take it. But don’t put yourself in a spot where attacking could risk the unit itself.

Yuumi’s Prowling Projectile

Yuumi's Prowling Projectile (LoR Card)

Multiple copies of Yuumi isn’t great when she can return back to your hand, but her champion spell does make up for it. This can function effectively as a +2 damage combat trick, or split up to ping one thing and buff another. More cheap spells are always welcome with Eye of the Dragon, and can even help heal more off Dragonling in a pinch.

Solari Priestess

Solari Priestess (LoR Card)

A solid value card overall. Falling Comet and Meteor Shower are generally prioritized to help cover up the deck’s lack of removal.

Blinded Mystic

Blinded Mystic (lor card)

Silences are very powerful right now. Specifically, it shuts down all the Formidable and Papercraft nonsense. It also extremely punishes The Leviathan, and Gnar’s helped make Swain a more common appearance once again.

Sai’nen, Thousand-Tailed

Sai'nen Thousand-Tailed (lor card)

Okay, I know this card looks weird in a control shell, but hear me out. The deck generally plays out to have two Eye of the Dragons on board by turn 4-5. It’s very easy to have two Dragonlings come out on turn six, and Sai’nen is a perfect follow-up to that board both offensively or defensively.

A 3|5 body on top of the boost in stats is a fantastic deterrent, and when attacking, allows you to heal up even more. And with the two extra cards, you’ll be stocked up for whatever comes next!

Gifts From Beyond

Gifts from Beyond (LoR Card)

Eye of the Dragon #4, #5, and #6. This is the definitive reason Yuumi can work in the deck, as it gives us a total of nine perfect targets.

Guiding Touch

guiding touch jpg

This is often used as a combat trick to heal our buffed Eye of the Dragon. That way we can take better advantage of Yuumi’s additional stats. Cycle it when you need a second spell for Eye of the Dragon.

Pale Cascade

Pale Cascade (LoR Card)

Staple reactive tool to help trade or survive removal. Just like Guiding Touch, cycle it when you need a second spell to summon Dragonlings.

Twin Disciplines

Twin Disciplines (LoR Card)

Another key card that defines Ionia. Prioritize using it defensively to keep Zoe and Eye of the Dragon safe.


Hush (LoR Card)

Stops almost anything that isn’t protected by SpellShield. Ideally used to deal with champions since we’re already running 3x Blinded Mystic.

Concussive Palm

concussive palm jpg

Stuns are extremely effective against the attack-oriented metagame we’re seeing. It’s one of the best ways to stop Gnar or another Overwhelm threat. It’s the perfect cover-up for anything that can get past our Dragonlings. Everything else can just be chump blocked forever!


Deny (LoR card)

It stops Rallys, Decimates, Yordles in Arms, and much more. When Zoe’s close to leveling, be sure to hold up mana for Deny. It’s the card that often solidifies the win in the late game by ensuring safety during those final moments.


Starshaping (LoR Card)

Our primary win condition aside from Zoe. Having three copies gives us a ton of late-game fuel and a healthy amount of burst healing. Priority choices are typically Cosmic Inspiration, Living Legends, and The Great Beyond. 4|3 Dragonlings are disgusting. 😉

Game Plan

During the early game, you’ll need to establish whether or not Zoe can safely attack. Against matchup with cheap removal, it’s often best to play her with Pale Cascade/Twin Disciplines backup. Versus archetypes like Lurk or Spiders, you’re free to play her immediately.

Set up your Eye of the Dragon as soon as possible and look to find a second one, or summon it with Gifts From Beyond. Don’t be afraid to take some early damage. You’ll be able to heal it fast once you’re summoning two Dragonlings at a time.

If Yuumi’s in hand, make sure you’re set to play her on turn three. The second Eye of the Dragon can wait. It’s best to start growing stats as soon as possible.

Utilize your spells effectively so that you can summon Dragonlings on the opponent’s turn when needed. Continue to defend throughout the game until you can level up Zoe or grab a threat from Starshaping. Survival is key, so all you need to do is stall the opponent until you turn the tides!

Lastly, be extra cautious of SpellShield on champions. The deck lacks efficient ways to proc the shield outside of our champion spells. Hush, Concussive Palm, and Gifts From Beyond are less than ideal. Of course, the Invoke cards can help too, but at Slow speed, and only if we can find them.


If you’re sick of the meta and want a way to punish it, this is a great deck to try. Ionia and Targon are very effective at shutting down strategies while offering flexible tools to cover most bases.

Eye of the Dragon is busted, so why not take full advantage of it!?

Shugo’s Productivity Thought of the Day

Every once in a while, instead of following your usual path, take a different route. Even if you end up in the same place, it can offer a new perspective.

Open up more doors. You never know where they’ll take you.

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