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LoR Deck Guide: Aloof Mill

How to Play Aloof Mill

This is the most diabolical deck in the game! Aloof Traveler’s Harrowing Mill is hilarious and surprisingly better than it sounds.

Aloof Travelers has an incredibly strong summon effect, but there are more ways to get the summon effect off than by just playing the card itself.

That is where this deck draws its ideas from. This deck takes advantage of the fact that Aloof Travelers can be summoned again, again, and again through Shadow Isles and Piltover & Zaun cards.

We will take a look at how this deck works, how to get the combo off, proper mulligans, and tech choices so that you can take your opponents down with Aloof Mill!

Infinite Mill! (LoR Deck)


[See Infinite Mill! deck details]

You can see a video of the deck in action here:

Goal of Deck

Aloof Travelers (LoR card)

The goal of the deck is to play Aloof Travelers and repeatedly activate its summon effect through copying and replaying the card with cards such as Iterative Improvement and Fading Memories.

iterative improvement (LoR Card)fading memories jpg

There are also ways to activate its summon effects such as Chronicler of Ruin and Splinter Soul.

Chronicler of Ruin (LoR Card)Splinter Soul (LoR Card)

Once multiple Aloof Travelers, ideally at least 6 have died then you can use Harrowing to summon 6 Aloof Travelers and Mill your opponent while discarding their 6 highest cost cards!

You also have a board filled with 3|4s that your opponent needs to make sure they don’t die too.

If they survive that then usually, at this point you have nearly milled your opponent and a second Harrowing will completely mill them.

It is a hilarious combo that also has some hilarious animations with Aloof Harrowing!

Combo Set-Up

I mentioned this a bit earlier, but the main combo setup is that you want to find Aloof Travelers, play them and start copying the card or resummoning the card over and over!

You also have plenty of defensive tools through the healing and removal that Shadow Isles provides.


Against control decks, you will want to find Aloof Travelers as well as the cards that get your Aloof engine going.

Cards such as Fading Memories, Chronicler of Ruin, and Iterative Improvement.

Infinite Mill! (LoR Mulligan1)

Against aggressive decks, you will want to find Fallen Feline, Vile Feast, and Withering Wail to help you survive in the early game.

Once you are stable, it is pretty easy for you to mill your aggressive opponent as you can discard their more expensive burn cards such as Decimate.

Infinite Mill! (LoR Mulligan2)
Against control, you would keep Aloof Travelers and Iterative Improvement. Against aggro, you could consider keeping Aloof Travelers only, but ideally, you would full mulligan to find a stronger early game.

Match Ups:

Against control/combo decks, you can often discard their combo win conditions which make this deck win strictly from Aloof spam. It is critical that you find your Aloof Travelers early or else this can be a really tough match-up for you. Oftentimes, the Harrowing of Aloof is too much for your opponent’s deck to deal with.

Aggressive matchups are surprisingly not bad for this deck as you have a lot of removals and heal options! You can then get rid of their top-end with Aloof Travelers to finish out the game.

Extremely high-value decks such as Targon can be tough for you. Even if you discard cards such as Aurelion Sol, it is often pretty easy for them to find other ways of generating value against you before you can play enough Aloofs.

Tech Choices:

Statikk Shock: Removal and draw.

Statikk Shock (LoR Card)

Aftershock: Especially good against Bandle Tree decks.

Aftershock (LoR Card)

The Box: This can help you against decks that go very wide.

The Box (LoR Card)

Piercing Darkness: For extra removal and healing.

Piercing Darkness (LoR card)

Despair: An additional, cheaper removal option.

Despair (LoR Card)

Insider Knowledge: It’s another funny way to mill your opponent more.

Insider Knowledge (LoR card)

Closing Thoughts

This deck isn’t a competitive deck, but multiple competitive players have experimented with it as it is on the cusp of being fringe playable in some tournament settings.

There is a possibility that in the future this deck might get a card that pushes it over the edge.

However, I don’t think this is likely and I wouldn’t be surprised if Aloof gets a slight stat nerf to it in the future.

Happy Milling and see you on the ladder!

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to ask Silverfuse during her streams (usually daily from 2-6PM CST).

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