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LoR Deck Guide: Diana Nocturne Nightfall (Beyond the Bandlewood Update)

LoR Deck Guide: Diana Nocturne Nightfall

Hey guys NicMakesPlays here and today I’m going to go over my latest Diana Nocturne Nightfall deck.

I’ve been one of the top Nightfall players since Targon launched and I’ve updated it for Beyond the Bandlewood.

This guide will be covering the deck’s win condition, mulligans, matchups, tech choices, and more, so stick around!

We’re constantly covering new decks so be sure to check out our previous deck guides.

NicMakesPlays Diana Nocturne Nightfall (LoR Deck)


[See NicMakesPlays Diana Nocturne Nightfall deck details]

Win Condition

The goal of this deck is to use the Nightfall keyword to gain extra effects from your cards. A lot of the Nightfall cards are cheap so you can play many cards in one turn for a swing in tempo.


In this deck, you want to mulligan for Lunari Duskbringer and Mountain Goat for early Nightfall activators, as well as Diana for a powerful start. This deck finishes the game around turns 6-8 with Nocturne, Cygnus, Doombeast burn, or wide boards.

NicMakesPlays Diana Nocturne Nightfall (LoR Mulligan)

Card Choices & Key Synergies

Lunari Duskbringer / Mountain Goat

lunari duskbringer jpgmountain goat jpg

Lunari Duskbringer and Mountain are cheap units that can give you Nightfall Activators. These cards can start off the pressure while preparing your next few turns.

Lunari Duskbringer gives you a Duskpetal Dust which can transform your spell mana into unit mana for your Nightfall Units. This is a cheap way to activate Nightfall as well. Mountain Goat gives you Gems which are also cheap Nightfall Activators that can buff your units.

Diana / Stygian Onlooker

diana level 1 jpgstygian onlooker jpg

Diana and Stygian Onlooker are great at applying pressure for cheap. Diana can hook away an enemy blocker and kill it with her Quick Attack and Challenger. This puts you ahead on the board very early on, so your opponent has to try and catch up.

Stygian Onlooker can be a 4|1 Fearsome for 1 mana which packs on a ton of damage. You can do this as your last card since your opponent isn’t expecting you to output that much damage for only 1 mana. With Stalking Shadows you can also play two of these and put on even more pressure.

Nocturne / Cygnus, the Moonstalker

Nocturne Level 1 (LoR card)cygnus the moonstalker jpg

Nocturne and Cygnus, the Moonstalker are your two main ways of closing out the game. Nocturne can easily level up in this deck. All you have to do is attack with two Nightfall units, and then the next turn attack with them and Nocturne.

When Nocturne is summoned you give the entire enemy field -1|0 and can give an enemy Vulnerable. You want to give Vulnerable to an enemy who can block Fearsome Units. When Nocturne levels up your whole field gain Fearsome, and with the Fearsome blocker hooked away you can push upwards to 20 damage.

Cygnus, the Moonstalker is also a great way to go for a game. Cygnus himself deals 5 elusive damage and can also give another 5 attack unit such as Crescent Guardian Elusive to go for game as well. You can combine Cygnus, The Moonstalker with a leveled Diana so she can attack directly and easily deal 7+ damage due to her leveled-up ability.

Doombeast / Unto Dusk

Doombeast (LoR card)Unto Dusk (LoR Card)

Doombeast and Unto Dusk combine nicely for a burn wincon. Doombeast’s Nightfall effect drains 2 from the enemy Nexus, so you heal 2 and they take 2 damage. This can add up fast especially when you get two Doombeasts off of Stalking Shadows.

Unto Dusk can be used on Doombeast to drain 2 damage yet again while also drawing a card. Throughout the game, you can use Doombeast’s effect along with Stalking Shadows and Unto Dusk to chip away at the enemies’ health or finish the game.

Stalking Shadows / The Flight

Stalking Shadows (LoR card)The Flight (LoR card)

Stalking Shadows and The Flight are both great ways to refuel. The Flight is a cheap card that can activate Nightfall as well as drawing you a new card when striking the Nexus.

When The Flight is gotten off of Stalking Shadows, the Ephemeral copy goes into the deck and draws a card before it dies. Since the Flight goes back into the top of your deck, this is a nice way to rack up a ton of Elusive damage while drawing more cards to finish the game with.

Good Matchups

This deck is great against Combo decks that take turns to set up their win cons such as Lee Sin and Azir Irelia. You can apply pressure in the early game with Stygian Onlookers to put on damage and Diana to hook away their early game blockers.

While they are setting up they should be taking a lot of damage and trying to catch up on board. On turn 5 you can play Nocturne and give your whole field Fearsome and it should be too much for them to deal with.

If they are able to survive with low health then you can finish them off with The Flight, Doombeasts, or Cygnus, The Moonstalker.

Bad Matchups

The tough matchups are decks with a ton of removals like SI Frejlord decks and Draven Ezreal. Pale Cascade is extremely key in these matchups since they give your units extra health to live through removal, and help you refuel.

These matchups will try and make you run out of steam so cards like Stalking Shadows are also nice to help refuel. Crescent Guardian is great in these matchups as well due to his 3 health stat which is harder to deal with than your other units.

You can chip away damage in the early game with Crescent Guardian + Elusives such as Lunari Shadestalker. Afterward, you can finish off the game with multiple Doombeasts.

Tech Choices

The tech choices in this deck can replace Heavens Aligned.

Heavens Aligned (LoR Card)

Fading Memories

fading memories jpg

This is a cheap Nightfall activator that can duplicate Stygian Onlooker to push more damage or Doombeast to drain for 2 more damage.

Moonlight Affliction

Moonlight Affliction (LoR Card)

This card is great at surprising people at burst speed to go for lethal. This card can also double as a way to silence two enemy units on impactful turns.


Atrocity (LoR card)

This card is another way to go for lethal. This can be used burn reach which is hard to interact with. Combine this with a leveled Diana to easily deal 7+ damage.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to ask NicMakesPlays during his streams (usually 6PM-1230AM EST).

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