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Awakening Impressions: Jax Support

Awakening Impressions LoR Spoilers Day 9: Improvise Pack 2

Hey everyone, it’s Silverfuse here with today’s reveals.

We got more dual-region cards that hint at Jax being the next champion!

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Parts Made Whole

parts made whole lor card

We start off with a dual Bilgewater and Piltover and Zaun card: Parts Made Whole.

This is a discard 1 to draw 2 which we have seen frequently in Piltover and Zaun. Bilgewater has plenty of draw 2s, but typically doesn’t require a discard.
This also says that if you discard equipment you get a token – Icathian Mirage which is a 2 mana 3|2 with no text from Shurima.

So this card when discarding a weapon can be a solid way to cycle through your deck while summoning a token at burst speed that can block or attack.

It’s also good to note here that it is a dual region card with the Weaponmaster text which hints that Weaponmaster cards will be able to be played together.

Blades of the Fallen

blades of the fallen lor card

Blades of the Fallen is a burst speed spell that gives an ally “Last Breath: Summon an Icathain Mirage with my equipment” this round.

This is a spell meant to be played on a unit that is about to die. It’s more ideal to use this on units that have expensive equipment. Rather than playing expensive equipment for the full mana price, you can use this to pay only 1 mana for it. However, it is at the cost that it goes on an Icathian Mirage when maybe you want it on a more valuable unit.

It’s hard to say exactly how this card will perform and where it will fit until we know what Jax and other equipment will do. The potential for a combo is there, but who can say if there will be one?

Piltovan Castaway

piltovan castaway lor card

Piltovan Castaway is another Bilgewater with Piltover and Zaun dual region card! This one has attune and when it summons he improvises! As a 3 mana 2|1 that can then equip a weapon of your choice, he seems like he will make his way into equipment and weapon type decks.

Wandering Shepherd

wandering shepherd lor card

Wandering Shepherd is a Targon and Bandle City dual region card that also allows Improvise. However, you first get the choice to improvise an ally and if you choose not to then he improvises himself. At a 3 mana 2|2 allowing yourself to improvise another unit right away without first requiring the equipment holder to die and then use the weapon on a new unit. This saves a lot of mana as well as a turn priority.


catch lor card

The final card revealed today is: Catch!

Catch is a Demacia and Freljord dual region card that gives an ally +1|+1 this round or equip it with an equipment in hand that costs 2 or less. This is a combat trick similar to Radiant Strike. This is another way to cheat out a more expensive weapon for less mana assuming that your unit holding the original weapon has died and returned the weapon to your hand. It’s also nice that if you don’t have a weapon at worst you have a usable combat trick.

With these reveals I’m wondering if Jax or a future champion will hold a pretty powerful weapon that you can move with cards like Blades of the Fallen and Catch! It’s hard to say for sure as we don’t know what Jax will do yet.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow to see Jax spoiler!

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