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LoR Deck Guide: Annie Ezreal 

How to Play Annie Ezreal

Early into the season, multiple players used Annie Ezreal to hit Masters Rank early in the season.

Including BruisedbyGod who achieved rank 1 with Annie Ezreal. Multiple high-profile players have also picked up the deck due to its flexibility and solid match-up tables.

The deck isn’t one that will tolerate many misplays so the margins for getting ahead can be a bit thin at times. This deck takes time to master, but don’t let that detour you from trying it!

This is a solid deck for ladder as well as tournament play. It’s also quite fun because Tybaulk allows you to do some big damage in the deck – especially if you play more than one!

Annie Ezreal (LoR Deck)


[See Annie Ezreal deck details]

Deck Plan

This deck controls the board early and looks to end the game with either Tybaulk, Ezreal, or Captain Farron. Tybaulk’s ability that gives all units +1 attack makes your Ezreal and House Spider feel so much stronger. As well as all of your spells doing an extra point of damage adds up quickly for you to end the game.

This deck can achieve its end game with the variety of defensive tools at its disposal and plenty of draw to keep up your resources even when you use 2 cards to remove a single card.

Ezreal level 1 (LoR Card)

In this deck, Ravenbloom Conservatory and Ezreal level quite quickly because of all the removal tools you have access to such as Blade’s Edge which sometimes gets paired with Disintegrate, Mystic Shot, and Statik Shock. House Spider helps a lot with the early game as it can help deal damage to activate disintegrate.

Of course, you also have access to Flock which can be activated by Blade’s Edge, Sentry, and Spell Slinger, as well as damage from other units such as House Spider.

ravenbloom conservatory lor card

Early game generally depends on low-cost removal and early units. The good news is – that is most of your deck! Ideally, you have Annie on turn 1 and can start leveling her up. Along with House Spider which gives you a wider board and makes it easier for you to play defensively and own the board while you work on leveling up Annie and Ezreal as well as Ravenbloom Conservatory.

Once Annie is leveled, you can use Tibbers to slow them down as well as have a few extra resources to delay your opponent until you can safely Tybaulk to buff your units and spells. As well as find a time to safely play Ezreal and use his burn ability to finish off your opponent with Tybaulk’s extra damage.

However, if Ezreal isn’t able to finish the game, then Captain Farron’s double Decimate should do the trick most of the time! Especially if you have already played a single Tybaulk, one Decimate does 5 damage!

annie level 1 lor card annie level 2 lor card


When not against aggressive decks, generally, you are looking for Conservatory, Annie, and House Spider in most matchups. Annie is able to push a bit of damage early as well as is able to start seeing spells that help her level up quicker.

Conservatory is one of your win conditions that you don’t necessarily need to play on turn 1, but it is good to get it going earlier in the game rather than later because of the strength Tybaulk gives your deck.

House Spider is flexible and can help your deck aggressively get some chip damage in or will help you play defensively against faster opponents. Their flexibility makes it hard for you to go wrong. However, finding Annie is more important than finding House Spider.

Against aggressive decks, you will want to consider keeping Blade’s Edge, House Spider, Ferros, and other efficient removal tools. Annie isn’t nearly as useful because she is unable to block and you won’t be able to outburn your aggressive opponent.

Conservatory is also often too slow for you to play since you will have to play very efficiently to be able to make sure you don’t die to your opponent’s burn deck.

Annie Ezreal (LoR Mulligan)

In this hand, you’d keep Annie, Conservatory, and House Spider. Ezreal is not kept as he is not typically useful until he is already leveled. You’d hope to find more spells to start leveling up your Annie.


Your two toughest matchups are Aphelios Fizz Faes and Feel the Rush / She Who Wanders Freljord/Shadow Isles Ramp decks.

Aphelios Fizz Faes

For Aphelios Fizz Faes, your deck heavily relies on removal spells. Fizz is fantastic are canceling your removal spells. Since Fizz can carry strong attach units and push a lot of damage, this can often make it hard for you to interact with their damage.

One of the possible ways to do this is to try to find a way to deal at least 1 damage to Fizz (assuming he isn’t at one HP at this point) and try to finish off Fizz with Tibbers by hitting a different unit and allowing the 2 damage to go through to and finish off Fizz.

However, this is still a rarity overall. It is important that if your opponent does tap out of mana or goes very low on mana which could make it hard for them to defend their Fizz, you have to take advantage of this. Make sure when trying to remove Fizz, that you do one spell at a time so that you don’t get multiple spells canceled.

Feel the Rush / She Who Wanders

For Feel the Rush / She Who Wanders, most of your deck is going to be wiped by the time they ramp to 10 mana. This means that you generally either have to go more of a beat-down plan with some of your early game units and hope they don’t have Blighted Ravine or Avalanche.

Of you have to hope that Captain Farron and your removal are able to delay enough for you to win the game with burn from Farron and potentially a later drawn Ezreal.

Another hard match-up, but isn’t as hard as the other two can be Taliyah/Lissandra Thralls as they can beat you down quickly once they Spawn the Thralls and you have a limited amount of removal. Some players have teched in Scorched Earth for this reason, but it is also good to keep in mind that most Thralls decks run Rite of Negation.

After these tough matchups, most others are yours to win with some solid play.

Tech Choices

Aloof Travelers: To discard your opponent’s key units such as an attached unit

Aloof Travelers (LoR Card)

Scorched Earth: If you are seeing a lot of Taliyah Lissandra Thralls

Scorched Earth (LoR Card)

Thermogenic Beam: Another way to remove your opponent’s units

Thermogenic Beam (LoR Card)

Progress Day: For if you are playing against a lot of very slow decks

Progress Day! (LoR Card)

This deck has performed quite well on Ladder and has been seen in high ranks. It can certainly be hard to master, so I hope you enjoy it and learn something new!

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to ask Silverfuse during her streams (usually daily from 2-6PM CST).

Catch Silverfuse live at www.twitch.tv/silverfuse