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Awakening Impressions: Ornn

Awakening Impressions LoR Spoilers Day 13: Ornn

Hey everyone NicMakesPlays here.

Today I’m going to go over Ornn, the newest Freljord champion, and his reveal cards!

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ornn level 1 lor card

Ornn is the final Champion revealed for this expansion and a great one to wrap it up with. Ornn is a powerhouse top end that rewards the player for stacking equipments on a unit.

You can beef up a unit with Equipments, have Ornn copy that unit’s Equipments, and then attack and have him Forge twice for an easy level up.

ornn level 2 lor card

When Ornn is leveled up he packs even more damage by summoning a Spirit of the Ram with powerful stats. Ornn is the payoff Equipment decks needed to close out a game. Ornn has great synergy with Jax.

spirit of the ram lor card

They both revolve around the new Equipment mechanic. Jax and his package can help in the early game and then Ornn can be the win con in the late game. Alternatively, Concurrent Timelines decks with Improvise can work well with Ornn too.

Bellows Breath

ornn's bellows breath lor card

bellows breath lor card

Bellows Breath is both simultaneously a buff and AoE removal, while also being Ornn’s Champ Spell. Bellows Breath is certainly a meta-dependent card. If Aggro or tons of Swarm decks are in the meta with 1-2 health units then this card is great.

It’s similar to Avalanche but costs 1 more mana and Forge’s which can potentially buff your Equipment.

If the meta is more control or midrange oriented with higher health units than Bellows Breath can be low impact for 5 cost. I wouldn’t main it quite yet until the meta settles, but I’d keep it on your radar for answers to Aggro.

Ornn’s Forge

ornn's forge lor card

Ornn’s Forge is a great way to stack up Forge triggers to buff your Equipments. Equipments have the unique ability to go back to hand when the unit Equipped dies. If you can start enough Forge’s fast then your Equipments will be buffed the entire game and your opponent won’t be able to keep up with the stats they bring.

With that being said, this card can be a bit slow and may not be able to keep up with your opponents faster pacing. This could be a solid 1-2 of to give value each turn over time.

Wrought Colossus

wrought colossus lor card

Wrought Colossus can be used as yet another game closer that gives you value out of your Equipments. Unfortunately, Wrought Colossus is a bit slow. Creating copies of itself and spending 8 more mana to play them takes time and a lot of mana.

Ornn can fit the role as a game closer but does it a turn earlier and in a much quicker fashion. The one perk of Wrought Colossus is he gives an amazing grind game by generating tons of late-game bombs each turn. Overall, I wouldn’t main him unless the meta proves to be slow and grindy.

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