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LoR Deck Guide: Aurelion Sol Lux

Aurelion Sol Lux (Call of the Mountain)

This week’s Glimpse Beyond deck guide, by Rattlingbones, is on how to play Aurelion Sol Lux.

lux aurelion sol rattlingbones


[See Aurelion Sol Lux deck details]

If you enjoy spell-slinging, Invoking, and using clutch battle tricks, this deck is for you!

This guide will cover the deck’s win conditions, mulligan phase, matchups, card choices, and much more. Let’s dive in.

Win Conditions

The goal of this deck is to abuse big mid game stabilizers like Radiant Guardian, Lux, and Remembrance in conjunction with insane battle tricks like Pale Cascade, Hush, Single Combat, and Concerted Strike to slowly gain board & card advantage.

You then wrap up the game by playing Aurelion Sol safely on your turn, leveling him up, and playing big Celestials spells/units for free to win the game.

How to Mulligan

The biggest challenge players will run into is figuring out how to stabilize correctly in each matchup because there are a few combinations you can look for:

  1. Pumping out units early like Solari Soldier, Solari Shieldbeaer, and Grizzled Ranger into a Radiant Guardian
  2. Playing for the Blinding Assault & Radiant Guardian
  3. Playing for a turn 3 Remembrance with battle tricks like Single Combat

You’ll need to mulligan for the above options in most of the matchups.

lux sol starting hand simulator

Practice your mulligans with the Starting Hand Simulator.

The one caveat is the mirror match where you really need cards like Sunburst, Solari Priestess, and/or your own Lux to ensure you’re trading effectively in the mid game.

Card Choices and Key Synergies

One of the biggest reasons to play this deck is Radiant Guardian and the ability to abuse it. Blinding Assault almost always guarantees that you can get your Radiant Guardian on the board with its Tough & Lifesteal effects.

radiant guardian jpg

blinding assault jpg

Paired with Single Combat and Concerted Strike, you’re essentially set up to win a lot of the aggro matchups.

Let’s not forget about Lux and the abundance of spells. We’re playing 21 spells in the deck to ensure that we’re able to level her up consistently and abuse final sparks for sustained board & card advantage.

aurelion sol lux card breakdown

Aside from 6 mana spells like Remembrance which have been used in the past with Lux, Burst spells like Hush are insane. Being able to level up Lux at Burst speed and getting favorable trades in/or out of combat is just crazy.

Imagine your opponent is playing a Single Combat into your Lux with a 5 attack unit and you’re able to play Hush twice. Not only do you shut down the Single Combat play and the unit that’s attacking, but you’re also getting your Final Spark to deal with another unit.

final spark jpg

It’s not only Hush that does this, we play other Burst spells that will essentially do the same thing (Guiding Touch or Pale Cascade alongside Starshaping).

Good Matchups (and How to Win Them Consistently)

The good thing about the deck is that the way in which you play your matchups are pretty consistent. You’re always looking to stabilize your health and board in the mid game. You’re likely doing this with Radiant Guardian, Lux. or Remembrance.

Playing this way, you’ll have a pretty good matchup into:

Demacia decks

scouts 9-1

Diana/Noct (Nightfall)

nicmakesplays diana nocturne nightfall updated

Swain/TF and most of the Bilgewater decks

rattlingbones tf swain

You’re winning these matchups with the strategy outlined above 🙂

Bad Matchups (and How to Give Yourself a Better Chance at Winning)

Any deck that’s able to effectively remove Sol on 10 from the board will have an easier time winning against the deck.

The best region that does this is SI with cards like Vile Feast and Unspeakable Horror into Vengeance and/or Ruination.

Another bad matchup is into heavy ramp decks like Trundle Aurelion Sol.

Despite these being tougher matchups, here are some tips for beating them.

SI variants with ping + removal (including Warmother):

warmother 9-9

Against these decks, getting the turn 3 Remembrance is just too important. This helps you push damage earlier which in turn forces your opponent to play their procs & removals during the mid game. It’s worth noting that because you’re pushing damage earlier, you can sometimes close out games before 10 via the Elusive Celestials and/or Lux.

Ramp Trundle/Sol:

trundle asol to master

Basically the same strategy applies. You’re really hoping to play Remembrance on turn 3 so that you’re able to get a Challenger unit. The goal is to remove your opponent’s Wyrding Stones whenever possible so that they are playing their Aurelion Sol at the same pace as you.

At the same time, you’re always trying to keep procs & removal for your opponent’s Aurelion Sol. So cards like Single Combat, Hush, Concerted Strike, and your Invokes become that much more important.

Tech Choices

Most of the cards here are more or less irreplaceable. That being said, there’s still some room to work with:

  • Blinding Assault
    • The main reason this card is in this deck is to ensure you’re able to get Radiant Guardian in play consistently which makes your matchup into aggro decks a lot better.
    • It’s also sometimes good against Wyrding Stones!
  • Solari Priestess: The main reason this card is in the deck is to ensure you have reliable ways of searching for your champions or obliterating your opponent’s Aurelion Sol/key champions with a Falling Comet.

You can essentially take these cards out for additional copies of Guiding Touch, Pale Cascade, and/or Sunbursts.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to ask Rattlingbones during his streams (every weeknight @9PM EST).

Bones streams at twitch.tv/rattlingbones_ every weeknight @9PM EST