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LoR Deck Guide: Broodfather OTK

How to Play: Protective Broodfather OTK

One of my favorite things to do with new cards is to make a new one-turn kills! This deck features Protective Broodfather! This dragon draws a card and if it is a dragon, then it summons it attacking.

The secret to this deck is to shuffle multiple Protective Broodfathers into the deck with Counterfeit Copies which makes it continuously summon itself until it fills the full board with six 7|7 attacking dragons!

If one attack with a bunch of dragons isn’t good enough then in some instances Field Promotion can give the original Protective Broodfather the ability to start a scout attack and allow for two attacks with your dragon army!

This massive army of dragons is the best way to own the board and one of the better board-based one-turn kills!

Broodfather OTK (LoR Deck)

[See Broodfather OTK deck details]

Deck Overview

This deck runs 34 spells, 3 landmarks, and 3 dragons. This is done by design for the one-turn kill. If there is another unit, then Protective Broodfather might draw that instead of another Protective Broodfather which would break the chain of the Protective Broodfathers.

Drawing a card that breaks the chain would stop the one-turn kill and would make this way of building the deck not make much sense since oftentimes there wouldn’t be a one-turn kill to end games anymore. This is why it is critically important to run 3 Protective Broodfathers as the only units in the deck.

The Forge of Tomorrow is the only landmark because it works so well with the deck. You can summon a unit on turn 3 as well as regain some additional spell mana later in the game.

the forge of tomorrow (lor card)

It is one of the most important cards in the deck as it gets a lot of value and adds a lot of consistency to the deck’s early game.

Game Plan

This deck is loaded with plenty of defensive spells, combo pieces, and ways to find your combo pieces. The deck wants to keep as healthy as possible until turn 8 or in some cases 9 where you can perform a one-turn kill. Even if you don’t have the attack token on turn 8, you can still perform an OTK with Cataclysm as it counts as an attack.

Early in the game you are looking to bank mana and find ways to summon a unit to work with for blocking. This is usually done with one of five cards: Succession, Might of Vanguard, The Forge of Tomorrow, Assembly Line, or Remembrance. This helps save more health early in the game.

rememberance jpg

Remembrance or Assembly Line can be played on turn 3 if you pass your first two turns. You can also use Scrapdash Assembly or Poro Cannon to save some health but it isn’t ideal in most cases. Poro Cannon is only necessary against elusive decks. Once you have a unit that can eat a couple of opposing units, you can find your combo pieces with cards such as Time Trick, Rummage, and Most Wanted.

Poro Cannon (LoR card reveal)

On top of this, you then have a variety of defensive spells to help you live for turn 8 or 9 including cards such as Shock Blast, Statikk Shock, Mystic Shot, or Thermogenic Beam.

There are some interesting choices in the deck such as Iterative Improvement. Iterative Improvement is there copy early game units for better defense or in some cases if you play Protective Broodfather and it gets removed, you can play Iterative Improvement to copy it and still get another shot at your combo without drawing additional dragons.

protective broodfather lor card

Field Promotion is used to give your Protective Broodfather Scout which can allow for all of your Dragons to get additional attacks. In some cases, it can take the place of Counterfeit copies as being able to attack with 3 Protective Broodfathers to attack twice and can be quite devastating to the opponent and potentially be a one turn kill with just 3 dragons in some cases.

Mulligan Strategy

Broodfather OTK (LoR Mulligan)

Early game, it is best to look for ways to create units ideally the 3 or 6 cost unit creators: Succession, Forge of Tomorrow, or Remembrance are the best. After that, Might of Vanguard and Assembly Line can be okay as well.

Because unit creation is overall quite plentiful in the deck, I prefer to mulligan for my combo pieces. In general, I like to try and find one dragon and one Counterfeit Copies.

Against control decks, I prefer to find my combo pieces more so than my early game defensive tools. Against faster decks I like to find my early game control since I know I can then live long enough for my combo and while controlling the board I can often find my combo pieces regardless.


This deck does very well against slower control decks that aren’t rich in removal. Even then, many players won’t know that your Protective Broodfather has to be removed before your attack because they don’t know that your deck is filled with only Dragons.

It can also do well against decks that are aggressive especially if they aren’t a burn variant due to this deck having multiple ways of controlling the aggressiveness of its opponent.

This deck does the worst against decks that have a lot of removal and players who know that they have to remove the dragon right away.

Tech Choices

Rocket Barrage: If you are playing against a lot of decks that go wide and need some additional removal for them, then this is the card for you!

Rocket Barrage (LoR Card)

Piltover Peacemaker: This card helps a bit more with removal, especially against opponents that use a lot of low-health units.

Piltover Peacemaker (LoL card)

Piltover Tellstones: This is a good choice if you keep playing against slower decks and want the option to draw numerous cards, transmogulate a unit that can be spooky, or use Aftershock to remove a unit or Landmark.

Piltovan Tellstones (LoR Card)

Aftershock: Speaking of Aftershock, this can be a good card for the removal of units of Landmarks if you are seeing a lot of them in your games.

Aftershock (LoR Card)

Mobilize: If you want to go full meme, then you can try and get the combo earlier by lowering the cost of your Protective Broodfather to get the combo earlier. I don’t recommend it, but you can do it.

Mobilize (LoR Card)

Thanks for reading my article on Protective Broodfather OTK!

This is a fun deck that is mostly meant to be enjoyed in normal games although I know some players have taken it to the ladder and had some success with it as well.

Happy playing!

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to ask Silverfuse during her streams (usually daily from 2-6PM CST).

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