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5 Rumble Decks You Should Try

5 Rumble Decks You Should Try

Hey all, it’s Trevor “Shugo” Yung here. We’re fresh into the launch of Magical Misadventures and I’ve got five new Rumble decks to check out!

While Rumble’s a literal discard machine, his dual region capabilities open up a ton of room for experimenting.

So let’s jump in!

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1. Rumble Discard Aggro

Rumble Discard Aggro (LoR Deck)


[See Rumble Discard Aggro deck details]

First up we’re going back to the classic Discard Aggro. Step aside Draven, step aside Jinx; make way for Rumble!

This deck is known for jamming units fast and wide to swarm the board outta control. Let the 1-drops flood all over, then utilize Spinning Axe + Vision or Crowd Favorite to close the game. Jinx is the crutch of the list to help ensure longevity if the opponent survives.

Jinx level 1 (LoR Card)

Having Rumble adds a new dynamic. There are times when the deck struggles to empty its hand for Jinx. This can happen both when trying to level, and post-level up. Certain hand states can be difficult to discard in a single action; giving the opponent a chance to remove Jinx before she can generate a rocket. Rumble solves this issue, and presents a powerful threat too!

While not the most creative build, it’s certainly worth testing as Discard Aggro has more than proven itself in the past!

2. Rumble Mecha Yordles

Rumble Mecha Yordles (LoR Deck)


[See Rumble Mecha Yordles deck details]

Next up is a list built around Mecha-Yordles! If you’re a fan of Invokes look no further because we’ve got a whole assortment of new goodies to Manifest. This deck is full of value and offers flexibility with all its card generation.

Every 2-drop can provide discard fodder or replace itself. We’ve got the usual Bandle City Mayor + Loping Telescope package, but this time we’ve added even more Manifests. Bilgerat Rascal and Arena Promoter provide strong units to help work towards Sion’s level-up.

bandle city mayor (lor card)Arena Promoter (LoR Card)

Whirling Death is our removal of choice to combo with Rumble’s Quick Attack and SpellShield. This makes Rumble a perfect candidate that’s generally safe from harm, while also allowing him to level up faster! It can also be used with Sion to push extra Overwhelm damage and win the game. We’re a combat deck at heart, so with all the Mecha-Yordles, you’ll almost always have a target.

Sion level 1 (lor card) Sion level 2 (lor card)

A flipped Rumble should provide more than enough value throughout the game, although there are limits to what we can answer. But don’t worry, the answers we lack can be made up with our Manifests! The Yordles never go down without a fight, and if you need to end things, Sion’s always got your back!

3. Rumble Jinx

Rumble Jinx (LoR Deck)


[See Rumble Jinx deck details]

Coming back to Jinx, we’ve got a new Rumble list built outside of Noxus. This deck is low to the ground with an emphasis on burn!

We’ve got nine 1-drops to ensure we hit the ground running. Zaunite Urchin gives us synergy with Jury-Rig and Flame Chompers, Yordle Squire provides a utility spell that can be cast or discarded, and Inventive Chemist goes boom!

Zaunite Urchin (LoR Card)inventive chemist (lor card)

Bandle City gives us some cute trick potential with Flame Chompers. Just give it a Tiny Spear or Purpleberry Shake and challenge an enemy in an instant!

What most defines this deck is access to a new powerful spell; Electro Harpoon. This card is Burn’s best friend! Not only does it remove a blocker, but it guarantees two damage to the Nexus. That’s right, it can’t even be fizzled! Between Electro Harpoon, Get Excited, and Jinx Rockets, we’ve got more than enough burn to send the opponent packing. And if not, Conchologist will find more!

4. Rumble Swain

Rumble Swain (LoR Deck)


[See Rumble Swain deck details]

It’s time to look at a more controlling approach. Bandle City Swain has had some time in the spotlight with Teemo, but forget him, let’s add Rumble!

Let’s start off by answering “Why?”. Well, take a look at Rumble’s level two text.

Rumble level 2 (LoR Card)

“When you deal damage to the enemy Nexus, create a random Mecha-Yordle in hand or if you have one, grant all Mecha-Yordles in hand +1|+1 and reduce their cost by 1.”

Now pair that with The Leviathan!

the leviathan lor

Okay, okay, this may be bordering Meme territory but this synergy is awesome and worth the experiment! This list intends to take a slower approach and use Rumble for value instead of just a mid game menace.

We’ve got the usual Fallen Rider and Lost Soul package as free discards, and Lecturing Yordle can pitch in also. Outside of that, our targets are limited. However, Swain decks tend to hold a lot of situational answers. It’s not uncommon for spells to be dead in hand for a while, so in the worst-case, it won’t feel as bad to pitch them.

Electro Harpoon is a great addition to Swain as it’ll count as four damage towards level-up. This is our only other discard payoff aside from Rumble, so we can often hold onto Fallen Rider and Lost Soul until we need them.

Electro Harpoon (LoR Card)

5. Rumble Rally

Rumble Rally (LoR Deck)


[See Rumble Rally deck details]

Last but not least is my favorite brew of the bunch… Rumble Rally! This is a combo deck that allows Rumble to flip on turn four! Forget value, it’s time to let Rumble go nuts and outright destroy everything in his path!

The cards we want to see are Rumble, Draven, and Field Promotion. Draven’s Biggest Fan can substitute for Draven, but Draven is preferred to let us bank more spell mana.

Field Promotion (LoR Card)

Draven plays a big role in our plan, so we’ve maximized our odds with three copies of Draven’s Biggest Fan. Forget playing any other one and two drops. The first turns are about setup.

Play Draven on turn three while banking 2-3 spell mana. Then play Field Promotion into Rumble on turn four, discarding three cards. You’ve now got a 5|4 with Scout, Impact, Quick Attack, and SpellShield! Most decks won’t have an answer to this so you’ll be able to attack twice and level up immediately!

Once you’ve accomplished this you can use Cataclysm, Golden Aegis, and Relentless Pursuit to swing again and again! All the tricks are at your disposal and your opponent will struggle passing back to your turn.

Catacylsm (LoR reveal)relentless pursuit jpg

If you don’t have Rumble, Field Promotion on Draven is a solid second. When backed with Survival Skills you can bait removal and punish them by leveling Draven that turn. Scout attack, they cast Mystic Shot, Spinning Axe + Survival Skills, Draven connects. Then swing again and hear the chanting!

Between Spinning Axes and other buffs like Might and Sharpsight, it’s easy to threaten huge Scout attacks. Quick Attack is a nasty keyword when you get to do all the attacking!

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To explore more decks created by our community, head to our Deck Library! Or, head to the Deck Builder to craft your own.