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LoR Deck Guide: Bard Gorlith (Mega Nexus Health!)

How to Play Mega Nexus Health with Bard and Gorlith

WIth the introduction of Bard, the ability to make your Nexus health go past the 20 health cap might be easier than ever! Gorlith the Unscalable swaps his health with your Nexus. He starts off at 10 health, but with Bard you can easily make this card able to fully heal your Nexus as well as turn your health into a new maximum.

This is achieved by Bard’s Chimes buffing Gorlith as he sits in hand waiting for his turn to strike. On top of this, once Bard is leveled his additional buffs can hit Gorlith and are valuable on him due to his text:

“I can’t be blocked by enemies with less health than me.”

Due to being a Formidable unit, a 20 health Gorlith can not only be blocked by units with less than 20 health, but this can also allow you to close out games with a 20 health Gorlith one turn killing your opponent as I did in the video below.

This deck is incredibly fun to play and while not a competitive deck, it will surely bring you some joy as your heal your Nexus for more than 20 health and smack your opponent with a giant Gorlith.

Gorlith Bard (LoR Deck)


[See Gorlith Bard deck details]

The Deck’s Plan

This deck is looking to load up Chimes on one card in particular, Gorlith the Unscalable. The reason for this is that Gorlith swaps his health with your Nexus’ health. This means that if Gorlith has over 20 health, then your Nexus can now be at more than 20 health which can be quite funny! If you decide to run cards such as Radiant Guardian in your deck, you can continue to take advantage of your new maximum health as well!

gorlith the unscaleable (lor card)

This deck has a lot of ways to gain tempo to get to the point where Gorlith is the only unit in your hand which will give you the best chances of Chimes buffing Gorlith and not other units in hand.

It takes advantage of strong Demacian cards such as Petricite Broadwing, Brightsteel Protector, and Screeching Dragon to maintain strong board control. On top of that, these strong stats work well with Demacia’s core cards such as Single Combat and Concerted Strike. At base, these cards work extremely well but they work even better when you randomly get extra stats from Chimes.

petricite broadwing (lor card)

This deck is looking to make Gorlith as big as possible, so it runs most of the Chime cards including Byrd, Esmus, Mystic Vortex, and Maduli. Although these can all help increase your Chime count, there is an important combo that makes it even better. By playing Demacian Tellstones, you can get Detain. The strategy is to Detain your Maduli onto your own unit and kill that unit so that Maduli gets set free.

Maduli is a summon effect, so this means that Maduli will double all the Chimes in your deck an additional time! This makes it so Maduli can go off multiple times in this game and help increase the chances of you drawing Chimes and making a giant Gorlith!

Although Gorlith is your main target for Chimes, Chimes hitting other units to help support and stabilize your early and mid game is fine as well! So, don’t be too upset if you end up missing some Chimes on Gorlith.


  • Each game you will want to look for Byrd as he is the best at helping your gain tempo early in the game.
  • After that, you will want to look for Esmus for similar reasons to Byrd.
  • As well as keeping Dragon Chow if you also have Shyvana in hand. However, if you don’t have Shyvana and only Dragon Chow, be sure to pitch Dragon Chow as he is only useful when there is another dragon in your hand.
  • If you are against a slower deck, you can afford to keep slow cards such as Maduli and even Mystic Vortex in your starting hand. However, if you are against a faster deck, make sure to get rid of these and look for lower-cost units that can help you protect yourself in the early game.

Gorlith Bard (LoR Mulligan)

In this hand, you would keep Byrd and Esmus. You would get rid of Dragon Chow since there isn’t a dragon in your starting hand. You also get rid of Bard as he is too slow to play until he is leveled. However, if this Bard was a Shyvana instead – you would keep the entire hand of Byrd, Dragon Chow, Shyvana, and Esmus and you’d have a very strong start.

Tech Choices

Silverwing Vanguard: This card clones itself so it is a great target for buffs

Silverwing Vanguard (LoR Card)

Radiant Guardian: A solid defensive option if you need to live a bit longer as well as it holds buffs extremely well!

Radiant Guardian nerf

Cosmic Binding: More chimes as well as being able to stop Overwhelm units more effectively.

Fleetfeather Tracker: I originally had this in my deck due to its fantastic early game and synergy with Brightsteel Protector. It is still a fine addition to the deck.

fleetfeather tracker jpg

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to ask Silverfuse during her streams (usually daily from 2-6PM CST).

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