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LoR Deck Guide: Back Alley Bar Purrsuit of Perfection One Ofs

How to Play Back Alley Bar Purrsuit of Perfection One Ofs

Back Alley Bar was a new landmark introduced in the latest expansion: The Darkin Saga Awakening and it gives players even more ways to play value, almost singleton-like decks.

Due to benefitting from playing new cards – this makes playing a card for the first time during the game more valuable as well as playing new, created cards. To get the value needed out of this landmark for it to be worth playing, it is best to not play a deck full of 3 copies unless they are generating new cards you can capitalize off Deck Alley Bar’s passive.

On top of this, a leveled-up Viktor can further reduce created cards, so in some cases, your cards will be reduced by 2 cost instead of 1.

There are currently two cards that love decks that play multiple different cards and thankfully both of these cards are in the same region – Piltover and Zaun!

These cards are Subpurrisible which is a strong Elusive cards once you have played 10 unique cards. Purrsuit of Perfection is the other card which creates a 30|30 Overwhelm after you have played 20 unique cards. It is a way to end games if you aren’t able to outvalue your opponent through Zoe, Aphelios, Viktor, and your created cards.

Purrsuit 1 Ofs (LoR Deck)


[See Purrsuit 1 Ofs deck details]

Here is my current Back Alley Bar list, but there are so many ways to play this deck, so be sure to try things out!

Deck Overview

This deck has 3 unique champions, 3 Back Alley Bar Landmarks, 15 followers (11 which are unique), and 16 spells (12 which are unique). If you take a closer look at these card choices, you will notice that almost every card creates another card to further the unique card count.

For example, Lunari Duskbringer creates Duskpetal Dust which can be used with Aphelios or Pale Cascade while adding to the unique card count. Mountain Goat can create a Gem that adds to the count as well. Multiple spells also create cards or offer you a way to draw more cards from your deck.

lunari duskbringer jpg

Regardless of what hand you draw, you will almost always have the option to create or draw more cards to work toward Subpurrsible or Purrsuit of Perfection. They are also cheap which makes it easier to cycle Aphelios’ Weapons and level up Zoe or Viktor.

This deck can often level up Zoe quite easily as the cards are fairly cheap as well as Sputtering Songspinner is essentially a hack for this deck as it counts for 4 unique cards for Zoe while giving 3 cards toward Viktor’s level-up condition.

This card gives so much value to the deck and is easy for players to overlook!

If you want to see this deck in action be sure to check out my video playing the deck!

Game Plan

This deck can generate an incredible amount of value while having a lot of flexibility especially when it comes to defensive options. Due to the amount of flexibility your deck has, the key thing to figure out at the start of the game is what your opponent’s game plan is and what your best plan to react to that is.

This deck rarely starts off being the aggressor due to the amount of value it generates – it generally looks to respond to your opponent and either outvalue them or put pressure with Elusives, a leveled champion, or Purrsuit of Perfection to finish games.

Generally, you can’t go wrong with keeping Zoe in your starting hand. She generates value as a 1 drop Elusive and her threat of leveling up and inevitably winning the game is always good to get going.

Zoe level 1 (LoR Card)

You don’t have many ways of protecting Zoe, so holding her in your hand often doesn’t do much since the extra mana doesn’t allow you to protect her anyways. Keeping other low-cost units can also help progress your win conditions.

In a lot of cases, the Back Alley Bar Landmark will allow you to get plenty of value and outvalue your opponent later in the game. As well as all of your champions can get level-up progress from cards that are reduced by this landmark.

Your champions and the Purr cards are your bread and butter, but this landmark can accelerate champion level-ups as well as allows you to put more pressure on your opponent later in the game.

Mulligan Strategy

Purrsuit 1 Ofs (LoR Mulligan)

Your mulligan strategy will vary drastically depending on which type of deck you are playing against.

For example, against another value-oriented or hard-control deck, you will want to consider keeping Back Alley Bar, Viktor, Sputtering Songspinner, Ferros Financer, and Subpurrsible.

Cards that give you more value than their value. Despite being a value card, you don’t want to keep Purrsuit of Perfection in hand because it requires you to play 20 other unique cards first. Having a Purrsuit of Perfection stuck in your starting hand isn’t where you want to be.

Against aggressive decks, you will want to keep your low-cost cards in your starting hand so you are able to trade and keep up responses to their aggression. Generally, you will want to pitch most of your high-cost and value cards. In a lot of ways, your mulligan is almost the exact opposite of mulliganing for playing against a control deck.

In almost any match, you are good with keeping Zoe in your starting hand as she is a low-cost value card that demands attention or she will win the game.


There isn’t much to say about these, but against value-oriented decks, you will want to focus more on Viktor and Zoe. Aphelios can be okay as his guns work toward your unique card count and are incredibly flexible.

I found myself using Gravitum to delay my opponent as well as Severum to heal up. These are the weapons you tend to use against aggressive decks as well, but Calibrum removing a follower or Crescendum adding another blocker might also be more worthwhile as well.

Gravitum (LoR Card)Severum (LoR Card)

Against aggressive decks, you are focused less on your champions and are more focused on staying alive and stabilizing. Generally, you’re not stabilizing with your champions unless it is an Aphelios Severum healing you up a large amount.

You also don’t typically win with your Purr cards as they are more clunky due to their cost and require playing multiple unique cards beforehand.

Tech Choices

This deck has so many choices that I don’t even know I’d label them as tech choices, but in general just choices for the deck. There are plenty of examples of cards this deck could use!

Shifting the champion ratio: For example, you can be less Zoe-focused and become more Viktor focused especially if you want a bit more consistent value as well as another more consistent way to end the game. For example 1 Zoe, 2 Aphelios, and 3 Viktors.

Spacey Sketcher: Another card that creates more cards and allows you to have flexible response to your opponent’s cards.

Spacey Sketcher (LoR card)

Zaunite Urchin: A strong, cheap cycle option that can get rid of useless created cards that you don’t plan to use or in cases where you double draw Purrsuit of Perfection when you don’t need them.

Zaunite Urchin (LoR Card)

Ballistic Bot: A value oriented card that can pick away at your opponent while activating augment and adding an extra stack to unique cards and created cards for your deck’s win conditions.

Ballistic Bot (LoR Card)

Piltovan Castaway: Another weapon generator option that creates addition card that can be used throughout the game or discarded.

piltovan castaway lor card

Sump Fumes: Additional removal that can be useful against most decks.

Sump Fumes (LoR card)

Get Excited: A little extra reach or removal. Overall just a good card.

get excited! jpg

Thanks for taking a look at this deck as it allows you to consistently play Purrsuit of Perfection. The amount of created cards as well as the number of one of’s in this deck helps make it feel unique each game and makes it more replayable. I hope you have as much fun with it as I have!

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to ask Silverfuse during her streams (usually daily from 2-6PM CST).

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