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Beyond the Bandlewood Crafting Guide (Based on Deck Archetypes)

Beyond the Bandlewood Crafting Guide

Hey everyone this is Silverfuse here with a crafting guide for the Beyond the Bandlewood expansion.

There are new decks for each archetype, and to be able to play those archetypes, there are key cards for each.

Most of these cards work in multiple decks.

This guide will go over important cards in different archetypes (Aggro/Alternate win condition, Midrange, Control, Combo) that you should consider crafting if you want to play new Bandlewood expansion decks.

If you prefer alternate win or aggressive decks:

The Bandle Tree is the new alternate win condition from Bandle City.

This deck has multiple strong cards and many of them overlap with aggressive decks.

This makes these crafts go a long way as you can play them in multiple decks!

bandle tree swarm (Lor deck 8-25)


[See Bandle Tree Swarm deck details]

The Bandle Tree is a 5 cost Landmark that requires you to summon a unit from every region to win the game. This card has become quite popular as well as strong.

However, it wouldn’t be near as strong as it is without Bandle City Mayor who I highly recommend crafting.

The Bandle Tree (LoR card)bandle city mayor (lor card)

Bandle City Mayor is a powerhouse of a card. He creates a new card while reducing the cost by 1 of dual cost units including champions such as Poppy, Lulu, and Fizz.

He is not only very strong in Bandle Tree, but he is also strong in a lot of aggressive decks as well.

A card that works well with Bandle Tree and Bandle City Mayor is Loping Telescope which is another solid craft.

It can be cost reduced by Mayor, but it can also give more resources for aggressive decks as well as value depending on what your epic card choice is.

Loping Telescope (LoR card)

Aloof Travelers is a card played in just about any midrange or control deck and even some more aggressive decks.

It’s a card that will hit some metas better than others as it can struggle in more aggressive metas.

Aloof Travelers (LoR card)

Bandle Commando is a piece of a much-needed card to the Bandle Tree deck. It has the ability to create Owlcats which help fulfill the Ionia requirement.

With Bandle City Mayor, it can also become a 0 cost card to help have stronger tempo.

Bandle Commando (LoR card)

The card to solidify the tempo of this deck is Poppy. A champion that I highly recommend crafting due to her power in several decks.

She fits in multiple aggressive decks, some midrange, as well as Bandle Tree decks. She is a champion that it is hard to go wrong adding her to your deck.

Poppy Level 1 (LoR Card)

If you prefer Midrange:

You will want to look into Sion Draven decks, so crafting Sion and Lost Soul are very important.

silverfuse's sion draven discard


[See Sion Draven Discard deck details]

Lost Soul is extremely powerful as it allows to gain advantage through a reusable resource.

This card can also go into other Noxus Control decks such as Draven Caitlyn and Draven Ezreal.

Sion level 1 (lor card)Lost Soul (lor card)
There are also Puffcap decks that don’t have to have Caitlyn, but she is a good alternate win condition aside from Puffcaps.

The more important card is Corina, Mastermind as she is the ultimate finisher of Puffcap decks.

She activates the traps in the top 5 cards while not destroying the traps which allow her to do a lot of damage at once!

If you prefer Control:

The first option and most common option is Darkness with Senna and Veigar. This is a simple search and craft every Darkness card except for Dess & Ada.

silverfuse's senna veigar


[See Silverfuse’s Senna Veigar deck details]

There isn’t much to talk about here as the deck builds itself if you craft it.

Senna level 1 (LoR card)Veigar Level 1 (LoR card)

Other strong control tools include Minimorph. Minimorph has the ability to stop cards such as Sion dead in his tracks and is a key control tool for Bandle City.

Minimorph (LoR card)

Pokey Stick is another strong control tool and a card that can fit in just about every deck. It is often seen in control and tempo decks.

Aloof Travelers was mentioned earlier, but a lot of control decks will be utilizing this card, so it is a very safe craft.

Pokey Stick (LoR Card)

Hidden Pathways is a drawcard that is good in several control and tempo decks as it is a cheap way to draw 3 cards and have resource extension.

It will continue to be a strong card in a variety of control, tempo, and even some aggressive and midrange decks.

Hidden Pathways (LoR card)

Conchologist is a 2 mana 2|2 that gives flexibility and resource extension that often finds a home in control decks.

Conchologist (LoR card)
Stress Defense is a 3 mana spell that temporarily gives a unit stats of 1|6. It can be used defensively to save one of your units or you can use it to reduce the stats of the opponent’s unit to either remove the unit or making their attack less damaging.

Stress Defense (LoR Card)

If you prefer Combo:

Zoe and Nami (aka Starfish) is the deck you are looking for. Nami is critical to the deck, so you have to craft her for the deck to function.

starfish (lor deck 9-3)


[See Starfish deck details]

If you enjoy combo decks, then also craft Fleet Admiral Shelly who gives +1|+1 to all other units for every 2 spells you play during a round.

nami level 1 (lor card)fleet admiral shelly (lor card)

This deck is incredibly strong and doesn’t require too many additional crafts from the new set, so if you love combo decks and don’t have a lot of resources to buy new cards, then this is the deck for you!

To see more Beyond the Bandlewood cards, head to the Card Gallery! To build your own, head to the Deck Builder.

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