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Call of the Mountain LoR Card Impressions: ARAM (Howling Abyss, Sneaky Zeebles, and More)

Our Thoughts on the ARAM Reveal Package (Call of the Mountain)

The latest reveals for CoTM’s second phase brought some additions to Targon and Freljord, including one new landmark based off the Howling Abyss from ARAM!

Here are the newly revealed cards for CoTM:

  • Crystal Ibex (Targon follower)
  • Sneaky Zeebles (Targon follower)
  • Voices of the Old Ones (Freljord spell)
  • The Howling Abyss (Freljord landmark)

In this article, our Glimpse Beyond expert, Precipic, will give his first impressions for each card. You’ll also find a video below by Swim with his thoughts.

Crystal Ibex

crystal ibex reveal

  • Crystal Ibex
    • 4 mana 4|4
    • Text – Play: Grant an ally Overwhelm.

Crystal Ibex seems good in any deck full of large units that you want to buff. Curving something like Reckless Trifarian or Draven into this seems great.

In a Lee Sin deck, you’d likely rather just play Zenith Blade because the spell triggers matter so much.

Sneaky Zeebles

sneaky zeebles reveal

  • Sneaky Zeebles
    • 5 mana 3|3
    • Elusive
    • Text – Play: Stun enemies with 2 or less Power.

Sneaky Zeebles is likely too weak to see much play. 3/3 Elusive stats on turn 5 is too low and the effect is way too narrow.

Voices of the Old Ones

voices of the old ones reveal

  • Voice of the Old Ones
    • 8 mana spell, Burst speed
    • Text – Get 2 empty mana gems. For the top 4 cards in your deck, draw each card that costs 8+. Then shuffle the rest into your deck.

Voice of the Old Ones has some pretty powerful ramp abilities. You can go turn 2 Faces of the Old Ones or turn 3 Wyrding Stones into turn 4 Voices and play the 8 mana card you got off this on turn 5.

This card is very very strong in any sort of ramp mirror or match up where you aren’t being pressured and it’s pretty weak vs aggressive strategies.

It is also notable that this card enables Behold synergies pretty effectively being an 8 itself.

The Howling Abyss

the howling abyss reveal

  • The Howling Abyss
    • 7 mana Landmark
    • Text – Round Start: Create in hand a random level 2 champion that’s not in your hand, deck, or play.

The Howling Abyss is a really sweet meme card that will create some pretty sick game states that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

It is pretty unlikely to be good enough for a tier 1 deck however because it is just way too slow and does nothing the turn you play it so it will just die to aggressive strategies.

Thanks for reading! Keep an eye out for the rest of our analysis as more cards come out and be sure to revisit our previous impressions for the set.