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Call of the Mountain LoR Card Reveals: Leona (Sunburst, Morning Light, and More)

Our Thoughts on Leona’s Card Reveal Package (Call of the Mountain)

The dawn has arrived! Leona, the leader of the Solari is the next Targon champion revealed for the Call of the Mountain LoR expansion.

Here are all the cards that were part of her reveal package:

  • Leona (Targon champion)
  • Morning Light (Targon spell and Leona’s champion spell)
  • Zenith Blade (Targon spell)
  • Sunburst (Targon spell)
  • Guiding Touch (Targon spell)

Join us as our Glimpse Beyond experts, NicMakesPlays and  Precipic, give their thoughts on Leona and all the other new Targon cards.


lor leona level 1 reveal

  • Leona (level 1)
    • 4 mana 3|5
    • Text – Daybreak: Stun the Strongest enemy
    • Level Up condition – You’ve activated Daybreak 4+ times.

lor leona level 2 reveal

  • Leona (level 2)
    • 4 mana 4|6
    • Text – Daybreak or when you activate another Daybreak: Stun the Strongest enemy.

Leona is a card similar to Twisted Fate since she has the ability to punish an opponent playing a really big unit on their attack turn and has a level up that threatens to win the game.

Her level up is quite strong but note that the interaction, when paired with Morning Light, is not that strong as we thought since Riot confirmed that this interaction only stuns 2 units (here’s the Tweet).

Precipic: This card seems incredibly strong to me and is definitely a reason to play a Daybreak deck.

Pair this with the Solari 5 drop and leveling up Leona should be trivial. I also think this card is a big counter to a lot of the broken strategies that are possible with the new set like SI Elusives or They Who Endure.

NicMakesPlays: This card is amazing because it can be used offensively and defensively. It has an easy level up condition and is rarely dead because of its versatility in the mid-late game on summon. When leveled up, it is a unit that can be used as disruption each round.

Morning Light

lor mornight light reveal

  • Leona’s Morning Light
    • 5 mana spell, Slow speed
    • Text – Give allies +2|+2 this round. Shuffle a Leona into your deck. Daybreak: Activate all ally Daybreak effects at once.

This card, when paired with a board of Daybreak units, generates a very large amount of value. It can potentially get up to two stuns from Leona, draw extra cards, and rebuy individual powerful self buffs.

Precipic: I think the Slow speed nature of this card means that it won’t be seen much outside of when you get it from Leona. It really is unfortunate that this doesn’t stun the entire board or else this would be really cool.

NicMakesPlays: I agree. It combos well with Leona, stuns up to two units, and buffs your units for big damage.

Zenith Blade

lor zenith blade reveal

  • Zenith Blade
    • 3 mana spell, Slow speed
    • Text – Grant an ally +1|+2 and Overwhelm. Daybreak: Draw a Zenith Blade.

This card potentially has the ability to generate a lot of free buffs since it is a grant effect that is able to redraw itself and Overwhelm is one of the better keywords in the game.

Like all Daybreak cards, you’ll be seeing this in your games because it will be randomly generated by Rahvun.

Precipic: This card doesn’t seem great to me. It being a Slow buff spell is quite awkward but randomly generating it off Rahvun seems fine.

NicMakesPlays: This card is expensive so I don’t see it being played much in competitive play, but it can give you fuel for Leona every turn.


lor sunburst reveal

  • Sunburst
    • 6 mana spell, Slow speed
    • Text – Deal 6 to a unit. Daybreak: Instead, Silence it this round and deal 6 to it.

This card is the only Targon removal spell we’ve seen so far. It is able to kill a large number of the cards that exist in the game and the silence means you can deal with annoying buffs, Barrier, or powerful Last Breath effects.

Precipic: This card is likely solid, especially because it helps level Leona. Drawing this off Rahvun seems great.

NicMakesPlays: A Targon removal spell, this fits a pivotal role to have this option in Targon. This card is meta dependant and in Daybreak decks, it gives more procs for Leona so it can kill a unit and stun something in the same turn.

Guiding Touch

lor guiding light reveal

  • Guiding Touch
    •  2 mana spell, Burst speed
    • Text – Heal an ally or your Nexus 2. Draw 1.

This card kinda does exactly what it says. If a deck wants a cheap card that gains some life without putting you down a card then this is your card.

Precipic: Cheap redraws with even minimal effects are often playable. Healing is not a minimal effect.

NicMakesPlays: Generically amazing card, it’s cheap and effective. This card gets better with the rumored Soraka if it can fuel her level up or activate her ability.

Thanks for reading! Keep an eye out for the rest of our analysis as more cards come out and be sure to revisit our previous impressions for the set.

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