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Awakening Impressions: Master Yi

Awakening Impressions LoR Spoilers Day 4: Master Yi

Silverfuse here to talk about today’s new champion reveal: Master Yi!

Master Yi has is one of the original champions in League of Legends and a long time favorite.

In League of Legends, he is a hyper carry that late game can often 1 vs 5 an entire team and it looks like that’s the plan for him in Legends of Runeterra as well!

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Master Yi

master yi level 1 lor card

Master Yi is an Ionian champion that relies on playing spells to gain power to all Master Yis by 2. Master Yi helps you out a bit by lowering the cost of a spell at the start of each round. It’s no surprise that he levels when he has dealt 12 damage.

His leveled up version is similar except when he attacks he now immediately strikes the weakest enemy.

It’s important to note that this is not a skill, so this will happen at “burst” speed when you attack. This is one of the very few ways to interact with an opponent’s units at burst speed.

master yi level 2 lor card

Master Yi gains a lot of power, but he needs a way to capitalize off of it. There are a couple ways he can do this. Giving him elusive or overwhelm might be the way to capitalize on his increasing attack.

This makes Riven a potential pairing with him. PNZ having access to granting elusive as well as Viktor being a spell generator for flow could be a reason to run him in PNZ.

Wuju Style/Master Yi’s Wuju Style

wuju style lor card

master yi's wuju style lor card

Yi also has some strong support cards and a champion spell that directly helps his level up condition as well as activate Flow.

Wuju Style is a strong and flexible combat trick that almost any Ionian deck would be happy to play if it is an Eye of the Dragon or Lee Sin type deck.

Even in aggressive decks, this could likely find a home in elusives. Karma decks also love this spell. Strong and flexible is the best of both worlds!

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